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  1. Have you used any of the MCW automotive colors? I was wondering if the metallic flake looks to be in scale for a 1/24-1/25 scale kit.
  2. If they did it would have to be the earlier formulas. I noticed a difference in smell and performance in the years before the line was cut.
  3. https://www.flickr.com/photos/70058423@N07/35604003200
  4. I liked using their MM thinner for the MM enamel paint but regular cheap stuff would work fine and is available anywhere just about.
  5. I do this especially when I'm in a rut and havn't built anything in a while. Drop the kit I lost my mojo with for a while and start something else. Hopefully that works and hopefully I get back to the kit I moved to the side.
  6. I tryed to go ion Roll the other day and a different named shop came up so I dont know whats with that. They also had resupply issues with Xtracolor before covid so who knows now.
  7. I forgot about True North paints, are they only available through True North? I'm getting low on MM colors I use the most and also found that the newer bottles have a much shorter shelf life. It's time for me to start switching over.
  8. No need for any special thinner is one thing I loved about the MM enamels. You thin the right ratio and down it went smoothly and it stuck.
  9. Anyone using the Hataka Hobby Orange Line paints? looks like they have to be thined but how would it work with hand painting in a cockpit?
  10. Yeah, I'm looking for FS and RLM colors primarily and the ability to hand brush would be nice also at times.
  11. I've been trying to adapt to the Vallejo Air but I'm not a fan. Does the MRP need to be thined and is it lacquer based? I have a spray both that vents outside so the fumes are not a problem.
  12. I'm looking for a paint suggestion to replace the MM enamel line I've been using for so long. Need something with accurate colors that I can get here in the states that will lay down similarly to the MM enamel. I've tried a few water based acrylics but I really don't like them. Tamiya is fine but they really dont have a color range like the Model Master line had. I can't really go to the LHS and try things out cause they've all closed up in my area and I'm not driving an hour away.
  13. Yeah, it might be your thinning ratio. I've never use Lifecolor but you might have to thin it more. Maybe try a little more air pressure also cause that will help atomize the paint but then you also get more overspray.
  14. Recreation Depot to close its doors. https://www.nj.com/business/2022/04/nj-hobby-shop-to-close-after-32-years-of-business.html
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