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  1. Postimage fixed the problem. Not sure what it was other than it was at their end. They were pretty quick to respond and correct the issue.
  2. Must be a glitch of some type cause they're back. Bunch of older stuff wasn't showing in my albums but they were still showing on my builds here. Now a bunch of newer uploads are doing the same thing.
  3. I have 4 spare rolls in the house so I hope the silliness slows down a bit. I cant even do just regular shopping now.
  4. Is this good enough? https://www.usaf-sig.org/index.php/references/reviews/118-decal-reviews/822-wolfpak-decals-12-15-thank-you#!12_15_001
  5. Anyone have a 3 blade spitfire prop in the parts bin either wide or narrow? I know I can get a resin prop but this would cost way more than what I paid for the kit.
  6. Thanks Bob, I was building the old Monogram kit and the decals just wouldn't lay down no matter what I used on them.
  7. Looking for AeroMaster Typhoon Storms in the Sky 48-284 Will entertain a partial sheet or just the 245 Sqdn plane's decals (#2).
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a 3 blade prop for a Fujimi Mk.V Spitfire in 1/48 scale. Let me know if you have one to spare or something that might work.
  9. In my case this time it was showing in transit for 3 days in state. Only problem I've ever had with the local PO has been them delivering my mail when I've put in a stop delivery for a vacation.
  10. I'm waiting on something that once it left a south Jersey distribution center it fell into a black hole. Three days went by with no tracking updates until I opened a case. It doesn't take 3 days to go from south Jersey to north Jersey and it would have probably taken long if I didn't open a case!
  11. After 45 years of business Hobbymasters is closing its doors. Guess I could see the writing on the wall especially my last visit this summer when I noticed all of the empty space. This was my last somewhat Local Hobby Shop for me. 😥 https://943thepoint.com/hobbymasters-in-red-bank-closing-after-45-years/
  12. Yes, I see some photos in the Britmodler link that have the yellow going from the landing lights out to the wing tips. They have the invasion stripes on the wings so I thought maybe that was why.
  13. Excellent info barkin! A little of topic but I notice there are two different styles of the yellow on the leading edges of the wings. If I'm correct these were for identification purposes. Any info on the two different styles of these?
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