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  1. Hi Guys, thanks for all the help and advice, I really appreciate it. I am going to go on the assumption that Collishaw's opponents were a mixed bag from either Jasta 15 or 16 and not show any 'going down in flames', a little artistic license here but on what info you guys have found we really can't be 100% sure. As and when the painting is done I will include it on this thread for you all to see (and pick holes in) before it goes off to submission day Regards and many thanks Lee :D
  2. Hi Guys and Girls, I am trying to gauge how much interest there would be in a new 1/48 Sopwith Dolphin and Snipe in 48th. The kits would be in injected plastic, possibly with a little resin (not too much). I am trying to get some 3D auto cad drawings done then send them up for pricing at a moulding firm. Decals would be from Fantasy Printshop. I have been waiting for a decent Dolphin and Snipe for so long it's ridiculous!!! Do you think I'm on a winner or am I completely mad??? Price I would hope would be around £21.00 ea. At least they would fit! Regards Lee
  3. Hi Guys, I am trying to find out what aircraft Raymond Collishaw shot down while flying Strutter '9407' on 25th Oct 1916. I know it was a 'Fokker' but what do you guys think it would have been, an E.III, D.II or either? It is for a painting I am doing to enter for next years Guild of Aviation Artists exhibition in London Regards and many Thanks Lee
  4. That's great. I like the Tamiya kits but all their 32nd stuff is out of my price range. I've got the PCM Mk.IX and while no Tamiya kit it does still look good and was less than half the price... A Mk.XVI, what an odd choice! Regards Lee
  5. Hi Guys, I've found the site below and just wondered if it is correct that Trumpeter are releasing a 32nd Spit V, or whether these guys are having a laugh on our (read my) account!!! http://ipmsphilippines.com/trumpeter-132-spitfire-mk-v/ We really do need a new Mk.V and Mk.I in 32nd, the Hase kit is starting to look very long in the tooth. Thanks Lee
  6. This is fantastic, thanks Jari. Found out also that P-38L's of the 8th F.G did raid the home islands from Le Shima at the end of the war. Only thing about the B-24 definitely being over Japan is that I've now got to find, build and store a 1/48 B-24J and B-29!!!! Happy Days Lee
  7. Hi David, I find enamels are OK to go onto bare resin, as are Tamiya and Gunze Acrylics but be careful with Lifecolor and other acrylics as the slightest knock takes the paint back off again Cheers Lee
  8. Thanks Guys, I have the Tamiya P-51D/K and Academy P-47N so that's great Did the B-24 Liberator ever fly missions over Japan? Lee
  9. Hi Guys, I'm just getting started on some "Japan 1945" builds, but one aircraft has got me puzzled Did the P-38 ever fly missions over the Japanese home islands? I'm in the U.K and interest in the Pacific war isn't substantial so any good books you could suggest on the subject would be appreciated, I've pretty much only got the Aces books Regards Lee
  10. Hi Guys and Girls, I am by no means a beginner when it comes to spraying aircraft and have had a trusty Badger 200 for many years. I have always used Tamiya paint as I was mainly into armor up until recently when I went back to aircraft after a long break. I chose to go with Lifecolor for the new venture- big mistake, I just can't spray the stuff!!! Has anyone got any hints about ratio and thinner? I spent most of yesterday trying to spray the underside of my 1/48 Grumman Avenger FAA Sky- not what I wanted from a day off from work!!! (I didn't get anywhere near the Slate Grey/ Dark Sea Gre
  11. Thanks Matt, The Meteor line comes from a guy on the Airfix stand at Duxford a few weeks back- The Javelin was a possibilty- mind you the guy looked about 14 so who knows Makes sense though, Dynavector do the Sea Vix and TSR.2, Airfix do them. Aeroclub do the Canberra and Vulcan, and now Airfix do them (The Vulcan's in the pipe) Anythings gotta be better than the Classic Airframes Meteors- yuk! Strange that don't you think? Let's keep things crossed though Long Live Airfix! Lee
  12. Hi Guys, Englander here who has just purchased this kit for £10, about $15 I think. The fit of parts and general detail is much better than what Airfix have ever done before. On the panel lines- photos lie!!!! ;) They are quite acceptable, as Jonathan's model proves- was following that build over on Hyperscale and loved it Also having the ability to build an E-1, E-3, E-4 and E-4/Trop from the same box is fantastic and puts other companies to shame. It is selling extremely well over here and the money is funding new projects like a line of Gloster Meteors and possibly the Javelin- ooop
  13. Hi Charlie, see if you can find the Revell 1/48 Ju-87B-2 (The one with the snake desert camo box art). It is the Hasegawa kit in a Revell box. It also comes with the Snake markings in the box. They are normally cheaper than the Hase ones also Hope this helps Lee
  14. Hi Guys Thanks Soooo Much. I am by no means an expert in Luftwaffe stuff and am actually an aviation artist who is trying to break through. I want to enjoy my modelling and it sounds like the Eduard is big time, whereas the Tamiya are Hasegawa have plagued me before so other than their Stuka and Bf-109T which I have built and completed in the past I will try and pass... Modelling Knives and Badger 200 to the ready I do believe Thanks again Lee
  15. Hi Guys, I'm after an easy life here and want a 1/48th Fw-190A for my collection. Which is easiest to build the Eduard WEEKEND Fw-190A-8 or the Tamiya one? I have just bought the new Airfix Bf-109E and it goes together an absolute dream Gave up modelling about three years ago because every kit I wanted was done by Classic Airframes or other limited run companies and well a picture says a thousand words :unsure: I just want to enjoy the hobby Cheers Lee
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