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  1. Gear bays are close enough for modelling work between the 100 and 200
  2. I think that's a 3D render, ships are usually not that clean or uncomplicated. A couple of other possibilities, Again the ground launched version, don't know how different the -15F would be. Hoops
  3. New Tarangus 1/72 Viggen, I'm super excited!
  4. These have been around the longest, on vinyl: http://gatorsmask.com/jetaircraft.html These guys are a bit more recent, I think that it's on yellow masking "tape" sheets: https://dnmodels.com/?s=viggen&product_cat=0&post_type=product Same deal here: https://www.maestromodels.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=viggen Cheers, Hoops
  5. Good Morning, I'm looking for two of the big cruciform winged GBU-15s from the Hasegawa 1/72 scale Weapons set II. It's the only thing that I'm interested in from the set, and I thought that because they are kind of wierd somebody might have them extra. Let me know if anybody has some that they are looking to get rid of, and I'll buy them off your hands. Cheers, and thanks! Hoops
  6. Me too, I think that the ICE test birds look sharp! See some photos here from Sven: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235046071-phancon-at-george-afb-march-1992/ Cheers, Hoops
  7. Basically, anything that would be sold in the squadron spaces is at the gee-dunk. There is usually a corner with candy bars, chips, sodas that sort of thing so that the squadron members can pick up something quick while at work. Also sold there is all of the squadron swag. This could include everything from patches to coins to tshirts, whatever. All the profits from said sales usually go towards the squadron Christmas party or something similar. Hoops
  8. Very nice work, the kit is a good canvas for skilled painting and weathering, as the basic shapes are very simple.
  9. Great looking progress, I'm looking forward to seeing the completed build! Cheers, Hoops
  10. Hoops

    F-14D Tomcat

    Great looking build, congratulations! Hoops
  11. Good Morning, Did you buy one of the Hasegawa Idolmaster boxings in 1/72 because they were on sale and cheap? Did you already have other decals to make a normally marked jet? Do you have those sheets still sitting around somewhere? If so, I'm looking to take some of them off your hands! My two young daughters and I are building a couple of airplanes, and we could use some of the stars/flowers/hearts/whatever to dress up their custom paint schemes. Oldest picked a V-22, youngest picked a F-16 and they are going to have some very bright paint, and could use appropriate decals. Cheers and thanks! Hoops
  12. I've only been waiting for this for 16+ years since I first saw the MKI prototypes. Count me in.
  13. As far as what is legal to load on a P-3, Mk 82,83,84 (depending on which station), Mk 20s, 5" Rockets, 2.75" Rockets (but they need a fairing over the wingtip fuel vents), various mines. Late 70s, maybe Bullpups too, but you'd probably need somebody with more expertise to chime in on the exact timeline. Those may have already fallen out of favor. The bigger question would be, what would actually be loaded. Bombs were probably regularly dropped for training, most likely Mk 82s. I'm curious what others will have to contribute on inputs. Cheers, Hoops
  14. Very nicely done, I think you did an especially good job on the weatheriing. Cheers! Hoops
  15. Congratulations! A well done Tomcat, whose decals are those? Hoops
  16. Very nice looking build, congratulations!
  17. I'm not completely convinced that the F-14 that was on display was the final kit. The fit and finish of the F-15J and F-15C that we're on display right next to it were far far better. It was almost like they were molded by two companies. We will see once released.
  18. That's a nice bit of cross kitting there. How did the fuselage parts line up on the two seat Kfir?
  19. Also seen in new build F-15s (I/K/SG/SA) and F-16E/Fs. Probably lots of of others too. Hoops
  20. I have one of the Fine Molds kits, which are very nice. I'll pick one of these up and see how they compare. I'm looking forward to having all of them on the shelf! Hoops
  21. I hope this will be another success for Special Hobby, but I'm guessing it will probably be a year or two before we see the actual kits. I can remember when the Mirage F.1s were announced and it took a while before seeing them on shelves. Same with the Viggen, which isn't even quite out yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with that. They do a great job on their kits! Cheers, Hoops
  22. Some great pictures of a really interesting collection. Thank you very much for sharing! Cheers, Hoops
  23. I'd forgotten that this post was even up. You can see the original posting was from January, but I moved overseas in June and all of those kits are in long term storage for the next four years. Sorry! Hoops
  24. Externally the aircraft looks to be very similar to the Singapore Air Force F-15SG, You could probably use a lot of reference available from the SGs to fill in some of the blanks. The GE Engines, the RWR recievers below the cockpit and similar items. One thing that the SA has that the SG doesn't is the smaller wing pylon outboard of the large one. It is the first version to incorporate that operationally. Cheers, Hoops
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