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  1. Perhaps a scheme that doesn't come in the box? As Cool Hand says there are several great schemes for the F series.
  2. Indeed, as the 109 evolved sub-variants became more complex. But there are some visual differences at a glance: -Bf-109F: sleek body with no protuberances whatsoever -Bf-109G: small intakes in the front of the cowling, bulges on the wings to allow the wheel to accommodate, mid production units had gun bulges over the engine cowling (early production didn't have them, later models had them ironed), later models had a taller tail. Google is a good tool to get more information. Also, there are several publications on the subject you could get.
  3. I built the new tool 1/72 Academy F-15E and it fits better than a Tamiya I must say with very nice details. The drawback are the jet exhausts which can be swapped with some resin ones or if you have some out of a Hasegawa kit they will suit as well. On the stash I got the 1/72 GWH version of the F-15E and that kit is on another league, no wonder it is expensive. I also built Trumpeter's Su-27UB, thou a little simplistic in some details it fits well and it's easy to build. RoG F/A-18F is rather nice, fits well and comes with nice details and armament to start with. HobbyBoss' Rafale B come
  4. That Brassin one at Sprue Brothers would fit.
  5. The Spitfire Mk.Vb shows available at Sprue Brothers http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/afx05125.htm
  6. You could consider Hobby Boss and upgrade it.
  7. You could do a captured one in overall dark green with American insignias. Here are some options http://aircraft-photographs.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/aircraft-ww2-german-luftwaffe-messerschmitt-me262-jet-fighter.html You could try red X like the one here http://www.wikiwand.com/en/Messerschmitt_Me_262 regards,
  8. I also have a Paasche H and for me it's the AK-47 of airbrushes! You could try to use Metalizer sealer instead of Glosscote in mix ratio of 50-50 with 20psi. The other thing you could try is applying Future with a flat brush straight from the bottel in thin cotes waiting for 30 minutes to dry between cotes.
  9. I don't happen to fancy her like some around here, she's what we call here "boiled potato with no salt" meaning uninteresting and average looking.
  10. That's a rebox of the Revell/Monogram mold from the 1990s'. Recessed panel lines, good fit, simple to build, overall good shape. Not as detailed as some newer offers but still makes into a nice build.
  11. I would say the same here. For example a WWI plane would have mud on it's tires since there weren't any runways at the time. A Desert Storm chopper would be dusty where a Vietnam one would be grimy. In scale modeling there is also the fact that some use weathering technics to highlight details and present a more attractive subject. After all, weathering is subjective in a certain way.
  12. I hope they release the F version as well as some B-25s as appointed before, I would buy them. Revell's B-17 interior is outstanding but exterior detail is a bit overdone but a very nice kit nonetheless.
  13. No sanding/pre-owned down here, that's the way that part comes out of the box. I had that same problem when I first bought mine back in 1995 freshly out of the oven. You'll have to fill the gap with some evergreen and putty and sand it down as any other seam. Take care in masking the clear parts so you don't scratch them. regards
  14. Not that I'm aware of, if you need replacements you can contact Academy to send you new ones. Look for their website.
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