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  1. I could just use the Humbrol 19 I used on a 357 FG plane I did a while back
  2. I have a period color pic but I'm not sure if it's colorized so I'll have to load it up and post for opinions later.
  3. Was checking out CVW-7 a while back and was surprised how many of the kits I have had that option.
  4. Anyone know what red to use on the nose of the 356 FG Mustangs?
  5. I wouldn't call my hight too tall since I fit all the other times untill I was booked on a United 737 from Vegas. Company just trying to capitalize on space and make more money is all it is. Been 6'3" for over 35 years and it's my first seat problem. Maybe they're next move will be to bunk the seats for short people and charge them the same rate. Or you could just pay more for a regular deluxe seat?
  6. I'm only 6'3" 230 lbs and there would have been no way you would have reclined that seat back the way my knees were pressed up against it. Never had this problem before but if you were in front of me the only way that seat was going to recline was if I stood up or put my legs across the person next to me. Not fair to me who paid for a seat to sit in for hours and barely got that.
  7. I've used the old stuff including the railroad colors in the past without a problem but I have this black that has been giving me problems. It doesn't matter is I hand paint or spray it as it dries it seems like its shrinking and develops cracks.
  8. Whats the best way to thin this for an air brush with this Polly Scale paint? Says it should be thinned with 10-15% distilled water and contains isobutanol. Should I use a primer?
  9. I'm 6-3 and last month flew out to Vegas on a United 757 and it was roomy but on the way back to NJ I was on a 737 and my knees were pressed hard against the seat in front of me. Luckily that seat was the only empty seat on the plane and nobody reclined it. I couldn't imagine it getting worse. My knee caps hurt for 3 days after that flight.
  10. Had to go to Hilton Head last year and thought Savannah was a really nice airport with the small feel. Clean and quick in and out but dont know how the layover is there. Atlantic City, NJ was never really all that bad and is a short cab ride to AC. Might even see some NJANG F-16s around. Newark International is a dump and has been as long as I've been alive.
  11. Steve I actually have 5 kits to build but the decals are shot.
  12. Thanks to Mike we have some nice photos. Left Front Nose gear and light Nose gear Nose gear 2 Right main gear main gear hub and tire Main gear 1 Main gear 2
  13. The thing is that I don't know if anything from another kit would fit. I'm still looking for the monogram one I had but it hasn't turned up yet. I would hate for it to go half way around the world and not fit at all.
  14. Thanks, you happen to have any good reference photos so that I can detail the areas maybe?