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  1. I was not talking about Zactoman who is a trustworthy and honest person, although being in business ...
  2. I think he just deserves a good rope, feathers and tar ...
  3. Finally received an email from VICKY this morning with a tracking number. The kit is still in Canton international. Should take to 20-25 days to arrive. All the comments from the crowd funders on AMK shitbook Official Fan page [mine(s) included] have of course been deleted by AMK Official Fan Club's communist censorship. I hope that the curtain will finally fall on this very bad play in a few days ...pity I will not have the promised T-shirt, I could have cleaned the scene with ... Just hope that my kit box won't be signed by Sio ! Madcop.
  4. Yeah, " When does she plan to send the package " would have been better...but after all after 3 years of preparation it sounds well like an expedition.......
  5. So did I. But I still have asked him (her) when she (he) was planning the expedition of the package... Anyway looks like it's moving ... Good thing ! It's never too late 😉
  6. No, now he is going to make (some) bucks out of it. AMK may have missed something, he won't ! 😉
  7. "That is a sure fire way to get not only this thread locked down," I sure wouldn't complain if it were and would be happy to see it replaced by a thread dealing with "How to deal about the feeling of frustration" because it is what this thread has become , and the culprits are not the ones we are thinking of!
  8. Hi Gabor. Many thanks for providing us "Enthusiasts" with those very interesting and illustrated comments about this stellar Airfix product. If we could evaluate the time you devoted to them , I am sure we would reach much more than 15$. Keep on with this nice work , and please...give us news from your MiG-21MF... Your comments on this little MiG-17 are worth the price of some less detailed books we could find in the "Specialised press !.... Madcop
  9. +10000 People at AMK complain that they are overwhelmed and that they have too much work ... (no comment ...) Yet, they find the time to send kits to distributors, free kits to people who deserves them or not, and to distribute special prizes in modellism contests ... (like in IPMS Belgium National.) They forget (for whatever reason ...) those who first supported the initial project by sending money ... and, icing on the cake, they invite them to join them on their stand in Telford to greet them and chat... This is the difference between good communication and reality! It's more than just rude, and you really have to like the product to support all this ... We do not have any animosity towards AMK yet, we just want to know when the kits we have paid three years ago now and which are currently in public sale we will arrive; THAT'S ALL ! (And please don't tell me to take contact with them, I already done this but in pure vain...you never got a clear answer, not even a word of excuse...) I really feel sorry to have to say all this...but that's reality, not com ! Madcop.
  10. I am like you..... I just suppose it is...
  11. Sio should ( I say"should") begin sending the backers parcels (post free) from the 9th of October. ( The HK post has been on "holidays " lately ). That's what I understood from the last posts on AMK Fan Club Facebook pages. Be sure to have your delivery address updated ( if applicable) on Indiegogo and as a security measure send a mail to Sio. However I am still waiting for an official Indiegogo statement about the delivery of the final project ... Good Luck. Madcop. (Better to laugh than cry .....)
  12. And please, is it so difficult for you, in the case your technology doesn't allow to engrave instrument faces, to add at least a good instrument decal sheet ... This seems to be the weakest point of this very beautiful and good kit! Of course this also applies to your other models. Madcop 😉
  13. Shion,... it's been so long, still so accurate from what I can read ...! But in the fog everyone, me included, can go astray ....
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