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  1. Just bumped into this thread...this buillt is pure art. Keep it up!
  2. Nice! How did you do the rivets?
  3. Thanks! I will definitely have a look
  4. Thanks sir! To be honest, some good credit goes to the kit itself. It's really nicely moulded with good detail for a 144th... it was a good white canvas that inspired me to go further Recommended.
  5. That's a good idea...i think i should scrap the decals that originally came with the kit..it's a nice TWA scheme but i will try some aftermarket product for something "cleaner"
  6. Hi Rich, I used simple artist oil paints (i am a cheap guy ), mainly black with a touch of burnt amber. I locally applied a very thinned mixture, waited about half an hour and then retouched with a fine brush soaked with thinner until i got the shade i wanted. Finally i touched up with a dry q-tip ..this worked quite good on this material. On the engine nacelles i did some dry brushing with unthinned oil black first to simulate smoke. I realize it's a bit overdone, but i had to experiment
  7. Thank you gentlemen! The aluminium tape i used was a bit thick so i was worried that the foiling would look out of scale, especially on such a tiny bird. Therefore i am planning to use the same technique on another 1/144 classic, this time using cheap kitchen foil, which is thinner...aming at a minicraft dc-4..if i can get my hands on one! Indeed comparing the final result to a 1/72 scale is i the best compliment! I will get this back to the work bench ahead and apply decals soon
  8. Very nice and brave...i really love it
  9. Sir your work station is so neat ..love the work you are doing on the landing gear. Keep it up!
  10. Hello fellow modelers! Being back to modeling for the first time after 18 years of silence, i wanted to introduce myself and say hi to everyone. I also wanted to share with you my little experiment. For my comeback to modeling i planned to do something out of the box and keep it simple....but alas..i just couldn't keep it from escalating a bit so i started foiling my little roden dc-3 with aluminium tape to see what would happen. Since i wasn't supposed to apply decals i started weathering with oils and i quite like the result... What do you say, should i pro
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