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  1. I already have mine since two weeks. Can't get my eyes out of her; She is simply gorgeous. Thanks to all the team. Best model for the last six years, Su-33 fan or not, the realization is simply astonishing. Madcop.
  2. Seemed that the Kinetic cockpit was too shallow ....
  3. You are being mean...I am honest and I would have kept it for me until Tapchan's Christmas 2021 !🤣
  4. Good news and honest neighbours ...If I were your neighbour,I could have built the kit for you ! 😁
  5. Toooooooooooooo bad ! Just hope you've got a honest neighbour ! Keep us posted ....😉
  6. Depends where you're living. Mine was also sent on the 18th of december and I was informed on the 28th through PostNL tracking system that my parcel would be delivered the 29th between midday and 4.30pm. Can't you still choose a "Pick-up" point instead of your address ? Hope you can get in touch with the Agency who should deliver your parcel.... Good luck. Madcop
  7. Preordered mine from AMMO MIG (Spain) in October and received it today. First check went to the armement and to my relief, everything is O.K. Madcop
  8. Hi Gabor Same problem with the Blue Bird "Phantom Forever". See my post from December 2. Sounds like ZM will take this problem into account...but in 1/48 !
  9. Already preordered....but a little bit more expensive than FineMolds or Hasegawa ! That's gonna be my little Christmas... I still wonder whether they will give us the decals for the wing tanks...
  10. And not a single stencil to see.....
  11. I'm glad the star color issue has finally been resolved. It remains nonetheless true that the problem of stencils remains relevant, at least for the decoration of 07-8436. If these stencils are present and correct on Hasegawa's blue decals, they are completely absent (or not identifiable in the photo) on the FM decal sheet. On the other hand Hasegawa leaves us in trouble when it comes to the stencils which must be applied to the black parts of the fuselage and the wings which have to be painted black before the decals are applied. For example on the front parts of the wings. Generic black sten
  12. Here are some pictures ( and the dates and locations they were taken ) showing the differences between the original scheme from April 2020 and the "touch up" scheme that seems to have been applied around October 2020.
  13. Hi, Gabor, Hi Gene. In my post I was talking about the stencils that appear on the special colors used for this blue scheme. The parts of the fuselage and wings that are not affected by these special colours keep their original stencilling (Black). Looks like the black stencils (without grey background) are also kept on surfcaces that present a contrasting colour that keep them readable (like yellow or red for example). On a dark blue or real very dark colours they keep their light background so that they remain readable. Now, for the stars on the blue scheme one,
  14. Please take the Post of Ya Gabor from 01.12.2020 before reading this one... Thank You. These decals on the blue scheme do not represent what you can see on the real aircraft. Black should be Black, whatever the printing process you choose. On the blue scheme the stars are Black...not grey or silver grey, just black ! What is more important is that all Japanese F-4EJ stencils are black or yellow. This is correct on the decal sheet for aircraft finished in the original Japanese three tones of grey camo scheme. So, each line of these stencils should appea
  15. Working perfectly here also.😄
  16. Those were the times.... I think I still have these Model Technology PE cockpit sills... Have a nice day. Madcop.
  17. Hi Gabor, Damned, I thought it was Eduard with his 1/48 Bf 109G-6....🤣 A masterpiece of today standard of communication... Boys will be boys...nothing we can change about that. Thank-you to the GWH Team for this Su-27UB and for their other products. Madcop
  18. Don't know your ex-wife , but I already may understand her ... Let's keep moving.😈
  19. Hello to all the 1/32 Scale P.11c lovers...... No need to tell here that the IBG Model is just fantastic and that's why some Polish afficionados of this nice Polish Iconic aircraft have decided , with IBG collaboration, to develop a serie of resin add-ons or upgrade (call them whatelse you want) for this already gorgeous kit, under the label of "BITSKRIEG" I personnaly know one of these guys, and let me tell you that for him "perfection" is not enough...and I dare to deduce that the others are from the same mould ! No need for other words, here follow the pictures of t
  20. I know some who sell themselves for less. And, by the way, why wouldn't you ask the author for the bill ...but if you believe always what 's on the sticker .... Some reviewers look like being very healthy these last times....😜
  21. Don't let be fooled again..., these guys are not there to review the kit, they are there to make money ... They buy the kits with their own money ? ... if that was really the case, they would be much more honest! Unfortunately, this has become the norm, even at the level of the "specialized" press. It’s masked advertising and nothing else
  22. Boeing fired Mr Muilenberg, and now Martin Wilson resigned from AMK. But Muilenburg got $62m in compensation and pension benefit. How much did AMK paid Martin Wilson to resign ? 100 boxes of F-14D ? "He is too busy with his own business, and has no extra time for the heavy work for AMK." sounds a little bit like a Pravda official announcement ! 😜
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