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  1. Foreign Sabres

    Have you ever considered a foreign service sheet?
  2. P-3 Orion sheet ideas

    Didnt they have a blue scheme and a brown scheme?
  3. So The Music Died?

    And we will be paying RoG prices for US kits from the 70s and 80s.
  4. Post Image site, not working?

    Did they announce this was going to happen? I don't remember seeing anything.
  5. Post Image site, not working?

    My older post aren't showing the photos and the GB banner isn't showing. Any photos I link to in new posts willl show though.
  6. Airfix 1/72 E-8C 93-0597

    I'm in that same boat!
  7. Ernie, have you been able to do any more to any of these? Just prodding.
  8. P-47D "Boog"

    Stefan, any urge to get back to this one? Looks like there is a lot painted already.
  9. Airfix 1/72 E-8C 93-0597

    Any movement on this big girl?
  10. 1/72 Revell-Germany Go-229

    Have you gotten any further with the 229?
  11. Fast Eagle 107

    I started this up last weekend but have done nothing since so here I am.
  12. Looks to be a good showing at Joint Base McGuire-Dix_Lakehurst this year. https://gomdl.com/air-show-2018/
  13. The Showroom

    95 Mustang is done!
  14. The Pile

    Well thats one down. If I were starting fresh there are a few things I would have changed but it is what it is.