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  1. My words! End scale discrimination!
  2. Thanks. Headrest and wheels are obviously clear now, but troubles are the possible residues of the USAF markings in the NAVY service as mentioned by efd327. You never know what pops up, once you start asking.
  3. Thanks guys, nothing as easy as one thinks. Why do I have to open another can of worms?
  4. Is there any guideline when the early/late bang seat headrests and wheels may have been newly built in or replaced on the Talons or a list of a/c showing such feature during the time? I would like to build a T-38A Talon BuNo 59-1603 as it served at NFWS in 1976 (with Driscoll's nametag and five victory marks), so if someone has a direct info on this a/c from that time, I would be grateful. My understanding is that it was one of the early birds and did not have these things replaced when flying with the USAF and after it was handed over to the Navy, so I would tend to opt for early wh
  5. And about the F-13: it was denied earlier, now it is promised as scheduled for mid-term future...
  6. This can not be true, first Profipack kits arrived in the shops already.
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