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  1. A REALLY inaccurate movie! It has the British doing it first. But maybe there is some flying footage.
  2. Well. I guess I am starting to know my Spits............. I am getting prep'd to do my Christmas present from my wife, A Tamiya 1/32 mark IX. Just waiting on some new decals in order to have a Canadian Bird (403 Wolf Squadron). :)
  3. Maybe Quick Boost can up-scale their PR Conversion sets. I just wish that they did the windscreen for PR Spits as well.
  4. Looks like a "late" IX or XVI to me. Was there a caption at the museum?
  5. Nice to see such a spirited discussion about my favourite airplane. I have 16 unbuilt (!) kits and at least 4 built models. Currently I am converting a Hasegawa IXc to a PR XI thanks to Quick Boost. A BLUE Spitty when done. BTW......does anyone out there if there is a canopy conversion (non-armoured) for the PRU Spits? I am not looking forward to doing some smash forming of a windscreen & canopy for my model
  6. A member brought one of these to our last club meeting. It is actually a pretty cool little model especially with the new decal set. Several options including two shark's mouths plus hanger bay detailing decals. A nice paint job using transparent paints would look quite fabulous with the glow in the dark plastic I am looking forward to picking one up and having my own pirate cruiser :D
  7. afyeats


    Say it yesterday in IMAX 3-D. :unsure: :wub:
  8. I did know that the old BOP was 1/350. Hmmm, that gives me ideas for my 1/350 Refit Enterprise. I have been looking for some inspiration with mt original release and a battle damaged ship along with the BOP would look good. :)
  9. I am converting an Accurate Minatures P-51A into a RAF Mustang I with help from Ultracast. The eight gun (4 x .303 and 4 x .50) version was the first to fight and to get a FW-190 during the Dieppe Raid in 1942. Ironically, the pilot was an American flying with the RCAF. Go figure..........
  10. afyeats

    WWII Hellcats

    Any tape involved doesn't have to stay intact in a 350 mph airstream. If is shreds, it blows off of the wing. So what? As I understand it, it was only there to keep contamination away for the guns while on the ground (or deck). And I am inclined to think that either white, tan or duck tape gray would work as well. I have to wonder, however, what tape the FAA (Fleet Air Arm) of the Royal Navy used? Or did they use any at at all? And what colour would it be? Red, white, tan or purple with green stripes ?
  11. Take a look in "walk around's" in ARC. Nothing close up but there are a couple of distance shots.
  12. afyeats

    Supermarine 46/47

    I have a set as well. I can send a photocopy in a couple of weeks. Maybe Airfix has them online.
  13. How would Salt Water be kept out of the guns? I can see tape at the start of a mission (or a rubber.........), but would it be enough?
  14. This is no help, but check page 66/67 of the current issue of 'Air & Space' (January 2009) for not one, not two but three (!) restored F7F's in formation. If you had to, the photo gives you an idea of what decals you would need to bodge together to creat an accurate model. Good Luck.
  15. afyeats

    B-24 Question

    Pick-up the new FSM. Has a great article on the B-24 including some info about the belly turret. Some late models had them deleted to save weight.
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