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  1. 12 hours ago, SuperTomcat21 said:

    Thank you Steve,The team is excited that such a concept product is welcomed by the market,Looking forward to applying this high-quality design and manufacturing to more themes.


    I already have mine since two weeks. Can't get my eyes out of her; She is simply gorgeous.

    Thanks to all the team. Best model for the last six years, Su-33 fan or not, the realization is simply astonishing.



  2. 1 hour ago, ijozic said:

    Wow. It seems super overengineered, but in a good way. From the quick look over it, I would have preferred separate instrument decals (like GWH did on their MiG-29 kit) and perhaps a PE glare shield for the cockpit with a plastic alternative, but it's impressive.


    Hope it sells well enough so we might get to see more of such insanity.


    I'm surprised that the cockpit is so different between it and the Kinetic, though.




    The weapon options page seems obviously wrong regarding the placement of IR guided Alamo variants, though:



     Seemed that the Kinetic cockpit was too shallow ....

  3. 8 hours ago, Tapchan said:


    Preordered from MIG too. Package was sent 18th even tho I requested them to send it in January. Tracking is not working at all. I'm away from home until 3rd January and afraid the package will be returned or go missing if my neighbour pick it up...


    Depends where you're living. Mine was also sent on the 18th of december and I was informed on the 28th through PostNL tracking system that my parcel would be delivered the 29th between midday and 4.30pm. Can't you still choose a "Pick-up" point instead of your address ?  Hope you can get in touch with the Agency who should deliver your parcel....

    Good luck.


  4. 43 minutes ago, ya-gabor said:

    There is just one question left with the new box in February for the F-4EJ KAI  a/c 305. If one looks at the box cover it is perfectly clear that it has zillions of white stencils all over it. The decal sheet also has a lot of them. A closer look at 305 and other aircraft from 8th squadron show that the stencils are not really white but exactly those original black examples with light grey background and covered over with tape when the Blue camouflage was added. But from a distance they do look like "bright whites" as shown on the box top.




    Now take a look at the built example and the decal sheet. It seems that while the stencils are there but from these views the light grey background is not really visible. There is also aircraft 328 and 354 also on the sheet from the same 8th squadron with this striking Blue scheme which were painted the same way. 


    The reason why I am worried is a look at the built kit, where one does not see any of those "bright white" stencils. On a closer inspections something of the grey background is visible but it is faint.  Hope I am wrong and in the final kit they will show it better. 






    Best regards



    Hi Gabor 


    Same problem with the Blue Bird "Phantom Forever". See my post from December 2.

    Sounds like ZM will take this problem into account...but in 1/48 !

  5. 1 hour ago, ya-gabor said:

    I know it is another scale and another producer but here is a brand new Phatom kit built in the Blue colours. 



    And the stars are Silver-Grey and little stencils with grey background. . .


    Best regareds




    Already preordered....but a little bit more expensive than FineMolds or Hasegawa ! That's gonna be my little Christmas...

    I still wonder whether they will give us the decals for the wing tanks...

  6. I'm glad the star color issue has finally been resolved. It remains nonetheless true that the problem of stencils remains relevant, at least for the decoration of 07-8436. If these stencils are present and correct on Hasegawa's blue decals, they are completely absent (or not identifiable in the photo) on the FM decal sheet. On the other hand Hasegawa leaves us in trouble when it comes to the stencils which must be applied to the black parts of the fuselage and the wings which have to be painted black before the decals are applied. For example on the front parts of the wings. Generic black stencils must be applied on a black background ! In short, Hasegawa only represents the stencils typical of 07-8436 on the blue parts of the decals to be applied to the fuselage and wings.


    As for FM it seems to be content to deliver generic black / yellow / red stencils for any  version of F-4EJ not wearing special schemes, the blue decals with the stars and those on the wings being devoid of the kind of stencils specific to this version.

    On this point I would therefore give Hasegawa a mixed advantage.
    As for the model itself, and those who will follow there is no doubt, 30 years of technology differentiate them. The choice is easy.



  7. 49 minutes ago, GeneK said:


    Here's a close up showing just a bit of the black stenciling on the gray under the ladder - appears to be the same on the rest of the aircraft:




    Gene K


    Hi, Gabor, Hi Gene.


    In my post I was talking about the stencils that appear on the special colors used for this blue scheme. The parts of the fuselage and wings that are not affected by these special colours keep their original stencilling (Black).

    Looks like the black stencils (without grey background) are also kept on surfcaces that present a contrasting colour that keep them readable (like yellow or red for example). On a dark blue or real very dark colours they keep their light background so that they remain readable. 


    Now, for the stars on the blue scheme one, I really don't want to start a "Star War" 😁 but after having looked at pictures and videos, for me they are black but can appear silver grey on certain lightning conditions. The very nice picture of this aircraft on the 1/72 Hasegawa box cover raises no doubt about this point ....



  8. Please take the Post of Ya Gabor from 01.12.2020 before reading this one...

    Thank You.


    These  decals on the blue scheme do not represent what you can see on the real aircraft.

    Black should be Black, whatever the printing process you choose. On the blue scheme the stars are Black...not grey or silver grey, just black ! 


    What is more important is that all Japanese F-4EJ stencils are black or yellow.  This is correct on the decal sheet for aircraft finished in the original Japanese three tones of grey camo scheme.

    So, each line of these stencils should appear on the original grey paint of the aircraft.


    For the "special schemes" these stencils were masked (line by line) before the colours of the special scheme was painted on. So that even on a black or dark blue colour each line of text of the stencil remain on a grey background.  With the distance these stencils appear white on a dark background. In reality they are just black on a much lighter background....


    This is especially noticeable on the blue scheme wings leading edge. If you are using the decals per se, you won't see anything....


    I have been so weak to buy these two same "Special Schemes" versions of  these F-4EJ by Hasegawa.

    The Hasegawa decals are much more faithfull except for these damned stencils. (and they were not printed by Cartograf...) 

    The same applies to Hasegawa's F-4EJ from ADTW and her  special 60th anniversary scheme. The bird was all black with Gold and White  decoration patterns. On the decal sheet all the stencils are black with no grey background  so that once applied on your all black painted bird, you won't see them anymore. How clever, isn't it ? 


    I had hoped that Fine Molds would have had these mihaps corrected. But again, as Hasegawa, they give you a generic sheet of black stencils that apply for three tones grey camouflaged aircrafts, and they don't care for the rest.  For me, in these cases, these two makers are just blind or crooks.  I am opting for both ...


    If you think I am wrong , look at pictures of these aircrafts....


    For the fact that Fine Molds take us for idiot I won't buy these two "Special Schemes" kits.


    P.S. My comment is based on the pictures of the decals appearing above. If anyone has got the real sheets, please don't be afraid to tell me if I am wrong...I would be so happy !


    My last hope is now for the Zoukei Moura 1/48 ... but I fear for the worst.   Only $ matter ! 

  9. 4 hours ago, ya-gabor said:

    The good side of is that they are professional printing. I know there have been a lot of talk about the new Eduard decals with digital printing. Have to admit that the ones I have are . . .   

    Prefer screen printing and most manufacturers still use that technology fortunately! Actually each techology has its pros and cons but for the moment screen printing is by far the best!


    These decals look fab to me. 


    Best regards


    + 10 😉

  10. 1 hour ago, ya-gabor said:

    This is completely off topic but speaking of scratch and conversion. Somewhere in early 90’s I did a bit of conversion from I think an Italeri kit of the RF-4 in 72 nd. Visits to airshows with lots of photos of the real metal, open nose section, plus some Detail & Scale info and Scale Models (one of the best publication in 70’s 80’s) made a scale plan with all the internal details, ribs, cameras, radar. . .  




    A friend screen printed for me the Triple Nickel markings from my artwork, did some home brass etching with dipping metal into chemicals to do details of the radar and of chaff and flare dispensers on the tail. Used the prepared plans to make a vac-form nose section with appropriate wall thickness, plus a new nose cone. A vac-form copy of the kit canopy was made from ultra thin clear plastic. Scratched all the internal equipment.




    The cockpit had Microscale decals with some scratch detail to it. Basic camo paint was applied with some Microscale stencils and my triple nickel decal.





    At this stage the kit was put aside for whatever reason, mainly for doing kit-building articles every month for several publications.


    All that remains of the kit today is the main fuselage body and few drawings as the box with all the other parts was stolen from the garage along with lots of other things, kits, my decal stash, etchings . . .  about a decade ago.  : (  : (



    Now I will wait and see which other versions FineMolds makes.


    Best regards


    Those were the times....

    I think I still have these Model Technology PE cockpit sills...

    Have a nice day.


  11. Hello to all the 1/32 Scale P.11c lovers......

    No need to tell here that the IBG Model is just fantastic and that's why some Polish afficionados of this nice  Polish Iconic aircraft have decided ,  with IBG collaboration, to develop a serie of resin add-ons or upgrade (call them whatelse you want) for this already gorgeous kit, under the label of  "BITSKRIEG"


    I personnaly know one of these guys, and let me tell you that for him "perfection" is not enough...and I dare to deduce that the others are from the same mould !

    No need for other words, here follow the pictures of the different items I already have  and that are available with others ( e.g. Beautifull 1/32 Polish Pilot Figure ) here http://quickwheelstore.com/

    under the label of  "BITSKRIEG.


    "Have a look at the website for availibility , prices and delivery terms.


    Now let see these little gems, the CHANEL N°5  of resin parts....




    Madcop 🙂

  12. 43 minutes ago, foxmulder_ms said:



    Not everyone sells themselves for a $50 worth of plastic. 


    Edit: Also, "Kit purchased by reviewer."

    I know some who sell themselves for less.

    And, by the way, why wouldn't you ask  the author for the bill ...but if you believe always what 's on the sticker ....

    Some reviewers look like being very healthy these last times....😜  

  13. 21 minutes ago, Solo said:

    Real hit from HyperSpace review:


    Disadvantages: none noted.
    Just perfect kit.


    Don't let be fooled again..., these guys are not there to review the kit, they are there to make money ... They buy the kits with their own money ? ... if that was really the case, they would be much more honest! Unfortunately, this has become the norm, even at the level of the "specialized" press. It’s masked advertising and nothing else
  14. Boeing fired Mr Muilenberg, and now Martin Wilson resigned from AMK. But Muilenburg got $62m in compensation and pension benefit. How much did AMK paid Martin Wilson to resign ? 100 boxes of F-14D ?


    "He is too busy with his own business, and has no extra time for the heavy work for AMK." sounds a little bit like a Pravda official announcement ! 😜


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