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  1. How many pages do we need to reach in this thread to get a free F-14?
  2. I doubt they will get close to the Hasegawa SH but maybe they can come in 2nd place before the Revell SH.
  3. Just more proof of shity quality control. I really can not understand how anyone can defend this kit anymore.
  4. Even in packing their kits AMK gets beaten by everyone else. That sounds like horrible quality control . Iam not surprised though.
  5. Are those parts damaged by bad packing or produced like that?
  6. Sorry to say it like that but judging by all the glue marks on your Mig-29 I dont think the problem is the kit. I have build one of Zvezdas Mig-29s (not the SMT version) but I can not remember it being difficult in any way. Some shapes just require multiple parts.
  7. A few pages back someone posted a chinese ebay seller who sold the kit for ~18$. I took that gamble to get the decals. If it not arrives I will just refund from ebay.
  8. That could actually work as AMK and Tamiya have the same wing socket style. If that 17$ Tomcat from china really arrives I may take more than just the decals. Can someone who has both kits compare the wings?
  9. Its amazing how AMK managed to repeat the fitting problems of the Hasegawa and HB kit (although the HB kit is easier to built in that regard IMO). One would assume they would have done some research on the existing kits and avoid their problems.
  10. It was pretty clear for a long time that this was going to end really bad, why didnt you cancel your preorder?
  11. Check the review of the Furball decal sheet on this website, there is a table with the infos you are looking for: http://www.hyperscale.com/2018/reviews/decals/furball72007reviewdc_1.htm
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