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  1. Then it seems like a BIG price hike for just a change of decal, make's me wonder if any of the buying public will inbrace it and part with there cash Mike
  2. Hannants is showing a new Minicraft b777 Wonder if it's new tooling or maybe a 300 version ? The cost is expensive so I would think at least new tooling Description: Boeing 777 (Livery TBD) Manufacturer: Minicraft Code Number: MC14706 Scale: 1:144 Scale Item type: Aircraft kits (injection) Price: Pounds 33.33 AUS $61.81 Mike
  3. This turned up today from Pas decals in Russia, took about 2 weeks to get here from day of purchase to Aus, not to bad Mike
  4. Nice build and well done on the 1st place Mike
  5. Thanks Joe Looking forward to my next b773 build Mike
  6. Thanks guy's Is if you are going to purchase one get it from here, pas-decals.ru ($45 including shipping) you will save money than buying from e-bay, use the google translate'r when ordering Mike
  7. A few pic's of the completed B777-300, at the end of the day I am happy with the built, there is some time needed sanding/filing some of the part's, the only real faults with the kit ( I am not counting rivets) is the over sized belly ( some filing fix's that up) and the wrong shaped raked wing tip's that are supplied (filing to a new shape fix's that) and the front strut is to short, (a 5mm extension is needed) but I think it's well worth spending some time and patient's to build the only true out of the box B777-300 with every thing there, no more to purchase, I must be happy as I have ordered an other EE B773 Mike
  8. I got some more work done on the build after a long pause when the windscreen went missing after it's removal, it was recently found wrapped in green tap, :rolleyes:/>/> I still have a couple of minor decals to be placed and mast's to be made and light's added, but nearly all done, I will update with some better pic's when it's all complete Mike
  9. I checked them out Ray but on the Airlinercafe forum that business does not have a good name Rich W has come to the rescue and they will be hand delivered from the UK to Aus----the wife is over there and will bring them back in a week :-) Thanks rich for your help Mike
  10. I will be building one of these in the near future, I have an EE B777-300 kit on it's way, does anyone know where I can locate the decals for this build, all I have found is for the 777-200 model Mike
  11. No progress as I have been busy with other stuff including grand kids, I will get some some on it the week end Mike
  12. Hi Ray No it is not included in the kit, so it has to be scratch built, I think only my Z b767 came with a tail bumper, I will keep an eye on your build, looks good so far Mike
  13. Hi Jarrod There is an other way to get a decent looking cockpit on the MC 777 Here is pic of a MC kit on the left and right, both have the usual cockpit fitted, the right one has been filed back to get it to the desired shape to achieve this I printed out a side on pic to scale of the front fus, cut out the top profile and marked where the cockpit is and used it as a template to shape the new profile them I print out a screen decal to scale and put it into position, it will tell you where and how much more filing has to be done, you will also have to blend from the bottom of the screen back to the nose to provide a nice new curve, there is not that much to be removed, when you start filing the whole job will take less than 15 minutes to complete, then putty up any file marks showing and its done Mike
  14. Just a quick update I fitted the UC on also the engines, then discovered the engines were touching the ground on there front edge, what I did notice also was the nose was down, I lifted/packed up the front strut about 5 mm to sit the fus level with the ground and then all came good, this gave the aircraft a much better stance, so I extended the front strut 5mm the engines though much better still looked a touch low so I filed off the small step on top of the pylon and also gave the pylon housing leading edge on the wing a quick rub also, this brought them up about 1/2m or so and to my eye they look about right, I will put the UC doors on next and then start on the decals and small details Volzj nice build, that color is hard to match Mike
  15. Hi Ray With the fus color I used White Night 'Lace' rattle can enamel paint, got it from Bunning's, it was the closest I could find. Later down the track I will do an Etihad A340 500 build when the Revell A330 come out again, now I have some confidence doing the 'cut and shut' to the fus, I am hoping Draw will make the decal's to suit Mike
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