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  1. I noticed that mask is for the Meng kit. I wonder how close in shape the two kits are.
  2. I never saw the shipping options and almost always chose the cheapest option cause I really don't need it that fast. Maybe it just did an express checkout once I entered the card info? I was able to just cancel the whole order since it didn't ship yet and will try again when I have a little more time. I've been working on a boat to get it out on the water.
  3. I've always found that thin strips of masking tape are flexible and you can hit the curve with a few reference photos. I usually place it till I'm happy with the look. You could also scale out what is on the instruction sheet and use that as a guide also.
  4. Guess I'm just going to chalk this up as glitch and I should be paying even more attention than I usually do.
  5. Expected shipping on a $26 order should be $17? Is that their default shipping cause I don't remember it ever being UPS.
  6. To be honest with you I wasn't even prompted for a type of shipping. I never had high shipping fees from them before. Maybe it had to do with the paint but it never was shown until I went back and checked the order status. I'm waiting to hear back from SB other than the generic response on shipping fees. I havnt touched a thing in a while and figured an order might push me along. Bottom line is that I was never prompted on the shipping.
  7. Anyone experience a surprise while placing an order? I ordered 2 Eduard masks and two 30ml containers of MRP paint and the shipping is $17. WTF, almost half the cost of my order was shipping.
  8. Have you used any of the MCW automotive colors? I was wondering if the metallic flake looks to be in scale for a 1/24-1/25 scale kit.
  9. If they did it would have to be the earlier formulas. I noticed a difference in smell and performance in the years before the line was cut.
  10. https://www.flickr.com/photos/70058423@N07/35604003200
  11. I liked using their MM thinner for the MM enamel paint but regular cheap stuff would work fine and is available anywhere just about.
  12. I do this especially when I'm in a rut and havn't built anything in a while. Drop the kit I lost my mojo with for a while and start something else. Hopefully that works and hopefully I get back to the kit I moved to the side.
  13. I tryed to go ion Roll the other day and a different named shop came up so I dont know whats with that. They also had resupply issues with Xtracolor before covid so who knows now.
  14. I forgot about True North paints, are they only available through True North? I'm getting low on MM colors I use the most and also found that the newer bottles have a much shorter shelf life. It's time for me to start switching over.
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