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  1. madcop

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Where are we going to ? ... AMK is getting better and better with each new kit, and so does Tamiya.... There is always enough place for quality product. There are just different approaches. I'll trust AMK for this one , as I did before...and I never had to regret it. Madcop
  2. madcop

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    So did I . Just went on AMK Facebook page , seems that everything is running O.K. So no panic. The kit is coming , maybe sooner than the pessimists believe. As the project is still running you can't actually already have received your "perk", can you ? ( If I have the meaning of "perk" correct) You could join the Indiegogo survey as well Madcop
  3. madcop

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    +1 20 more years for me !
  4. madcop

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I know how old I am looking INSIDE ! I've been exposed to plastic-epoxy and enamel paint fumes and many others for much longer than you had ! ( I won't speak about the resin powder I swallowed ....) You very young F-16 jockey ! Yes, my feet are feeling like they were 97 ...but they'll still support me till I go to the post office to get my F-14 in 2020 ! I'm leaving now cause I have to take my different medicines and a little bit of EPO. Madcop
  5. madcop

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I placed my pre-order (Indiegogo) on the 8th of June 17. I am now 97 , so that I can still wait a couple of years or more. No problem...dreaming makes you see the future and desire keeps you living ! And when the wait will be over, you'll realize that's it is just another box full of plastic bits better or worse than the other pieces of plastic you already have. So, if that doesn't kill you , you'll start dreaming again about the perfect whatever you can dream of...( e.g 1/32 N.A. P-51B for me....). So , thanks to AMK for keeping me alive !... Madcop
  6. Looks like Yufei product has got the edge on the Cold War Studio one as it is a one piece casting, whereas on the CWS you still have to add the plastic cam. bay. Looks from the pic that Yufei's product will demand far less fitting work than CWS one and looks also sharper. I have the CWS one and all is fitting very well after a little cleaning job, anyway I may also buy a Fairey Hobby when they are back ... Nice job Yufei Madcop
  7. madcop

    Zvezda 1/72 MiG-29SMT

    Hello Berkut, Many thanks for these infos. Have we more détails about these boxes. Have we some more close up pictures of them. Do they eject the flares backwards or downwards ? When you talk about some other minor détails, (Internal or external ), are you talking eg about the wingtips of the 9-13 type ? , What else do we need to know about ? Thanks for sharing your knowledge . Madcop
  8. madcop

    Zvezda 1/72 MiG-29SMT

    Hello Berkut Pardon me for my ignorance but what do you mean with these external flare boxes. Are they wrong, misplaced, too thin or what ? I am sorry but I really do not understand the problem. ( I am talking about the "boxes" that are placed forward of both vertical tailplanes ) Do you mean they were also wrong on the 9-13 ? Thanks for the infos. Madcop
  9. madcop

    1/72 Trumpeter MiG-29 9.12

    Looking at all these pictures and having a look at Zlinek plans I'll definitely wait for Zvezda's release. Looks to me that the front of the AC is a little bit cartoonish and I have a serious doubt about the engines fairings and airbrake. But I may be wrong , future will tell. Madcop.
  10. Hi Pep PM sent for REVELL Scorpion and BB Cockpit. Madcop
  11. Hi fellow big scale modellers I am looking for a HASEGAWA Curtiss P-40K in 1/32. Would buy or trade. Living in Belgium. Thanks. Madcop.
  12. madcop

    Rafale 1/48 side by side

    Fait trop beau pour travailler ! Les marins les aiment crados ! Nice work Buddy ! Madcop
  13. madcop

    New Eduard 1/48 Gustav. What's the assessment ?

    Hi Laurent It's just like a guy trying to sell you his car that he knows is a POS ,but who keeps telling you that you'll love it just because of the very nice ashtray inside ! It's just miserable. Madcop :D/>
  14. madcop

    F-100D 1\48 Monogram

    Hi Enrywar Yes, that's what I use to do also, but UpNorth is not a special tool, it's just like a Verlinden's set but with all the F-100D specific panels, acces hatches etc... I like to scribe. But when I have finished with the job, well I've to do myself some violence to go further with it , :wacko: Madcop
  15. madcop

    New Eduard 1/48 Gustav. What's the assessment ?

    No problem Gary , the most important is having fun... Madcop ;)/>