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  1. Recreation Depot to close its doors. https://www.nj.com/business/2022/04/nj-hobby-shop-to-close-after-32-years-of-business.html
  2. Yeah, the Bulldog is a standard in my area but no other Tamiya kits. They unusually are every other week for the 40% off on kits. I also thought that they usually do there model clearance in the summer.
  3. I use Tamiya lacquer thinner with MM and Tamiya acrylics. Make the finish very durable.
  4. The only options I get now are REPORT and SHARE.
  5. I have that shield also that says I'm a Mod but I don't see any new features or anything. I remember when I was a GB Mod I could edit anyone's post in the GB that I wanted But that was the only place.
  6. Send Printshop an email! When I last asked they were able to print some that they didn't have listed.
  7. I've been doing this since before Al Gore invented the internet.
  8. Nice work on you car and your wife's truck. A friend of mine had a 70 Cuda in sublime with a black vinyl top. It was a 440, 4spd car with hounds tooth interior.
  9. If you have one of those vacuum sealer things for food you might be able to make those envelops for a binder also.
  10. For the 141st they transitioned to the F-4D in 1981 and over to the F-4E in 1985. This phot of 65-0647 on Wikimedia Commons is dated January 1990.
  11. Ive found their Stuka sheet to be the opposite while being thick and ridged. Cant get the fuselage markings to lay down no matter what I use.
  12. Good place to do business with and have been around for years. Jim has a walk in store called Ridgefield Hobby.
  13. Thats a nice job on the car Andrew and I really like how you did the headlights. I'm going to have to try that technique.
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