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  1. Jim, that email has been working fine for me and Ken does respond pretty quickly.
  2. Well, I just stopped at the South Plainfield HL and it is now closed up. No big deal as it was probably stocked like the Woodbridge store with a bunch of empty spots on the shelves, empty clearance area and some Estes rockets marked 20-30% off. I have Manalapan HL to check yet but it was fully stocked a week and a half ago with nothing in the clearance area but crap nobody would buy..
  3. As of last week none of the 3 stores in my area of travel had anything on sale. Been checking every week since mid May.
  4. But it is real cause I saw the movie.
  5. Funny is that I have this photo in the article as my screen background.
  6. Funny how the Camaro has a chicken on the hood.
  7. Was FS16473 ever been an option on the RF-4Cs?
  8. I haven't done a thing yet but like the look of this. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/12956-best-way-to-replicate-a-vinyl-top/
  9. http://www.jaysmodelkits.com/jaysmk/ Has some also.
  10. So what color was used on the early USAF RF-4Cs? Thought I was going to use FS36440 like the F-4Cs but an Xtradecal guide is calling for FS16473. Is this correct?
  11. You sure cause Expert Choice references the F-16 kit pod to use with decals that are sized up for the Italeri RF-4C. I know the early Hasegawa F-4E/F/EJ came with travel pods but they no where close to the size needed. Is Expert Choice still in business cause they sure aren't answering any of my emails.
  12. or maybe if someone can confirm this is the same size and shape as what comes with Hasegawa's early F-4E/F/EJ kits? Yeah, so the Phantom kit is no good so does anyone know what Hasegawa F-16 kit came with a travel pod?
  13. I'm looking for 1 travel pod from a Hasegawa 1/72 F-16 kit. I need this for a decal that Expert Choice sized up for this particular one.
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