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  1. Mike, Try contacting Glen, he's (I believe) a top guy with Kitty Hawk, I think his username is Kagnew or something like this. I had the same issue with numerous short-shot parts and those silly folded sprues that deforms certain parts (which will break when straightened up), all in the same kit. I believe the only way to awaken them is to make it public on Facebook or contact Glen here. Regards
  2. Hi JP, I have one for sale if you're interested, never started, MIB, pm me if interested. Regards, Steven
  3. I'll check with David if something can be done about that.
  4. Then there's the fuselage cross section which is said to be too rounded. The detailing overall, however, looks to be absolutely superb. Looking forward to reading a detailed review when the kit's available. In the meantime, I'll get the Airfix kit, looks like an "again" improvement over previous kits, in terms of recessed details, etc.
  5. But wasn't the Nimrod tooled before Hornby stepped in in Airfix ?
  6. Do you need Fine Molds's too ? I can measure it Sunday.
  7. I remember the AMK fuselage was said to have less area rule than the Kinetic fuselage, however I don't know which one is right.
  8. Only 55$?!?!?! For such a large/detailed/accurate kit, I'd say it's the bargain of the year. It's even cheaper than KH's MiG-25 which can't compete in terms of... everything.
  9. A face only a mother could love... Terrible looking front section, and probably all the rest.
  10. The recessed details look just fine, IMHO perfect balance between too subtle (I'm currently working on Tamiya's 1/48 Zero and wished some of the rivets were a tad more visible) and too heavy (Revell 1/32 new Spitfire anyone?), well done ! I believe AMK could easily rename to MustHave!, their attention to intelligent breakdown/detail/customer input mean that if they tooled a 1/381.62 Trabant, it would be a must have to me ;-) ! I only wish they get enough sales to continue developing great subjects. No matter what they release, I will buy it just for the sheer pleasure of the building experie
  11. New photos visible here : http://hobbyterra.com/product/ilyushin-il-86-aeroflot-airliner-huge-model-kit-in-1-72-scale-modelsvit-7205.html It looks like a beautifully detailed kit, and I like the possibility of having clear and realistic pax windows "à la Big Planes Kit", I just hope they include the masks for the windows coz they are not yet visible. Photos are not HD so difficult to say but the wheels look simplistic.
  12. Funny, I had the opposite feeling, this MiG-31's recessed details appeared to me much better and finer than on their Kfir. It's often said pictures tend to exaggerate recessed or raised details and even if, in this case, they appear a very sliiightly tad too heavy to me, I think they'll look just good IRL, but of course that's just my thought.
  13. I'm about to place an order with ModelsUA but still can't find pictures of what's in the box, even on Russian forums. I'm happy I didn't order HPH's Il-62/Tu-154/Tu-134, I had a feeling something even better was about to be released, the Il-86 is such a beautiful design.
  14. It seems they are tooling the inferior fuselage half in a single part using slide mold technology, as visible here, so alignment should be less of an issue compared to Hasegawa's breakdown : https://scontent-vie1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/t31.0-8/11894534_499853836848399_3561951958157316456_o.jpg https://scontent-vie1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpt1/t31.0-8/11885747_499853886848394_6462094425544065135_o.jpg
  15. Jeez, i just can't believe this guy ;-)))))))))))))) ...
  16. Haven't seen a box art THAT tempting since years, its creator did a really nice job. And what's in the box looks great! Looking forward to getting a few of these beauties. FMK guys, I hope this nicely designed kit is successful in terms of sales, please continue releasing "different" subjects such as this F-20. Well done!!!
  17. You might want to try paint your wheels and dry brush the details out coz as it, the details (nuts, etc) visible on your 3D files and the surface aspect are difficult to spot on the translucent printed parts, and I don't think it's my screen...
  18. It's entirely possible we see a correction set for Airfix's 1/48 Spitfire prop in a near future BUT the big question is... will we get a correction set for Canada's 1/1 Robertson ? It looks like lots will need to be corrected and when I spoke about the project to my favourite sanding sticks & putty, they bursed into tears imploring me to lock them in a psychiatric hospital.
  19. I'd even say "STRATOSPHERE-ically entertaining" !!! Now where's my die laughing emoticon...
  20. delude, your pics are the best for comparison, my preference goes to the Airfix part with (perhaps) a very slight 5 mins sanding stick session at mid length. At 1st sight, I would have thought the Tamiya to be spot on but it appears the truth is between both parts.
  21. Very true, I have no idea about the other 1/100 kits from Tamiya but their B-52 is a real nice kit. I can't explain why but I'm delighted whenever I open the box lid, it's not really detailed, it has raised details (but boy they're so nicely done), it's smaller than Monogram's huge kit so less "Waow feel"... but it's just a really nice kit, the tooling is exquisitely done, absolutely no flashes, no warping, perfect and constant surface finish, that's typical Tamiya superlative stuff, and to think it was tooled in the 70s or 80s. My favourite hobby shop has 2 or 3 in stock at 35$ each, they pr
  22. At least that leaves the door big open for Tamiya... mind you, they're not immune to accuracy issues but, sofar, I can't recall terrible outline/cross section issues on their 1/32 ├╝berkits. The F-4 Phantom perhaps, but that was looong time ago.
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