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  1. +10000 People at AMK complain that they are overwhelmed and that they have too much work ... (no comment ...) Yet, they find the time to send kits to distributors, free kits to people who deserves them or not, and to distribute special prizes in modellism contests ... (like in IPMS Belgium National.) They forget (for whatever reason ...) those who first supported the initial project by sending money ... and, icing on the cake, they invite them to join them on their stand in Telford to greet them and chat... This is the difference between good communication and reality! It's more than just rude, and you really have to like the product to support all this ... We do not have any animosity towards AMK yet, we just want to know when the kits we have paid three years ago now and which are currently in public sale we will arrive; THAT'S ALL ! (And please don't tell me to take contact with them, I already done this but in pure vain...you never got a clear answer, not even a word of excuse...) I really feel sorry to have to say all this...but that's reality, not com ! Madcop.
  2. I am like you..... I just suppose it is...
  3. Sio should ( I say"should") begin sending the backers parcels (post free) from the 9th of October. ( The HK post has been on "holidays " lately ). That's what I understood from the last posts on AMK Fan Club Facebook pages. Be sure to have your delivery address updated ( if applicable) on Indiegogo and as a security measure send a mail to Sio. However I am still waiting for an official Indiegogo statement about the delivery of the final project ... Good Luck. Madcop. (Better to laugh than cry .....)
  4. And please, is it so difficult for you, in the case your technology doesn't allow to engrave instrument faces, to add at least a good instrument decal sheet ... This seems to be the weakest point of this very beautiful and good kit! Of course this also applies to your other models. Madcop πŸ˜‰
  5. Shion,... it's been so long, still so accurate from what I can read ...! But in the fog everyone, me included, can go astray ....
  6. How I appreciate this fresh air blowing all of a sudden in my face, smelling JP , joy and happyness. Many thanks to the builders. 😊
  7. Sure, G.W.H. must be very happy after this . I don't think it's an error...it is too obvious. It's a direct attack on G.W.H.
  8. Hi, I don't know if you know but someone here , a very well informed and clever guy, told us that Tamiya paid Grumman " a licence" to have access to their files... Mr Tamiya send his team to bring back a whole case of documents. So If I were you I would write a very very kind letter (with some bucks inside) to Mr. Tamiya and ask him if he would be kind enough to publish them here... So that it would end this debate once for all. I am very serious of course. Have a nice day. Madcop. πŸ˜‰
  9. Thanks for these late infos. For your information ( but you already know I suppose) TEMP MODELS Ru is having 1/72 Resin K36DM , K36D and K36D-3.5 in their range . I have those and they look very nice and well detailed. Now are they 100% correct ... I am not the specialist ! Have a nice day. Madcop
  10. Hello Yufei I won't tell you what I think about your work...You already know that. So shortly said " A big Thank You for the inspiration..." Just one question. Do you think that it shall be possible to order the Armement sprues as they are all on specific sprues. Not being alone on a budget ( money and space) and already having the first edition boxing, I think that it would be very interesting and a nice service to G.W.H's. customers to provide these as a separate " Su-35s Air to Surface WEAPON SET." ( I am not asking for decals , but we can always dream....) Have a nice day . Madcop 🀨
  11. Thanks Gabor for all these precisions, although I couldn't find a picture of Su-17M3 with the "early" fin. Even the one in Monino has got the square fin !....This bird must have been short lived, but anyway I am in for one... for sure. I also got the last Edu MiG-21(bis !) . Sorry but I felt in love with this Croatian bird. And as we never have enough MiG-21 at home... Like you , my Edu Mig-21 is in his box, waiting for news from yours. So it looked like I may be busy on other subjects, awaiting for your updates. I suppose I'll have the time to read this nice book about the MiG-21 twice !.. As you say, life is too short and there are tooooooo many nice models coming out . My DeVilbiss performs always like a DeVilbiss, flawless , but I must admit that I am using my Harder and Steenbeck EVOLUTION far more often. Best regards and watch your six! Madcop
  12. Hi Gabor Could you please tell us the main and small differences we may expect from this model compared to the Late or "regular" Su-17M3. Many thanks. Madcop. ( Any news from your 1/72 MiG-21 from Edu ? )
  13. As I don't have any more spare AF PR XIX and as I want a XIVc., I have made my choice ...I'll go Paul's way.... Many thanks for your very nice videos Paul... I like the way you approach the hobby; Madcop πŸ˜‰
  14. Now you are comparing a 1/48 kit that you still don't have with two 1/72 scale kits that you don't have (or maybe one of the two ?) Please show us pictures,( taken through a microscope of course) that should be something very interesting... Nice effort ! πŸ˜‚
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