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  1. Hello Berkut Pardon me for my ignorance but what do you mean with these external flare boxes. Are they wrong, misplaced, too thin or what ? I am sorry but I really do not understand the problem. ( I am talking about the "boxes" that are placed forward of both vertical tailplanes ) Do you mean they were also wrong on the 9-13 ? Thanks for the infos. Madcop
  2. Looking at all these pictures and having a look at Zlinek plans I'll definitely wait for Zvezda's release. Looks to me that the front of the AC is a little bit cartoonish and I have a serious doubt about the engines fairings and airbrake. But I may be wrong , future will tell. Madcop.
  3. Hi Pep PM sent for REVELL Scorpion and BB Cockpit. Madcop
  4. Hi fellow big scale modellers I am looking for a HASEGAWA Curtiss P-40K in 1/32. Would buy or trade. Living in Belgium. Thanks. Madcop.
  5. Fait trop beau pour travailler ! Les marins les aiment crados ! Nice work Buddy ! Madcop
  6. Hi Laurent It's just like a guy trying to sell you his car that he knows is a POS ,but who keeps telling you that you'll love it just because of the very nice ashtray inside ! It's just miserable. Madcop :D/>
  7. Hi Enrywar Yes, that's what I use to do also, but UpNorth is not a special tool, it's just like a Verlinden's set but with all the F-100D specific panels, acces hatches etc... I like to scribe. But when I have finished with the job, well I've to do myself some violence to go further with it , :wacko: Madcop
  8. No problem Gary , the most important is having fun... Madcop ;)/>
  9. Hi "There is no need to go to a museum with a plumb bob to measure the wing span of a Bf109." For sure they didn't , they were more interested in testing their new beer brand ! If this is the effect it produces, I for sure won't test it ! Or maybe they were too busy with the farm girl ? Madcop
  10. Hi Enrywar67 You've done what I have been dreaming of since I have this kit. I missed a tool called UpNorth scribing set especially done to rescribe all the Monogram F-100 panels. Did you use it on your model ? I am desperately looking for this set. Who knows, maybe one of the member could locate one or is willing to sell it ? Very, very nice work, congratulations ! Madcop.
  11. Hello Red Dog Quite a nice job done since our last meeting at our LHS ! YOUR refuelling pod looks definitely longer than the Heller one. (even with the prop added to the Heller) Is this pure Hollande's interpretation or you had to make it longer so as to keep the section ? By the way , your work is just great and as you can give a real dirty look to these Rafales you must be pretty happy !. Do not worry for this difference in length, I was kidding, at 10000 Ft nobody will notice it ! Madcop
  12. Hi Gary I for sure you mean that the Eduard kit is " the nicest " BF109G kit out there till... " I agree with you , but surely not the "best" ! For the time being "Nicest and best" fits only the Spitfire Mk.IX As for Fujimi they could add a complete new nose section as well... ! You'd better wait for the Zvezda at 16-17 Euro. These people know their subjects ! Madcop ;)
  13. Hi Joel For this kind of work I am using White grade Milliput. I had a very bad experience with Green Stuff. I used it on a F-86F-40 wing that I wanted to change into a 6-3 wing. Well after some months the Green Stuff had eaten the plastic and all my leading edge and puttied slat had become wavy , ruining all the kit that ended in the trashbin ! Since that day ( years ago) I never used it again. Madcop
  14. I suppose that Mr Sulc is going to put some order in his house. I wouldn't trust some people any more after such a failure. But we still don't know who is to blame for it. Research team- developper-engineering ? The boss himself ? The fact that the Brassin AM are not to the same scale as the model they are supposed to fit is not a good sign for the future. I am pretty convinced that the team that researched the Spitfire was not formed by "indoor" guys. I know he received help from people devoted to the subject ! Why he didn't do the same for the Bf 109G will remain a mistery for me...
  15. + 1 for me although I had the occasion to have a close look at the box content. For me it has been a definitive NO THANKS. But I must admit that for those who pay more attention to the artistic aspect of modelling , well this kit is nice. I am more on the historical and shape accuracy side. This aspect always guides me in the buy or not of a kit ( at least for those like Bf 109 or Spitfire, and believe me this 109 is a very huge step backwards when compared to the fidelity of the Spitfire ) Madcop :(
  16. Hi Berkut Many thanks for this info. Madcop
  17. Hi everybody And Eduard is going to release a " ROYAL CLASS " boxing. A "ROYAL" what ? They are just shooting in their own feet ! Corrections or no corrections , this kit has been very very badly researched. This kit could be the countrary of all what they have been announcing. But be sure they are going to sell tons of them. And Mr. SULC knew that whatever crap he may produce, provided it's a Bf 109 it would sell. (Just look at the 1/72 AZ model ! ) Let's just hope that the money they will earn will serve another jewel like the Spitfire ! One thing is sure, they won't have my money t
  18. Hi Berkut , thanks anyway, maybe this picture is speaking to you a little more. It looks to me like the fuselage and spine are going down and up between the engine, with the " angled" part of the spine being flatter and larger. Madcop :D/>/>/>
  19. Hello there , all Su-27 fans I bought the new Su-27SM by Zvezda yesterday at my LHS. Had a dry run , and this one looks definitely great. One thing is disturbing me. I noticed on different pictures that it seems to be a noticeable upward kink in the rear fuselage of the real aircraft. At this place the spine seems also to be flatter and a little bit wider. My question is the following. Is it a simple optic illusion ( but I doubt ) and if not I don't notice this " kink" feature on my otherwise wonderfull Zvezda effort. Thanks for your comment(s). Madcop :)/>/>
  20. Looks like the same error as on Hasegawa's 1/32 Bf-109G serie. Nose too angular. They corrected this and other mishaps on their Bf 109F-4. Just my 2 cents. Madcop :)
  21. Hi Galfa WTF... you won't buy it ! Go back to your workshop or keep standing in front of your Mirror staring at your image and ask you some questions. The time it will take you to find the answers we'll be at peace. Please have mercy ! As far as I am concerned I will buy GWH F-15 as I did already bought the 3 MiG-29. I know I'll get updated parts some day for the MiG-29 Late and 9-13. Mr Yu lin has to be thanked for his professionalism and if you are not happy about what the market has to offer you ( I am afraid you'll never be ), build one from scratch ! Amen Madcop
  22. Hi there For the time being , speaking about the 9-12 Italeri-Zvezda still the best in town. Still some problem with the front ( cockpit-canopy and nose). Wait for the new 9-13 by ZVEZDA and it will be still possible to do some surgery on the spine and wing tips wit some parts of and old Italeri 9-12. If you're in a hurry you can as well do the same with a 9-13 from ICM ( last boxing, I mean the one with the external tanks inside) and an Italeri-Zvezda 9-12. Good luck. Madcop.
  23. Soft plastic, unequal engraving quality , very soft detail, fitting problems, but generally good outline that's what you can expect from these Italeri kits. Already got my Hasegawas and lot of aftermarket products so, why would I buy an expected lower quality product ? 70 Years from D-Day, exclusive line for gogos ...I'm afraid. Madcop
  24. Yes, Plankwing, you're right, he is the one and only "Gliding Bob". So no worry about Alz... :D Have a nice day. Madcop.
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