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  1. Hi Yufei , Hi Gabor , Hi everybody Considering the above different posts ... 1-I understand that the "9-13" models that are now dispatched to the dealers are provided with "revised" parts .Can you please confirm that ? 2-I understand ( my own conclusion ) that the "9-13" models that are now dispatched to the dealers are not provided with new external tanks and pylons. Can you confirm that ? 3-If not ( ext. tanks and pylons ), can you tell us whether these are going to be corrected for a later model , or that this problem will definitely not be taken into consideration ? Thanks a lot for
  2. Hey there Like all of you I have the "9-12" box already. I really like the GWH approach that is a testimony of their seriousness. Of course I'd like to have the possibility to "upgrade" my edition of the kit , but if not possible , I think that, by looking at GABOR pictures that the work involved to bring it up to "9-13" standard is not beyond average modelling skill. Plastic sheet , a fine saw , a good file and some fine Milliput will easily do the job. And remember that ( as Gabor stated )all this work will only be known and seen by the one who did it !. That is what I like in modelling
  3. Hello MartinBK Thanks for the info , but I haven't the HPM model. On the other hand I have the Paragon Mk.6 for the Buccaneer and a HI-TECH Mk.4A. The HI-TECH one is suited ( following the HI TECH instruction ) for the Mirage III family-Etendard and Super Etendard The Buccaneer Mk.6 looks like it needs his head to be worked on. Can you tell me which aircraft the HPM Mk.6 is suited for. Thanks a lot. Madcop. :)
  4. Hi Rob Thanks for your answer. I know NEOMEGA cockpit is not for the SEM Standard 4 version.The instrument panel is not that much difficult to transform. The side consoles will need some work also. But , actually that's the fun ... I am not quite sure if the M.B.SM6 is the right one also. The head looks quite different from the pictures you and I have. Madcop. :) I think I'll use another cottage industry seat.
  5. Hi everybody Like 72scaler I am working on a SEM , but in 1/48. I bought a NEOMEGA Cockpit in a swap meet but the instruction sheet was missing. I thought it was not really necessary , but now it looks like I was wrong , especially now that I have tu cut off some kit parts... I went on NEOMEGA Site , but actually there is nothing to see except for the parts ... Does anybody here have this instruction sheet and is ready to share ?. Thanks a lot for your help. Madcop.
  6. Hope it helps... The first picture comes from "Whistling Turtles in Belgian Skies" by Serge Van Hertum and Marc Arys Edited by Flash Aviation. http//www.flash-aviation.nl A book that I recommend to all of you. Madcop
  7. Hi Berkut Some lucky bast...s (like me) may still have the Neomega 9-13 conversion set released at the time for the Academy kit. It includes the 9-13 "bumped"wingtips. Madcop
  8. Hey Bob What are you doing here ?... C'mon buddy , show us one of your beautiful MiG... You know the one , don't you ? Yes indeed you saw this Wessex already ... a long long time ago when we were young ,when we used to cross the channel on a boat, when we thought we were smart ,and that dating girls was easy going.! The miracle was that we still found time to do some kits ( and kids for you ! ) Nice to see you here !. The spoiled Madcop :P
  9. O.K. John , Sorry for having misunderstood you. Will you please accept my apologies . Madcop. :)/>
  10. Thank you Dehowie. Now just have to restore some superb GWH surface details that were lost while working on the pylons. I am aware these mods are not 100% correct especialy on the tanks as the cross section was not modified. I plan to scratch build the next ones with Evergreen 11mmm diam.tube for the "straight section " and by feeding the front and rear parts with milliput.( just a project for now ).To modify the cross sections of the pylons is not required as it shouldn't be perceptible. Now I just feel a little bit guilty for the mess I brought here... For CF104 I totally agree with y
  11. Good old rock and roll days Jennings. :D/>/>/>/>/> Remember those Frog models. We were sweating to death to get the max out of it , without auto adhesive coloured PE, resin, turned brass , pigments, and all that stuff. And you know what , I think we had more fun at that time cause we weren't that spoiled !. I still can remember the day I found a Mattel vacuform machine on a garage sale. That was each modeler's dream at the time. She is still performing very well... just like my Fender Strat ! The day will come soon when a guy will put a maker to court just because his kit i
  12. Hi Mike I think Yufei has passed the word to GWH. I started with all this and my assumptions were based on the Zlinek plan. I think that GWH people are serious enough to take these points into consideration. I think they are checking the matter ( Who know , I could be wrong , or ZLINEK plans could ...) and might review their production in the future. I think this is a pretty good attitude as it wouldn't be safe to take anybody's remark into consideration before having checked it twice !.These guys have also production schedule to meet I suppose . As far as I am concerned , this kit is so b
  13. Hi Vodnik I am quite sure that a with good pictures and a little milliput this can be easily fixed. Just finished my external tanks. As I said earlier , I didn't correct the cross section as my tanks were already glued. I hope to do better with my 9-13. I have Evergreen tube of the right diameter, so next time i'll use them from start. Longing for this 9-13. Madcop :D/>
  14. Hi Haneto Nice move , and thanks a lot. If the Zlinek plan are O.K. , then the pylons and External tanks are underscaled. Missiles and central tanks are all spot on. I think something went wrong sowehere... Well hope that I didn't do all that work for nothing. Still have to correct the size of the stabilisators , but I'll wait till the Milliput work has been done .! And while at it , could you help some pilots who are crying because they can't fly their MiG without a throttle in the cockpit :thumbsup2:/>/>/>/>/> Madcop :wave:/>/>/>/>/>
  15. :wave:Hello Mario You 're right about the pylons , I already stated they were underscaled. It's a question of 4 to 5 mm in the length, so easy to fix without loosing details .As long as the cross section is concerned I will live with it. By the way , This APU 470 from Eduard doesn't look quite right either :unsure:/> Madcop :)/>
  16. + 1 Madcop Hello Robertson, I think you can not compare the GWH MiG-29 and Eduard MiG-21. It's like trying to compare TAMIYA and R.V. Aircraft. GWH and Eduard don't play in the same pool ( for the time being at least ! ).This MiG-29 from GWH is a first (I think Eduard missed this opportunity and I am still asking me why !), and I don't think Yufei has got a plethora of Mig-29 back in Shangai to inspect from nose to tail , like the Eduard Team had for the MiG-29. Eduard are now backed by years of "savoir faire " and use of modern technology that GWH has not yet acquired. Read the post f
  17. Hi There I just really hope GWH and Yufei could find a fix for these external wing tanks and pylons scale problems before they release the 9-13! Really ennoying for a kit of this class ! I wish they could pospone the release of the kit untill these problems are fixed. The idea of making the same corrections I am doing for the 9-12 again doesn't make me smile too much !. :lol:/> Madcop
  18. Hi Vodnik I agree with you , but I used "not dramatic" in the sense these little shortcomings could be fixed by the maker , and if not , the task is not beyond normal modelling skills. I am already busy modifying one of my tank and this in accordance with the Zlinek drawings. I'll do the same for the pylons. I know that the scale won't be respected in regards of cross section ... but I think this will not be that noticeable. Madcop :)
  19. Hello to "Sleeping Papa Yufei " With the birth of your daughter and the birth of your first scale model as a consultant and/or developper , you sure deserve all our congratulations and ... a little rest. :clap2:/> Thank you very much to take our remarks into consideration , that's for sure a real nice attitude. My references are also Zlinek and 4+. They pretty well agree on the pylons and the external tanks measurements. Compared with Zlinek drawings... 1-The external wing tanks pylons are 42 or 53 mm .In both cases GWH ones are 38 or 49mm , so 4mm shorter. 2-APU 470 and P-72-1D pylo
  20. Good evening Keith May I allow myself to ask who you are to judge anybody statement and give lessons. You have a really strange way to thank "Papy Yufei" for all the work he's been involved in with GWH. He actually is a rivet counter...and a bloody good one if I may say so , and thanks to his rivetcounter way of modelling you have a wonderful modeller's scale model in your hand ! We rivet counters don't count the rivets but we just like the shape to be spot on. That's what count , nothing else but THE SHAPE. We are still capable to add rivets by ourselves ! It doesn't cost more money t
  21. Dear Pa' Yufei, Congratulation to you and your wife. Knowing your sense of detail , your baby daughter must be really nice ! She's for sure the nicest souled model you've ever participated in the conception ! :closedeyes:/> Maybe a picture with dad and mum ? Way back to the Plastic world. I am also longing to this 9-13. One question. Are you sure of the External tanks dimension . The central tank looks O.K. but the external tanks seem to me a little undersized ( in length and diameter ). Maybe I've got the wrong reference ? Thank You for this marvellous kit !. Any hope to see
  22. Yes, definitely... in my own town at least. Freaking awesome atmosphere on saturdays. Big bunch of great, serious and joking fellas there. Nog iets goie in Brussel , allei ik gaa nog ne letste liig mooke ! :)/> Madcop
  23. Hi Everibody Bought mine saturday from my local Hobby Shop.(75 Euros) that means 19 euros more expensive than Hong Kong Online shop (post included), but I want to support Mike at my Hobby Shop ( sometimes :)/>:lol:/> ) Got a dry run and all is perfect. A real joy. Perfect fit , apart for a slight ( easy to fix) mishap on the left engine /fuselage joint. Perfectly happy with it . You can feel the labour of love from Yufei and the care he brought to small details.(Something I couldn't feel since a long time , Ah...remember the good old Monogram days ... all these cockpit carved by t
  24. Looks like the fuselage is too short and too thin as in the 1/72 .But I could be wrong. Details on the undersides are as poor as on the 1/72 scale. Do not think that these old fashioned (and for the most unnecessary ) PE parts will save it . Could have spent more time on the dimensions and HU5 marks and done better on the nose and air intake section . All I can say is that the Box art looks quite right. Won't buy it before seeing it done or analysed. Madcop :unsure:
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