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  1. Optical illusion, AMK will receive the money from Indiegogo when they will show proofs that the kits have been dispatched to the contributors. I won't quote my source. Amen
  2. RTFM you st.. Thanks Dave +1 Madcop
  3. If and only if you are seeing what I am, it looks like it is your first real good post !
  4. I do not care about how AMK is running his business , that's AMK's problem, not mine. I do not care about the way AMK is communicating, that's AMK's problem, not mine. I do not care about Martin's way of communicating , but I can understand it after having followed the 10% interesting content out of these 140 pages thread ( that's becoming more of a pamphlet than a sound discussion) I do not care whether Martin had brought the last samples with him at Telford and to who he showed them or not. That's his business, not mine ! I just trust what I see and hold in my hands.
  5. You won't hear Martin anymore, thanks to you all, until this kit is released. He said "If I have the parts from China, I will show them at Telford. These pics , taken "today" are nothing more than the ones we saw before. If you can't see that, sorry, but I really doubt about your modeller competence. Don't loose your time, stop bashing, and go take care of whatever you want to. Life is so short, don't spoil it with plastic ! Madcop
  6. Normal, Britmodeller is more for people with sound mind.
  7. Soooooooooooooooooooooo well said Martin , good shot ! Very good summary of these 132 pages. I have already paid for it and ready to wait for it as long as it is needed ! Thanks a lot. Madcop
  8. I only wish that upon release of this model, the future 300 pages of this thread will blow up to the faces of their authors and will stick there for eternity. But I am confident that these same authors will be the first to buy the kit. Quite sure that some of them have even preordered it! Anyway, keep on telling whatever you want , this kit is going to sell and sell…. When ? I do not care ...when the times will have come ! More that 130 pages of fun and free advertisement… Thanks for that. Mr SULC from Eduard , the "king" of the com,
  9. Hi Mstor, You may be right but , Just in case, how did you do back in the 90s or even later ? You had to trust them ...and only begin to moan as soon as you had opened the box. I think we have become a spoiled community ! I pre-ordered the kit in the first days , I knew what I was doing and the risk I was talking, and all what have happened here since that day won't change anything… I have to trust AMK and I still will , even if I'll have to resort to file, plastic card and filler on a spot or two… That's modelling after all ! I am just assuming the risk I took when pre-ordering.
  10. Well It looks like this eminent release is accusing just a little bit of delay. Nothing to be afraid of, really ! Madcop
  11. Surprisingly, no more post and no more pics of this kit. It means that release should be eminent. Please prove me right, just one pic of completed model would be enough. Madcop
  12. I find this model pretty well detailed for 1/200 scale ! Do not understand all these critics ! Madcop
  13. Yes…, and a laxative one ! If I may say so.
  14. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Madcop
  15. Hi Tony I chose the AMK kit...I paid for it in June 2017. I knew the AMK boys would produce it when they had free times , so as to not interfere with their other productions. I am still waiting … I was warned...So, no problem for me. I won't buy the Tamiya kit, so simple as that (or so simple as the Tamiya kit is…). AMK are fellow modellers, making kits as a hobby for modellers, not looking for profit , but just looking for not loosing money, what I can easily understand. So I can still wait for months , I do not care as far as I knew what I was doing … There i
  16. Hi Nino The same for me, but don't be afraid, this new kit is supposed to be a "shake and bake " affair ! The kind of model you can build and paint in a W.E. just by looking at it ! Just hope that times will prove me right ! Madcop
  17. Well, I can understand that. There is still something positive. The longer you wait for it , the bigger your joice when you receive it !. Anyway, Hope it won't last too long.…. too much joy can kill also ! Madcop
  18. Hi Nino You shouldn't have sold the bear's fur before having shot him ! It's just more than 1 year since I paid for the F-14D from AMK, and I am still waiting and confident…. I am also confident for thisSu-33, and I will have the same patience… there is so much to do in life than kits. It remains a hobby !. Madcop
  19. Where are we going to ? ... AMK is getting better and better with each new kit, and so does Tamiya.... There is always enough place for quality product. There are just different approaches. I'll trust AMK for this one , as I did before...and I never had to regret it. Madcop
  20. So did I . Just went on AMK Facebook page , seems that everything is running O.K. So no panic. The kit is coming , maybe sooner than the pessimists believe. As the project is still running you can't actually already have received your "perk", can you ? ( If I have the meaning of "perk" correct) You could join the Indiegogo survey as well Madcop
  21. +1 20 more years for me !
  22. I know how old I am looking INSIDE ! I've been exposed to plastic-epoxy and enamel paint fumes and many others for much longer than you had ! ( I won't speak about the resin powder I swallowed ....) You very young F-16 jockey ! Yes, my feet are feeling like they were 97 ...but they'll still support me till I go to the post office to get my F-14 in 2020 ! I'm leaving now cause I have to take my different medicines and a little bit of EPO. Madcop
  23. I placed my pre-order (Indiegogo) on the 8th of June 17. I am now 97 , so that I can still wait a couple of years or more. No problem...dreaming makes you see the future and desire keeps you living ! And when the wait will be over, you'll realize that's it is just another box full of plastic bits better or worse than the other pieces of plastic you already have. So, if that doesn't kill you , you'll start dreaming again about the perfect whatever you can dream of...( e.g 1/32 N.A. P-51B for me....). So , thanks to AMK for keeping me alive !... Madcop
  24. Looks like Yufei product has got the edge on the Cold War Studio one as it is a one piece casting, whereas on the CWS you still have to add the plastic cam. bay. Looks from the pic that Yufei's product will demand far less fitting work than CWS one and looks also sharper. I have the CWS one and all is fitting very well after a little cleaning job, anyway I may also buy a Fairey Hobby when they are back ... Nice job Yufei Madcop
  25. Hello Berkut, Many thanks for these infos. Have we more détails about these boxes. Have we some more close up pictures of them. Do they eject the flares backwards or downwards ? When you talk about some other minor détails, (Internal or external ), are you talking eg about the wingtips of the 9-13 type ? , What else do we need to know about ? Thanks for sharing your knowledge . Madcop
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