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  1. Spectre711

    Revell F-106 Delta Dart

    Looks good! Those decals can be tough sometimes even when size isn't the issue.
  2. Spectre711

    Revell F-106 Delta Dart

    I think once the wing tanks, canopy, landing gear and nose are on there everything works out fine. If you adding the missiles and pilot you should be even better.
  3. Spectre711

    Revell F-106 Delta Dart

    I've built a few of these and never had to ad any weight yet.
  4. Spectre711

    Searching for a persons phone number. WTD?

    Yeah, I was going to write and mail a letter this weekend if nothing else turned up. I was hoping to find something on line to speed things up. I could actually drive there since the house is only about a half hour away but with my luck nobody will be home. Google is where I've been looking but have only turned up an old phone number which is no longer in service. I did find the persons newer address though.
  5. Years ago we could just go to a phone book or call an operator to find a persons phone number. What is there to use today? I'm looking to get in touch with someone cause they were the last ones to have titled a boat I bought and the NJ Motor Vehicle agency is no help. I have their name, their new & old address and their old land line phone number. When I try to look for a phone number I get into a site where they want me to pay for a background search or it has the old information. Any suggestions?
  6. High resolution photo will work also
  7. I'm looking for a pair of JG.1 red and white unit emblems in 1/48 to go on a Bf 109 G-10. Let me know if you have a pair to spare.
  8. Anyone have a placement guide for this they can scan?
  9. Spectre711

    Farewell Fabulous Phantoms and more ....

    Nice! Thank you!!!!!
  10. Spectre711

    3000th F-4 Phantom

    Thats an exhaust vent 😉
  11. Spectre711

    Some inspiration

    These are 1/48
  12. Spectre711

    Some inspiration

    1006 1323299 a011 IMG_20171018_212056068 P8210003_zpsd9528174 IMG_20171225_095907222_HDR IMG_20171225_144929144_HDR All in 1/72 scale
  13. Spectre711

    Revell F-106 Delta Dart

    The 106 is big and beautiful!
  14. Spectre711

    GB Anniversary Ideas, Apollo 11 and D-Day

    I did a 100 anniversary of the start of WWI and it didn't get much traffic even though the poll showed otherwise. Things could be different now though and it all comes down on the timing.
  15. Spectre711

    Monogram 1/48 F-104C Starfighter

    The Monogram kit looks much better than the Revell kit.