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  1. Hi Plankwing. It's a "home made smoke generator" as my friend Bob told me today when I asked him whether he had seen your post or not. You should take contact with him for more info I suppose. Madcop.
  2. O.K. Laurent , I see now If this can help ... maybe http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Fea1/901-1000/Fea944_MirageF1AZ_Reid/00.shtm Thanks Madcop :D
  3. Hi Laurent Are these the same as on Spanish F1E ? My link My link Madcop
  4. Hi Gabor Just to thank you and Yufei Mao for all your time dedicated to this wonderfull kit. Thanks to G.W.H to listen to us modellers , and thanks to GWH for their continuous effort and investment to bring us a top quality product. Just to mention also that all the pylons where also corrected and that they are now at the good scale ( as for the tanks.) I have two pictures of a German 9-12 with the external tanks fitted. There is a wire running from the tip of the tank to the pylon. What could be the use of it ? Thanks Madcop :)/> P.S. Just wish G.W.H good luck with their F-15
  5. So, where exactly begins the circular cross section of the fuselage, at the base of the windshield, a little bit further or at the base of the radome ? Could it be then that GWH has the cross section of the front fuselage wrong also ? Madcop
  6. Yep, Pookie , you are right but Heller has gone a little bit crazy lately with their price politics, especially for their not quite Hi-Tech edition !. I wish AMK could manage to capture the very elusive shape of the nose section. All will depend on the material they base their homework on. Sweet dreams.... Madcop. :)
  7. Hi Viper Academy needs a replacement , but for G.W.H , from what I can see and from what I've read on the different forums , I can't see the need , except you are a cosmetic addict !. :) Just my 2 cents Madcop
  8. Hi Galfa This is not a book anymore , it's just as thick as a bible ! Jesus ( If I may say ...), I am sure Mr G.W.H. will have a close look at this list, and I know for sure that he will do whatever is economical for him do to fullfil your wishes, but please not every dream can come true , can't it ? Perfection doesn't belong to this world, does it ? . You are perfectly right when you use the word "dream". I just trust G.W.H and I am sure he will improve his product thanks to all the "rivet counters" and dedicated people from this thread, but be also aware that Mr G.W.H. has a business to
  9. Hi Bruce No need really to apologize. I really didn't expect that you would take my words for you. I know what you've been doing for the hobby all these years, and you deserve all my respect for that. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. As far as I am concerned I promise I'll make some efforts in 2014 to make me better understood ! Madcop :D
  10. RIGHT ! Peace on earth to all the people ! Wish our Streaks rest in peace , unloaded, in their hangars ! I wish 2014 may offer to Bruce and Harold the " definitive " 1/48 Streak and to you , Bob, a gorgeous Tamiya 1/32 edition ! A merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to all of you ! Madcop Homebe, Den duuvel on aaa nek !
  11. Hi Homebe Eendracht maakt macht ! comme on dit à Liège. I did a " walkaround" a while ago, I could send it to you so that you could post it here... I am too dumb to do it myself ! A merry Christmas and Happy new Year Madcop
  12. Hello Plankwing Sorry to be a little late but at first I didn't feel the need to answer for the reason that nowhere in my post I noticed a reason for you or your friend to feel concerned. (Now, if you want to , feel free...) If you didn't understand that my words were directed at these "new prophets" kit makers producing ( with or without minimum research , these having already been done by others) mostly bad but shining copies of "classics", I feel sorry for you. For the rest I won't answer. I'll keep my money, like others, for the original ! I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy
  13. Hi Glidingbob Very well said and posted. No need to add to this but; " Always trust the original." There is a difference between people who likes modelling, who knows their subject, keep on researching it , spend a lot of free time on it for the benefit of everyone and people who just takes the opportunity to make money out of the work of someone else ,and who will never admit that they may have been wrong, while they perfectly know they are ! They just want to make money and can't even make the difference between a Phantom and a Skyhawk ! These people are killing the hobby and whoe
  14. Hi Yufei Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Thanks Yufei , wish other makers could follow this example ! Thumbs up for G.W.H Now the cherry on the top of the cake would be to make these sprues available separately for the customers who already owns the "Late" and 9-13 Models. Any idea, ? I would be ready to pay for these so as to " update " my two models. I already made some works on these items as you know , but I still prefer to have them "injected" ! Well done Madcop :D/>
  15. Hi There I just hope that the battle will be fierce between Eduard and Dragon Cyber Hobby.( if any ) The end result could only brings benefit to the 109 fan community. As long as the 109E is concerned the Cyber Hobby still got a slight advantage on Eduard.( just MY opinion !) I am just talking about the plastic , not the whole content of the box. On the whole Eduard is just more appealing with his Profi pack offer. Anyway, I just hope for the best !. A 1/32 109G with Eduard 1/48 Spit Mk.IX quality of research and execution ... With the Revell model now well installed on the shelves,Edu
  16. Sorry for the mistake , I was not talking about AZ-CMR of course , but well about MPM-CMR. Foolish me ! Madcop
  17. Hi Petr Hi, there Looks wonderfull. But, when looking at the pictures , I can't help myself thinking about like a CMR Czech Master Resin -AZ co-production, but I may be wrong of course , as CMR doesn't exist any more under this single label! I can't help but imagine that there may be two different Petr's work (one Petr.B and one Petr.M) behind what looks like a delightfull little model. The answer may rest in the business mysteries. Where are the good old years gone ? Just nostalgia ! Best regards to all of you. Madcop :) PS. I must reckon that if all this came true and was the
  18. Hi Deadmeat I have the AIRES kit , and I hold it for my left over Academy kits , as they don't bring so much to the GWH. Actually GWH is nearly as if not as nice as the Aires Kit . Just my 2 cents. P.S. I don't think you should have any trouble fitting it to the GWH Kit, anyway. Madcop
  19. Hi Hero Ma Next time , stop smoking this kind of stuff when you 're looking (in extasy) at the content of a kit ! :)/> Thanks for the pics ! But from what I can see , the pylons are still separate parts , aren't they ? I am still waiting for mine ( a nice gift !) from a friend ... Madcop
  20. Hi Berkut May I ask what's the small problem around the LERX intakes ? Now , for the Fuel Tanks KARAYA from Poland (http://www.karaya.pl) is going to release them with the corrected pylons. KARAYA has already 1/48 APU-60-1 , APU-73 and APU-470 in his catalogue and I may say they are pretty close from the ZLINEK plans. Madcop :D/>
  21. By looking at the different sprues of the 9-13 , it looks like these items have not been taken care of. Sad, but I understood that these COULD be dealt with with the next versions of 9-12. The reason is that correcting these items involve a tool update. Madcop :D/>
  22. Hi Jeffrey I am afraid nobody here can give a positive or negative answer to your question. The best you can do is to drop a line to GWH to get an answer , if they ever feel like. I would tend to think that , as the first run boxes have vanished from the shelves or didn't even got to certain shop shelves , that GWH may prepare a second run and at this stage they could as well include the "corrected" or new parts ... I think that would make sense. On the other hand , as I pointed it before , it doesn't look that too difficult to bring those corrections with a little filler and plastic ca
  23. Hi Gabor Yes ,Falconeye , you've got an eye and a very sharp one ! I don't want to PM Yufei, I don't want to disturb him from his new daddy's tasks ! I just supposed you knew and that you were walking somewhere in the Gods'secret garden ! :lol:/> Just wanted to know before pre ordering :crying:/> Best regards Madcop :cheers:/>
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