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  1. F-15E with Escapac seats ??? I would say F-15B with Europe One camo...if not, ACES II seats.
  2. Mk F5 (Crusader) and MK H5 (Phantom ) are not similar (so do not use True Details MK5 for your Phantom). The upper part of the seat bucket of the H5 looks like the upper part of the MK F7 (late Cusader seat) : the upper part of the seat bucket is wrapping the main chute container (soft container for the MK H5 and Mk F5, hard container for the MK H7 and MK F7). I was also hoping Tamiya would provide a MK5....
  3. Tamiya's seat is a MK H7, with 2 PSP (USAF and USN). For the USN version, the O2 bottle needs to be cut. A bungee is provided in decals, but why only one ?? (there are 2 bungees on each side of the main chute container). Early Phantom can be equiped with MK H5 (Hypersonic Model, Wolfpack).
  4. Luftwaffe MK GH-7 have a different -and perhaps stronger - PSP (which is almost the same as RAF Phantom).
  5. Hello, I'm sorry to say I disagree : harness are not exactly the same (at least for the lower straps). Tamiya's kit is a F-4B (so USN) : The O2 bottle has to be cut (as shown in the instruction sheet) for the Navy seat but you a the choice between 2 PSP. Obviously, we'll see an USAF Phantom in the future.
  6. Indeed, this set is for US Navy . The straps and buckles are also Navy (and not AIr force) type. Pictures of the real thing :
  7. In this picture you can see some of the differences between the MK H7 seats :upper and lower handles, PSP, harnesses... The seat on the left is USN, middle is RAF and right is GAF. I'm still searching for a USAF seat in order to have a complete familly (although JASDF Phantom seats are a little bit diffrent too).
  8. A new molds Aerospatiale Gazelle whatever the scale (just have a look at the chinese camo) !
  9. It's surely not their best aircraft kit.
  10. Key ring (and other items) available on Martin Baker website.
  11. Nice built. If the seat is not glued in the cockpit you can remove the side handle of the seat bucket (black/yellow painted) there's none on the CM6.
  12. Actually, the seat is a MK10 L and is slightly different than the F-10Q (Mirage 2000). Afaik, there's no aftermarket seat yet. A black painted MK F-10Q could be enough.
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