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  1. Im looking for a pair of 1/32 lewis guns (thin barreled) for conversion to Japanese.If someone has some spares (oob plastic ones) laying around please contact me. Cheers and thanks Baronred3
  2. Is there any good size kits (1/72,1/48,...) of any World War One Subs or U-Boats? I only know of the vac-u-form ones from Combat Models. With the 100th anniversary of the war, you would think someone would. Any one know of any?
  3. Thanks, Helmsman : Best source is the mothers nipple !
  4. I'm looking in to building a 1/32 su-15 f flagon. I've many sources, but they have a wide deference in the dimensions for the aircraft. can someone tell me the true dimensions for the su-15 f flagon cheers and thanks Baronred3
  5. Thank Tenax Sniffers for the info on 3-D printers and coding, but what is the percentage of people doing it at a competent level? I’m a sculptor and I dread the 3-D printers and think they’re cool at the same time. Soon we’ll just speak to the computer. Telling the computer verbal commands and then the 3-D printer making it. Boy! That was so hard. I had to move my hand to take out the project from the printer. You get what I’m saying? Would the great sculptors be great if they were 3-D printed? Isn’t the worth of things include the psychical effort involved? Will a mans hands lose their wonder of what they can do? I hope not! Cheers Bill
  6. Yes I agree, the model business is very strong with new kits every year, but it’s pricy for most young kids. I even have some trouble paying the piper for kits. That’s why I scratch build my aircraft models. Filled in with kit bashing when I can get a good priced kit. Thank god for companies that keeps the cost down with new kits like Revell. After market parts can take a 1/72 scale model over $100. If you got it go for it. I just think that the majority of modelers are older and kids are not stepping in to the hobby. Hobby shops are or were like the old pub, a place to buy something new but also to hash about model ideas, projects and bring in you latest work. Face it, several photos on the inter net is no match for the real thing in front of you. I wonder if other countries are stronger with numbers of youth building model kits? Like our Canadian friend stated about their clubs. Cheers Bill
  7. Hey! Have you heard World War one will be 100 years ago starting in August, LOL.. According to the Movies and cable it never took place at least what I have seen in previews. Maybe they’re waiting till the middle of the anniversary in 2016-17. How many average Joes know about this anniversary? When on the History channel you have Ice road tuckers, mountain men, biker battleground and so on! So where’s the history in these shows? It makes me sad to think that all of these young men have been forgotten. They’re Lost in the rush of self satisfaction of our times. Millions of people died in that war and not remembered buy the majority of the public. Even resent movies have corrupted the truth of these heroes: Flyboys, Red baron and so on, but that’s another story. When I was a little kid in the sixties I saw many celebrations of the civil war’s 100th year. I doubt we will even see TV. shows or movies dedicated to the war. I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong! Cheers Bill
  8. Are people more disconnected from history today? Are kids out of the fascination of planes, ships, tanks, rockets and model building? I’m a teacher and I see a large interest in fantasy games that kids play on their computer devices. Not much on real historic events or machines. Second problem is mechanical knowledge, people today have cell phones, I-pads, etc.. You can’t open up these items and see what makes them tick, even if you did it’s mostly electrical and micro scale parts. Even cars are run though a computer system so we leave it to the ones with the diagnostic machines. Today we are disconnected from how everyday things work. When I was a young teen in the 70s I had a big interest in military aircraft. At this time my friends and I would bring in to school books and magazines on planes, war and cars, .etc.. (Playboy stayed home under the bed!) and shared them with each other. We would then build models of what we read about. Good or bad we made it with our own hands. The next model drove us to be better ! Back than we couldn’t bury our heads in to a computer screen were every thing is given to you with a push of a button? Building models takes time and a high amount of motor skills, Plus problem solving with out a reset button! If you make a mistake on your model, you had to find away to fix it. Will plastic modeling disappear? mmm
  9. I know what you mean. For me the nearest club is in Charleston about 2 hours away on a week night.
  10. Just wanted to let off some steam, How many of us live in a plastic model builder dead zone? I live in such a place! (Myrtle beach S.C.) Yes we do have a Hobby shop, but it’s targeted towards R/C cars. They carry plastic kits and paint. But no one is interested in them they don’t even want to have a display case. I have tried to start a model club here for over ten years posting on their message board, but no takers. I feel like an old (56) dinosaur! Looking for a fellow dinosaur .when I lived in N.Va we had mutable hobby shops filled with display cases and other hobbyists shooting the bull with each other about what they’re working on from Albatros d 3s to Zero 21s. There were also a good number of clubs to go to. But here its like a cry in the wilderness .Is it just me here or do others have the same experience were they live. Cheers Bill P.S. trying to start club here again pass the word! Thanks ! Thank God I have the Inter net!!!
  11. Scary is driving around the Beltway twice a day! That beats NASCAR ! Baronred3
  12. Ed's hobbyshop has a good amont of models, but they're in to R/C cars and R/C aircraft. I have posted on their board about starting a plastic model culb but no takers.The store will not even display models (great way to sell model kits) Cheers Baronred3
  13. The fact that there is so much on NASCAR here already.I wanted a more military modeling club.Baronred3
  14. I have lived in Myrtle Beach for over 15+ years. I have been trying to start a model club here from the start,with no luck. Hopfuly with new housing growth here I'm giving it a go again. I'm from Northern Va.and I was a member of I.P.M.S. for years. Going to both N.Va and D.C. meetings. But here in Myrtle Beach nothing! If you live in or around Myrtle Beach and build plastic scale models please reply to me here. Cheers Bill Knoth P.S. No NASCAR
  15. Delay, delay. Happy 4th! Family matters come ahead of modeling. Baronred3