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  1. A couple of videos showing a large scale rc SCA with Space Shuttle. http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=239966&st=0&gopid=2340948entry2340948 Look out for a little surprise.
  2. If you haven't already downloaded the files with pictures that can be found here: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=242057 Then i would recommend that you do so. Not only for the SCA's but also the rest of the Shuttle pics.
  3. The best part of a film sequence for me is the one beginning at 0,19 an ending on 0,30 in this youtube clip: The entire race is the best sequence ever and the movie is in my top ten. Oh, what movie? It's Bjergkøping Grand Prix aka Pinchcliffe Grand Prix or the original Norwegian titel Flåklypa Grand Prix. It is possible to get it here: http://www.caprino.no/movies/en/flaaklypa.asp It comes with Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish and English languages and Norwegian and English subtitles. PAL and NTSC versions are available. I have grown up with this movie, it was the first movie I saw at the cinema. It was shown for the first time in 1975. It took 6 years for them to make. There is an English clip from the movie in the link above. It seems that George Lucas have found some of his inspiration, for the podrace in Phantom menace from the race in this film. In the interview with the son of the producer, contained in the following link, there is a comparison of the 2. The interview begins at 03:33 and the comparison begins at 10:39. http://www.caprino.no/movies/en/flaaklypa.asp Next on my list is the Hoth battle sequence from The Empire Strikes Back, then the opening of Spaceballs with the “almost†never ending Spaceball One “We Brake For Nobody†Then the Starwars opening and the lightsaberfights from TPM Then comes a lot of the others mentioned, but they are all so good that I cant really choose.
  4. I have gotten the ALT and current detailsets for the SCA's from Muroc today. They look great. 2 parts are not fully cast, but replacement parts is included. I think this is is a nice touch and great service. David you clearly understand how modelers think. I am very satisfied. Now I have to find the time to do something about the projects, I am running out of excuses. :blush: Thank you very much Tony and David, it is great work. Have a very nice weekend Dan DanTDBV (The Droid Building Viking)
  5. I thank you all for the great contributions. It is a pleasure to see and hear about the great tools you've made. Keep'em coming and remember pictures pictures. It is easyer to spin something around in the head, when you can see it. Well it is for me. :blush:
  6. I could not agree more #1 Greywolf. It is great to see.
  7. Pictures PetarB, please, please pulelelelelelessseee ples? "Big wet begging dog eyes" icon It would be great to see.
  8. Great job and great pics Adam. I am also going to steal your Multi-tool idea. I just hope that the lathe will be up to it. I think it will have to be slow going. Very slow.
  9. That is great RiderFan Do you have any pictures of your tools? I would like to see them. I have to ask, since i didn't catch the Galaxy Quest joke. (It's been too long since i have seen it) :blush: Or it might be because i'm building at lathe myself and the motor is from a cordless drill. Any kind of ideas and inspiration is helpful.
  10. For a guide about using and more important, get future in most of it's variations and suggestions for alternatives, go here: http://www.swannysmodels.com/TheCompleteFuture.html To some it's the future bible. About different formulas, well it could be because that some chemicals is not alloved in some countries and legal in other, so they have to change it.
  11. When i made my own version, my research showed me, that I should expect to get bladeflex. What little testing I have done, showed me that it is mostly dependent of technique. Cutting in the same strip, I could get a deflection in either direction, depending upon whether I used a stop or not. I got the most consistent results, when pressing the strip firmly against the stop. When cutting thick strips, the most common wisdom, is to make shallow cuts and turn the piece around until you get through and I agree with it. My solution is to use the sander for few pieces and the duplicutter for many pieces. Adjust the duplicutter to the right length. Load up the strips and tighten it up, then use the sandingblock on the end of the duplicutter. The Duplisander http://www.danskemodelbyggere.dk/forum/gallery/286_05_11_11_5_53_48_6.JPG Happy building DanTDBV
  12. As the purpose of this thread is inspiration, I better start to try to be inspirational. Lets begin with the Chopper, Sanders and Duplicutter. The tools are base on NWSL's â€ÂThe Chopper I, II, IIIâ€Â, â€ÂThe True Sanderâ€Â, â€ÂDuplicutter IIâ€Â, Micro-Mark's â€ÂChop-Itâ€Â, â€ÂSand-It†and â€ÂDuplicate-It†The Longsander is inspired by a website, that unfortunately no longer exists. Apart from the inspiration, the main reason for making them myself, is the total cost. The Chop-It goes for about 23$. With shipping added, that is to about 42$. When it comes to Denmark you have to ad Taxes, VAT and PostDanmark's (That is the Danish mailing Company) Taxhandlingfee, then we end at about 81$. Way to much for me. When looking back on this project, the greatest surprise, has been how easy they were to build. My biggest holdup, has been the adjustable angle thing on the sander. I wanted something like the ones on the buyable ones. Suddenly I was struck by a KISS moment. 2 pieces of 3x15mm aluminum, screwed together with a tapped hole in the slider part. Some of the materials are: MDF, 3 and 3,5mm fiberboard, 3x15x1000mm aluminum strips, an aluminum U profile, a folding plastic ruler and a lot of screws. The black areas on the chopper and duplicutter are pieces of cuttingmat. Some of it was leftovers from other projects, like the baseplates for the DanChopper1 and DanSander1, is a shelf not used when I added shelves to my building area. Some stuff like the rest of the MDF plates is something I buy, when I stumble upon them, because they might be useful. I also visit my local scrapdealer from time to time. The Chopper lever is from one of those visits. The 3,5mm fiberboard is scrounged from pictureframes that somebody had thrown out. Other stuff was bought for the project, like the 3x15x1000mm aluminum strips and ruler. The sanding block is an aluminum square with 3x3mm └ brass profile 0.5mm thick glued to the corners as guides. I have used Stabilit Express. The most important things when building these tools are: Keep it straight and square! What have I learned? The Dansander2 Use a profile for the sanding block that is 1mm thick. With the 0,5mm my course dry and wet sandingpaper is taller than the guides. The topplate on the sander should be at least 1mm thicker than the guideprofile on the block is tall. DanLongSander2 Should I build another one, I would use a thinner topplate, but still thicker than on the DanSander1. With the current thickness, I only get to use the middle of the paper. DanChopper2 One of the expected shortcomings, is bladeflex. Depending on how firmly a strip is held, and using a stop or not, would get a deflection to either side, or little or no deflection. The cover plates was added to take away the risk of getting caught by the blade, but it didn't stop the flexing as I had hoped. The milled grove for the blades is unnecessary. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Happy building DanTDBV As a sidenote I would also like to direct your attention to this thread: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=222256&st=0
  13. Toothbrush sander http://www.danskemodelbyggere.dk/forum/gallery/286_11_11_11_12_02_14_9.JPG Enjoy DanTDBV (The Droid Building Viking)
  14. “I declare this bazaar open.†(See reply 2 here http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=242059 for an explanation) :D I will begin with 4 of my creations. Chopper, Sanders and Duplicutter Tools based on NWSL's and Micro-Mark's Choppers, Sanders and Duplicutters DanChopper1 (1 because I already want to change it.) http://www.danskemodelbyggere.dk/forum/gallery/286_09_10_11_2_52_19_0.JPG DanSander1 http://www.danskemodelbyggere.dk/forum/gallery/286_12_10_11_6_50_56_4.JPG DanDuplicutter (No, at the moment I don't have any plans for changes, so no version number.) http://www.danskemodelbyggere.dk/forum/gallery/286_12_10_11_6_50_56_0.JPG DanLongSander1 http://www.danskemodelbyggere.dk/forum/gallery/286_12_10_11_6_47_22_1.JPG If you have any questions, just ask. DanTDBV (The Droid Building Viking)
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