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  1. Steve I actually have 5 kits to build but the decals are shot.
  2. Thanks to Mike we have some nice photos. Left Front Nose gear and light Nose gear Nose gear 2 Right main gear main gear hub and tire Main gear 1 Main gear 2
  3. The thing is that I don't know if anything from another kit would fit. I'm still looking for the monogram one I had but it hasn't turned up yet. I would hate for it to go half way around the world and not fit at all.
  4. Thanks, you happen to have any good reference photos so that I can detail the areas maybe?
  5. What are you doing in the wheel wells and on the landing gear? My ESCI kit calls for all silver.
  6. Shouldn't the underside be RAL 7001 Silbergrau and the upper be RAL 6014 Gelboliv & RAL 7012 Basaultgrau? Testors has Nato Green thats a good match for the 6014.
  7. Silver? Green?
  8. I'm looking to find out what color the landing gear would have been as well as the bays and backside of the doors. Building a early 60s NM finish one but also plan to build some painted ones.
  9. Thanks but I think I'm good. I just sacrificed some of the Italian markings and they held together great. I also did some balancing by adding nose weight.
  10. Wasn't thinking of the Hasegawa kit at all but I'm wondering how the white looks. I have a few 2012 boxings of the Revell kit and it only has 1 US choice on the decals. The ESCI kit has a few choices so I'm going to test a few that I'm not going to use. We will see how that goes first. When do you plan on visiting the shop?
  11. Decals aren't all that much but the shipping could be. I know HaHen is pricey and expensive to ship to the states. AirDoc shows 19 Eur and Peddinghaus I can find for $25 US. I have some backup decals from Eagle Strike JG-72 or 73 to use if things really go bad.
  12. I'm going to build this ESCI Canadair Mk.6 as Hartmann's ride in 1961. I just hope the kit decals hold up.
  13. Any new progress for us?