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  1. Mine would be the 60s Airfix 1/72 scale R.E.8. The cockpit edging is very thick,but the struts had large balls in each end to glue in to just as large pits in the wings each strut was by it's self with no way to Aline them! the wings were probably too thick making the plane look heavy. Lots of work to get it to home base!!
  2. We all have a beef about kits! but from beginning to end what was the worst kit you built? Lets hear the horror stories! The older guys need to shake their memories and remember that piece of crap from long ago.Please try not to scare the young ones out there!
  3. Yes! Buy the newer stuff!, I too will buy the better, but I will not be held hostage by high prices.and I'm not talking about the old kits when I talk about people complaning about the kits. instead it's the new kits that people pick at not fitting perfectly. just take that extra step to fix it instead of shelving it.Nothing about old kits here, it's just we had to fix them, so we did!
  4. That's interesting, but lets keep on task about Craftsmanship and the loss of it. I believe it's been replaced with nit pickiness. Modelers trying to make a prototypical aircraft with every bell and whistle that they can get to put on the plane. most of it can't even be seen.Now should I take it to the hobby shop? maybe I missed something on it (some new after market part) Is it up to class? and so on. This is killing the hobby. Because someone can't spend the time on working to improve good and even bad kits. Instead they super detail the plane.these same people put down anyone who's not in the know of what's available to so called up grades for the kit. I know someone who took an over priced 1/72 scale plane and with add ons came out to cost $123. my god! that's crazy! Lets all try to build a not so good model kit with craftsmanship and maybe add ons we made. Not bought !
  5. Yes! Yes! I agree! I have seen kits get bad raps because there OLD SCHOOL, I also see resin kits go for $100 in 1/72 scale, I do one thing that my father showed me and that's scratch building! It's funny to think of the deprogression of the modeler! Back in WWII kids (my dad) would buy or get a free 3-view from uncle SAM, then pick up some wood and a good knife and carve a very nice aircraft. True craftsmanship! Next kits had carved fuselages, you carved the wings. Then came plastics with simple detail and no cockpit. It took putty and tube glue you had to wait over night to dry,Kits got better and better then computers took over making very detailed molds. And cottage industries with resin and photo etched parts.C.A. glues,putties so smooth and airbrushes .Less and less personal craftsmanship! I would love to see more scratch building,but no! It scares the hell out of most modelers I don't know why. The 3 and 5 view drawings today are very detailed with cross sections. Wood,sheet plastic,resins and ploy mere clay are just some materials that can be used. Cost is very little ,but time and craftsmanship are the bases to it! Now back to kits! If Revell can produce very good kits at good prices why can't other companies.I think the hobbyist is being duped by the industry! But if we our selves treat the not perfect kit as crap and not build it then we are just as at fault!
  6. Yes! I so agree with your assessment on the price of kits.I know the kits today are better with more detail and the extra photo etched parts etc. It's all very nice! Maybe?Here are my complaints both of price and the modern attitude in model building. The price of kits. I'm an artist and a teacher and most prices are out of my range. I build mostly 1/32 scale aircraft and $50+. is just too much for a ww2 fighter, and some are quite a bit more. I believe this is one of the reasons new hobbyist are few and far between. companies are pricing the hobby out of the main stream of leisure activities. BACK IN THE OLD DAYS. model kits were cheap. An average 1/32 scale ww2 fighter was $3. This price with inflation would be less than $30.I know the quality of the the kits don't match the new kits but look at Revell of Germany great kits and great prices!. This is my second complaint .I always here "the parts don't fit well, the detail is lacking,.must replace the decals", so on and so on! come on now I know many modelers who shelf very good kits because of imperfections. Nit picky ways! I believe craftsmanship is the true part of the hobby, rolling up both sleeves, and getting to it. Old timers can take a old kit and make a gem out of it, with out complaining ! No after market parts on top of it.The over all look of an aircraft model was the goal of the model builder, it's now details and more details and even more details.This scares a lot of of people from showing there work.and some from entering the hobby all together! thanks for hearing me soapbox about Modeling cheers Bill
  7. Yes! when I was living in japan it was different and when i grew up in northern Va. but now I'm in a state were things are diffrent. (Mayberry)! the other is education, most people interested in history and or aircraft move out of the area. My nearest I.P.M.S. is 2 hours away. The one thing that has changed here is the milatry base, it's no longer here,but that was over ten years ago.I know that living in the desert you shouldn't complain about not having water. but I do feel the hobby is not as evenly spread across the it was in the 60s and 70s. We are now a specialized group Cheers Bill
  8. My local Hobby shop has been around for forty years ! From a boy to an old man I've seen things come and go.Now I see a heart breaking thing. plastic model kits are being pushed out of the store.Being replaced by Drones and r/c cars (r/c planes just holding on) I do know that web shopping is taking out stores and web sites like this one are the new( shoot the bull place to go),but really! no comparison to going down to the hobby shop were a good crowd would be, just to see whats in the display case and what new kit came in.I asked the owner of the hobby shop if I could bring in some finished kits to show in the shop the other day..And what I got is "Sorry no room for that stuff".(he did have room) it's more the fact that they haven't any interest in models.Again I know things have changed,but you know there is a loss! a loss of local hobbyists coming together, of histories of the models and of the youth who would in awe look at the models when they went in with there dads and later would take up the torch in building kits.I guess i'm just getting old.and feeling dejected! Cheers Bill
  9. Im looking for a pair of 1/32 lewis guns (thin barreled) for conversion to Japanese.If someone has some spares (oob plastic ones) laying around please contact me. Cheers and thanks Baronred3
  10. Is there any good size kits (1/72,1/48,...) of any World War One Subs or U-Boats? I only know of the vac-u-form ones from Combat Models. With the 100th anniversary of the war, you would think someone would. Any one know of any?
  11. Thanks, Helmsman : Best source is the mothers nipple !
  12. I'm looking in to building a 1/32 su-15 f flagon. I've many sources, but they have a wide deference in the dimensions for the aircraft. can someone tell me the true dimensions for the su-15 f flagon cheers and thanks Baronred3
  13. Thank Tenax Sniffers for the info on 3-D printers and coding, but what is the percentage of people doing it at a competent level? I’m a sculptor and I dread the 3-D printers and think they’re cool at the same time. Soon we’ll just speak to the computer. Telling the computer verbal commands and then the 3-D printer making it. Boy! That was so hard. I had to move my hand to take out the project from the printer. You get what I’m saying? Would the great sculptors be great if they were 3-D printed? Isn’t the worth of things include the psychical effort involved? Will a mans hands lose their wonder of what they can do? I hope not! Cheers Bill
  14. Yes I agree, the model business is very strong with new kits every year, but it’s pricy for most young kids. I even have some trouble paying the piper for kits. That’s why I scratch build my aircraft models. Filled in with kit bashing when I can get a good priced kit. Thank god for companies that keeps the cost down with new kits like Revell. After market parts can take a 1/72 scale model over $100. If you got it go for it. I just think that the majority of modelers are older and kids are not stepping in to the hobby. Hobby shops are or were like the old pub, a place to buy something new but also to hash about model ideas, projects and bring in you latest work. Face it, several photos on the inter net is no match for the real thing in front of you. I wonder if other countries are stronger with numbers of youth building model kits? Like our Canadian friend stated about their clubs. Cheers Bill
  15. Hey! Have you heard World War one will be 100 years ago starting in August, LOL.. According to the Movies and cable it never took place at least what I have seen in previews. Maybe they’re waiting till the middle of the anniversary in 2016-17. How many average Joes know about this anniversary? When on the History channel you have Ice road tuckers, mountain men, biker battleground and so on! So where’s the history in these shows? It makes me sad to think that all of these young men have been forgotten. They’re Lost in the rush of self satisfaction of our times. Millions of people died in that war and not remembered buy the majority of the public. Even resent movies have corrupted the truth of these heroes: Flyboys, Red baron and so on, but that’s another story. When I was a little kid in the sixties I saw many celebrations of the civil war’s 100th year. I doubt we will even see TV. shows or movies dedicated to the war. I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong! Cheers Bill