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  1. My P-51 Mustang is now complete. Kit is Accurate Miniatures spiced up with Eagle Strike Decals, Ultracast Early Mustang Seat, Exhausts and Wheels.
  2. Thanks Holmes! Okay, this P-51 is now complete and ready to fly. Done and done!
  3. A little further... Clear coat on, decals on, another clear coat on. Now I will apply a wash to the panel lines and details, apply matt coat and make some weathering. Should be done by next week.
  4. Thanks guys. Holmes, I can't get credit for the seat or the seatbelts, all credit should be due to Ultracast for their superior product. (The only funny thing is I got this kit from a surplus discount sale and with the current $/Turkish Lira rate, the seat costs as much as I paid for the kit! :) ) I have made very small progress, but will probably get more done tomorrow. Will post an update when I get something done.
  5. Taking advantage of the holidays, I managed to get the painting done. Topside is Gunze Sangyo H-52 Olive Drab, while the undersurfaces are H-53 Neutral Gray. The yellow ID bands are slighlty crooked, I made a small (1.5mm) error, so they are not symmetrical. I think I'll leave it as it is. Now onto gloss coat and the decals!
  6. Hello everyone, I'll jump in the wagon with the Accurate Miniatures kit. I have been away from modelling for some months now as I was getting married and moving my house. This will be a come-back build for me. The Accurate Miniatures kit looks good at a first glance. To spice up things, I decided to use an Ultracast resin seat in the cockpit. The interiors were painted with Gunze's Zinc Chromate color. I also plan to add Ultracast exhausts and early style smooth wheels. After I mask the canopy, I will be ready to spray primer and then get the paint booth going. Next week is an official holiday week in Turkey, maybe I can even get it done?
  7. Is there a way to confirm this? I'll be building Accurate Miniatures P-51A kit and would like to avoid possible errors. One more question... The wings and the detail lines on them. For a P-51A, should these also be filled and sanded smooth? Lots of info out there for Bs and Cs, but I haven't seen proper information about As. The cover lines also are different compared to Bs and Cs, so I also can't decide where I should fill and where not. Sadly, the topic over in Props forum seems to have been deleted...
  8. I think I'll join with an Accurate Miniatures P-51. My project for the Sharkmouth GB has stalled, maybe I can get this one done.
  9. Thanks! So far it's more Eduard's photo-etch rather than my skill :) I think that issue is valid for all C-D-E kits and I'm prepared for a struggle. We'll see how that turns out. Right now I'm confused about the landing gear parts, the instructions are a little vague on how they should be installed and in order to give the landing gear their characteristic angle it seems I'll have to make several dry-fitting attempts.
  10. Thanks Blunce! 2 weeks to go, then my happy single days will end (and I hope my happy married days will begin). Anyway, in between the spaces I could find I tried to make some progress. I had to repaint the pre-colored photo-etch and change the cockpit color to RLM02. The pilot's fiefdom: ...and copilot's area with lots and lots of machine gun ammo boxes. Wouldn't want to be in there if there was a fire. I assembled the cockpit and crammed it into the fuselage. The fuselage joins well to my relief. Then it was time to assemble the machine guns and the gun bay in the nose. Lots of parts here (about half are not in the photo) Everything crammed together, nothing is really visible. Now I'll take care of some fit issues, don't know if it's my fault but the nose area and the part on which the radio operator/gunner's MG sits do not fit properly. Then I'll begin assembling the wings. The rest of the kit is comparatively easy now that the cockpit is done and gone.
  11. Wow, nice decals you got there! I wonder if they exist for 1/48 scale? Academy kits, especially the newer ones are very nice... BUT be careful, most of their decals are just waste.
  12. Howdy folks! I finally managed to get my build going... I'm getting married within a month and life is very hectic at the moment. Anyway, this will be my build. My favorite Bf 110D liveries are the shark mouth and the huge wasps. This build will finally allow me to add one of them to my collection. Eduard's kit is nice, just too many parts. Anyway, it's better than Dragon's Bf 110D in that aspect, which even has more parts! I assembled cockpit parts to paint them all at once. Then, with some doubt I painted them RLM 66 per Eduard's instructions. Now it seems my instincts were right and the cockpit should have been RLM 02, not RLM 66. The funny thing is that the pre-colored PE parts in this kit also are RLM 66. Eduard's Bf 110E kit and the Bf 110C kit has the right color of RLM 02 in their instructions as well as the right colored photo-etched parts. How did Eduard manage to do this, go figure... I plan to repaint the entire cockpit again today with RLM 02 this time. The particular aircraft I will build was operating in April 1941 and I don't think it could have RLM 66 painted on its cockpit so early in the war. Still, it's strange for Eduard to make such a mistake, especially when the painting instructions for the different decal options are so detailed.
  13. Okay, sign me up with the 110D then :) I hope I can easily tackle this kit, it seems a bit over-engineered. We'll see what happens!
  14. Okay, I'll definitely join this group build. I have three possible kits, but I don't know which one I'll build. My options: 1. 1/48 Eduard Bf 110D, with mottles and a big sharkmouth. 2. 1/72 Trumpeter F-105G with a sharkmouth, just received this today from a friend... only problem is the painting/decalling instructions are missing. 3. Hasegawa's 1/48 P-400 kit, it actually has two sharkmouth options in the kit, but the canopy is problematic... must find a vacuform replacement. Most possibly I'll start with the Eduard Bf 110D. May also build the F-105 along, as it will be easier to complete.
  15. Nice prizes out there! Charlie, thanks for organizing the raffle. However, if it's not a problem, I also would like to donate my prize back, so someone who can make better use of it can have them. I'm living in Turkey (increased postage for the sponsor), I don't have a kit to use the decals on and my stash is huge so I'm disinclined to buy new kits. It would be a waste to give those decals to me.
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