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  1. I just looked and those are still listed on the Testors site.
  2. I didn't even know stencils existed for the six!
  3. Will take $40 plus shipping on the rest!
  4. Maybe the Italeri boxing's I've had were switched out with ESCI or ACE plastic?
  5. Darren, I would need at least 5 now if I went that route. As far as colors I would probably be better of with something I can paint to match whatever colors the squadron used. Red is always good for high visibility.
  6. Here is a picture of 3 sprues and they were never molded.
  7. So I've been looking to see what to do about the shallow intakes on the 1/72 A-7. A bunch of reviews say that the ESCI and Italeri kits come intake covers. What can I do since not one kit i've ever built or the 5 I have sitting in the closet have the covers. Does someone make covers for the 1/72 scale kits?
  8. 1/72 Sea Harrier FRS Mk1 Hasegawa 606.............$10.00 Jaguar GR-1 Italeri 067....................................$12.00 F-15E Hasegawa 04201 Seymour Johnson...$15.00 1/25 Wynn's Jammer Dragster AMT/Ertl 6435.......$10.00 has clear body. Kits are for sale or trade in the US and shipping not included. Make me an offer and bundling will get you a better deal. PayPal, money order or cash.
  9. I did but was planing on trying to use something I had in 1/72. Turns out the early ASB Eagles were kind of unique with the No Lift markings and the sort.
  10. Revell also put an A-10 out with decals of 78-0621 from the 103rd FW according to ScaleMates. It's kit 85-5852
  11. Those are some nice shots in the link and the video was cool also.
  12. Just had the Thunderbirds fly over heading from AC to NY. They are doing an air show down in AC but there is something going on at the Statue of Liberty. Blue Angles, F-35 demo team and I think someone else is doing fly overs at the Statue also today.
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