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  1. Bf 109 fanatics build ZVEZDA-WINGSY-MODELSVIT and TAMIYA models... I didn't know that Czech flew Tempest V and II. 🤣 Madcop.
  2. Would be nice to know where and how to order or preorder... DW Detail & Wonder is nowhere to find except for some pictures on Twitter. I don't see the point to make people salivate without giving them any information. Is Detail & Wonder GWH related ? Is it a Haneto's initiative..... Thanks for the info. Madcop 😁
  3. "The badge for William Tell 1982 is shown on the drawings from that old Scale Aircaft Modelling magazine." Best regards Gabor And on the decal sheet....🤣
  4. Hi Haneto Happy to see that your efforts are rewarded, but what do you mean by "The feeling of checking formal kit, is so different than the feeling when I got the sample kit several months ago.". Do you mean that the content of the distribution box is quite different from the samples you received before ( so the diffrenet feeling), or do you mean that you felt much more relieved when receiving the definitive kit that also meant "The case of Su-27 Flanker B is, as far as you are concerned, definitely closed "? Thanks so much for all your efforts. Madcop
  5. Thanks Gene , but your link returns a 504 ERROR after a few minutes....
  6. Hi Gabor. I am so happy you are so happy.... I have all those little gems from N° 1 untill now..... As for scale models I think I have them all until the 80. I should check in my cellar where they are piled in a big box since 2000...... Remember Air Enthusiast ? with all these german profiles on the "Kits corner or something like that....In French I ve got all the REPLICS and quantity of other French-German-magazines.... as you say those were the days , when people could read and learn and not only look at images. I also collected all those wonderfull Modeldecals from the late D.W
  7. Hi Gabor... Weird, when I double click on those ".pdfunavailable" they open automatically. Can you confirm ? If not I'll try something other but not now as I have to leave for the Dentist ( Another kind of modellism, but not that funny ! ) Madcop
  8. Hi Gabor .... if these can help. Author Lindsay Peacock stated that artworks were applied on the port sides and that aircrafts of 171st FIS were all wearing a small Apple design in red on the front of the nosewheel door. The nose arts were the work of one Andrew Isola. CCE150621_0006.pdfCCE150621_0003.pdfCCE150621_0004.pdfCCE150621_0005.pdfCCE150621_0002.pdf Have fun Madcop.
  9. I already have mine since two weeks. Can't get my eyes out of her; She is simply gorgeous. Thanks to all the team. Best model for the last six years, Su-33 fan or not, the realization is simply astonishing. Madcop.
  10. Seemed that the Kinetic cockpit was too shallow ....
  11. You are being mean...I am honest and I would have kept it for me until Tapchan's Christmas 2021 !🤣
  12. Good news and honest neighbours ...If I were your neighbour,I could have built the kit for you ! 😁
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