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  1. I dont have this sheet and this is a cool one that I've never seen before. Here is a link to a photo of the actual jet and a Scalemates link of the decal sheet. https://www.airfighters.com/photo/49022/M/USA-Air-Force/McDonnell-Douglas-F-4D-Phantom-II/66-7485/ https://www.scalemates.com/kits/cutting-edge-modelworks-ced48018-f-4ds-and-rf-4cs--134932 Good luck!
  2. Spectre711

    1/25, Ertl, Int'l Scout II

    Might want to see if Zero Paints has it. https://www.zero-paints.com/index.html
  3. Spectre711

    Revell GT-40 MKII questions

    I pick these up when I see a price I cant refuse. Only problem is that I have a few now and replacement decals will cost me more than what I paid for the kits. I have a problem paying over $10 for a few meatballs.
  4. Spectre711

    Revell GT-40 MKII questions

    I'm almost 100% that it is the Fujimi curb side model without the engine. Box says made in Japan and in the bag with the wheels is a piece of paper that says made in Japan also.
  5. Spectre711

    Looking for Corvette wheels

    Have these. Might have been from the pace car kit.
  6. Spectre711

    Revell GT-40 MKII questions

    If I remember correctly this was the Fujimi kit. I have it at home and could look it over tonight to see if there is any manufacturers markings on the sprues.
  7. Spectre711

    Looking for Corvette wheels

    I might just have some. I'll check when I get home.
  8. Yeah, but then I still have the B that I don't need. I want to build a VAQ-132 one.
  9. Spectre711

    Comparison of Black basing vs. Pre-shading

    My latest and greatest is to just throw a hand full of dirt at my project and call it a day!
  10. Spectre711

    1/48 Pro-Modeler Fw-190D-11

    I'm really liking the looks of this one!
  11. Bump, Kits arrived fast and were packed well. Thanks Ben! Ed
  12. Spectre711


    Looking for Hasegawa F/A-18B landing gear but A, B, C or D should be the same. 1/48 scale. Send me a PM
  13. I would like to do an even trade of a Hasegawa EA-18G in 1/48 scale for this Hasegawa F/A-18B in 1/48 scale. Inner bags are sealed, decals look pretty good and the box is a little banged up. Looks like the kit had metal etch thats missing but I have some Black Box bits that can go with it.
  14. Spectre711

    1/48 Italeri Ta-152

    The Trimaster boxing had all kinds of stuff added but I just thought by the time it was the Italeri boxing much was left out. I could be wrong and would love to know.