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  1. Where are you located? Trying to justify possible shipping and not wasting your time.
  2. I used one of the early Stuka sheets in 72 scale and couldn't get them to lay down on the fuselage no matter what I tried. They were thin but just ridged and nothing would soften them up. Have a sheet of Navy Seahawk decals and I'm hoping they will work better.
  3. Anyone have the F-16C 119th FS, 117th FW from the Wolfpak sheet 72-087 that they don't plan on using?
  4. Just got this today. " Hi Ed, Thank you for contacting Rust-Oleum Product Support. We appreciate your use of our Model Master line! We are sorry for the disappointment this has caused you. The International Military & Figure Enamels were discontinued due to the lack of support for them in the marketplace. Our other Model Master lines are still available. We’ll be sure to forward your comments along internally and we greatly value your feedback. If you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Regards, Katy"
  5. Probably is but last night I compared your photos to the box art and decals on this kit and I'm going to have to try and mix the blue paint to match the decals. As usual the Hasegawa decals aren't really close to what they should be. I don't even think the white is white or even a cream as they sometime print. The blue is more of a pale blue than RAL 5015 or 5012. Instructions say 70% Mr. Color Sky Blue and 30% white but I don't think that will match the decals either. I hate doing it but I'm going to have to paint the fuselage and install some decals in order to match up the paint. Why cant Hasegawa get these things right?
  6. Does the blue on this JG74 20th anniversary F-4F look like RAL 5012?
  7. Do that means I need to stock up on the RLM colors?
  8. I contacted customer service to see if this was true or not but figure it might be a while before I get a response. Took 2 weeks for them to get back to me on if they could hook me up with Ju188 instructions.
  9. The point is that Hobby Lobby doesn't have a selection and there is no LHS. It's only mail order for me and unfortunately I like the MM enamel paints.
  10. Had a nice one 15 minutes away but it closed up last summer.
  11. The Hobby Lobbys have a horrible selection considering what was available from Testors. Closest local hobby shop is a little over an hour away now so that's not too local.
  12. I like the color ranges and with the Testors new It might be time for me to change products.
  13. That really stinks Cause I've been using their MM enamels since they came out and took a hit when they downsized their product line. Who gets rid of FS 36622 anyways?
  14. What is it?
  15. I could just use the Humbrol 19 I used on a 357 FG plane I did a while back