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  1. On 11/8/2019 at 11:16 PM, niart17 said:

    Ahh yes, the insult trend from a "woke" generation. Cute.


    After all the hate heaped on millennials, I think a bit of turnabout is fair play.


    Additionally, "Baby Boomers" have been referring to themselves as just that for how long? How did referring to a group by their chosen moniker become that offensive?

  2. 11 hours ago, 11bee said:

    F-14's were flying with LANTIRN in 1995?   I thought they just added the pod after the Iraq invasion?


    Love those old-school SAC subjects! 


    If I understand correctly "FLIR Cat" was the first integration test aircraft for LANTIRN/F-14, hence the nose art.



  3. 8 hours ago, joscasle said:

    The panel lines are huge in that GWH 1/72 Tomcat. Just MHO!!


    10 hours ago, Darren Roberts said:


    I'm all for new Tomcats, but if the 1/48 is going to be a scale up of the 1/72, it's a bit underwhelming. There's a lot of simplified detail, especially for a brand new kit. I'm sure it will still build up nicely, but it's not going make the top of the heap. Anyway, I though GWH was doing an A first in 1/48 scale.


    The aircraft that they had on display at the Tokyo Hobby Show last fall was not a test build, or even a test shot.


    It was a 3D printed place holder to show that they had a kit on the way, and if you look at the sprue shots in the link posted by schion, you will see that the panel lines on the actual plastic are really nice. They are on par with the recent 1/72 F-15 kits, which are by all accounts amazing.



  4. On 4/30/2019 at 4:57 AM, Dutch said:

    What about Norwegian P-3B/N Orions in 1/72 & 1/144, especially the latter.  I know of the old Microscale sheet 72-435, but I doubt its accuracy.  I would love to see both early & late RoNAF decals for the P-3 Orion.


    The problem with that is that the Norwegian P-3s have light grey/white stencils, unlike most other users.

    Otherwise the markings are fairly simple, I have a walkaround of "Ulabrand" from 2010 and it's only 6 photos or so of the unique markings.

  5. 9 hours ago, Dutch said:

    I agree, but it is extremely difficult to mold the turkey feathers in 1/144 scale.  Even so, they appear loads better than the previous Academy & Dragon/Panda exhausts.  However, the closest thing I can find to replace would be 1:144 F-15E turkey feathers by Shapeways.  Two sets at $6 each may be worth it.


    Due to the size difference of the respective engines, A 1/144 F-15 engine would not come close to matching the size of the B-1 Exhuast. They are about 150% bigger in real life.




  6. I'm building a F-14B from VF-102 during Operation Southern Watch, on the 1998 Cruise.


    It will be the Hasegawa kit using Wolfpak Decals. Here is a picture of the load out in quesiton:


    * Link *


    Would ECAs still be loaded as late as 1998? It is a bit hidden behind the near side tank so I can't tell if it is there or not.


    Another question, obviously this load is 2x AIM-9 and 2x AIM-7, would 2x AIM-9 and 1x AIM-7 1xAIM-54 on the should pylons be possible to make it more interesting?


    Thank you very much



  7. 2 hours ago, jenshb said:

    The forward fuselage of the X-29s were taken from F-5As, so the Kinetic Freedom Fighter would be a better starting point than the F-20.



    The X-29 also had the F-5A type canopy not present in the F-20 kit. Obviously it would be easier to convert the aft fuselage from an F-20 kit? Maybe you can find an Monogram kit for inexpensive?




  8. 12 hours ago, Gary F said:

    Camus,  thanks for the response.  However those 2 sprues with the snake eyes and MERs are not in the 2 seater. Those sprues are common with the Kinetic Kfir and Intruder kits and the sway brace parts are for the MERs. 

    I did find a build of the single seater in which one of the XL flight crew mentioned the XL pylons didn't have the sway braces and pads that snugged the stores. He said those pylons had t-crutches to secure the stores, that there was basically nothing visible along the side of the pylons, and they were developed from stuff used on the F-111.  There were pics in the build but not visible (lost in the Photobucket snafu).  I've been looking but can't seem to find a good pic of the XL pylon.  


    Pretty good one here:


    Keith Svedsen's Photo


    Best I've ever seen, he's got a bunch of other ones on his photo stream as well. Do a search by the aircraft serial number and they'll pop up.

  9. 3 hours ago, Alpagueur said:


    exactly Hoops, they seem different from ADU-552.


    I think it looks similar to a LAU-115 sandwiched between two LAU-128s. It's probably not exactly the same thing, but it sure looks close.



  10. Is there anybody here that thinks that the US highway system and infrastructure is in great shape? Compared with other modern democracies?


    That money has to come from somewhere, and the flat federal gas tax has lost 64% of it's actual purchasing power since the last adjustment.


    Do I really want to pay more at the pump? No. Do I think that it is necessary and a logical step to improve our national highway system and infrastructure? Yes.

  11. 17 hours ago, habu2 said:


    ICE vehicles are taxed - at the gas pump.  If you are driving an electric vehicle you don’t pay this tax - even when the electrical energy used by your electric car is generated by means that generate pollution.



    And the federal tax rate at the gas pump hasn't changed since the 1993 in the United States. I'm not talking about a percentage rate, instead a cents per gallon rate which has not been adjusted for inflation or otherwise. Almost 30 years later, we are still paying the same number of cents per gallon in tax.


    I honestly think we should be paying more tax at the pump than we are now.

  12. 3 hours ago, BoeingDriver said:


    The ADU-552 is the adapter for our LAU-128’s.


    That is true for the inboard pylons, but the dual LAU-128 mount on the outboard pylons don't look like an ADU-552.


    Alpagueur was asking about these:


  13. On 9/13/2018 at 1:30 AM, Alpagueur said:

    which pylons/adapters for the outboard LAU-128 (aim-120 amraam) launchers?


    Reviving an old thready here, They look similar to the LAU-115 used on Navy Hornets. These would be attached to the unique outboard F-15 pylon, and there are probably some differences to the Navy LAU-115. Any differences will be pretty well hidden between the LAU-128s and missiles though.


    I really like the look of the test aircraft with all of the Orange markings, none of the pictures I can find are close enough to make out the names on the nose though. Does anybody have a closer picture that would help me get the decal artwork done?





  14. Thank you all very much for the responses.


    Seeing that the Freightdog drop tanks are available right now, that's what I'll go for. Brengun did purchase all of the masters from Attack Squadron when they got out of the resin business, so I think it's only a matter of time before they are re-released. There is no know when, unfortunately.




  15. Good Evening,


    I wanted to know if there is a good option out there for a Aero 1C Drop Tank in 1/72 scale? I've got a plenty of 300 Gal 1Ds from various other kits, but I don't seem to have any 150 Gal 1Cs.


    The drop tank will go on the centerline of an OV-10. The Academy kit has the some drop tanks, but they are not the right type, and the shape is pretty questionable.


    Thank you for your inputs!





  16. Good day,


    I'm looking at converting an Academy 1/72 OV-10D to a OV-10G+ and one of the largest and most notable differences is that it has four bladed propellers.


    The Special Hobby CASA-212/Aviacar kit has two different sets of propellers (parts 74 or 75), so I though it might get me closer than trying to do that from scratch.


    I think that part 75 is closer in shape, but is only a spare if you have the C-41A boxing. Either set would help though.


    Does anybody have on in the spares box? Cheers, and thanks!





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