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  1. I know some who sell themselves for less. And, by the way, why wouldn't you ask the author for the bill ...but if you believe always what 's on the sticker .... Some reviewers look like being very healthy these last times....😜
  2. Don't let be fooled again..., these guys are not there to review the kit, they are there to make money ... They buy the kits with their own money ? ... if that was really the case, they would be much more honest! Unfortunately, this has become the norm, even at the level of the "specialized" press. It’s masked advertising and nothing else
  3. Boeing fired Mr Muilenberg, and now Martin Wilson resigned from AMK. But Muilenburg got $62m in compensation and pension benefit. How much did AMK paid Martin Wilson to resign ? 100 boxes of F-14D ? "He is too busy with his own business, and has no extra time for the heavy work for AMK." sounds a little bit like a Pravda official announcement ! 😜
  4. He's just trying to admit that TAMIYA has got it all wrong also !!🀣
  5. The pilot's harness is not an integral part of the seat. The harness is made of tissue, and buckles. It is not something fixed and must be able to conform to the physique of the pilot. A harness can be adjusted. It's alive, unlike what you find in a cockpit. It is something very difficult to render, in a lively manner in injected plastic, due to the delicacy and the number and types of the components. This is why, when we want to reach this level of rendering, we are forced to switch to a material other than plastic, such as for example resin, fabric and photoetched or any other malleable material. I suppose that with the level of detail brought in with this new model, the producer will add some PE parts. πŸ˜‰
  6. So that you can ask silly question ! πŸ₯΅
  7. One of the main problem with the Kinetic kit was that the cockpit bathtub was too shallow due to the representation of the front landing gear housing.. Have we got any information whether this ( these ) problem(s) has or have been solved with this new model ? Thanks.
  8. And the day we put you under a microscope we won't be surprised to find nothing !
  9. Hello Nino , do you remember this ..... madcop Milliput Members 151 posts Gender:Male Location:Brussels Report post Posted July 21, 2018 Well, I can understand that. There is still something positive. The longer you wait for it , the bigger your joice when you receive it !. Anyway, Hope it won't last too long.…. too much joy can kill also ! Madcop
  10. I kept all these little gems...Actually I have all SAM since VOL 1 NΒ°1 until now........VOL 41. Must say these VOL take a lot of space on my sheves but more in my 68 year's old heart ! Do you remember those South African North American T6 ? Aaaaaah...those were the days my friend... Madcop πŸ€”
  11. Could it happen that the F-35 would have the same fate ?
  12. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah.... C'mon Gabor , it's just a good beer barrel to celebrate with You a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year ....... Madcop
  13. HI habu2 Bl...y well true. As simple as you said ! We take pics with our guts , and so do we build models ! NO GUTS NO PICS NO MODELS NO GLORY !
  14. Finally received an email from VICKY this morning with a tracking number. The kit is still in Canton international. Should take to 20-25 days to arrive. All the comments from the crowd funders on AMK shitbook Official Fan page [mine(s) included] have of course been deleted by AMK Official Fan Club's communist censorship. I hope that the curtain will finally fall on this very bad play in a few days ...pity I will not have the promised T-shirt, I could have cleaned the scene with ... Just hope that my kit box won't be signed by Sio ! Madcop.
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