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  1. soaking the chromed parts in bleach always worked for me in the past to remove the chrome.
  2. How about a F-15G? That could be real interesting.
  3. Just a follow up on my March 31st Moderna shot, I had no reactions to it but my poor coworker has numb fingers on his left hand so maybe they hit a nerve or something.
  4. Before I get much further I just remembered I need to take some pictures.
  5. Just got my second Moderna today and now have a sore arm but that's from being harpooned in the arm. 30 of us at my section at work weren't necessarily advised to get it but were strongly discouraged from not getting the vaccine. Just about everyone that received their second shot last week had flue like symptoms the next day so I'm just waiting to see what happens.
  6. Maybe they're changing the label and name again.
  7. Unfortunately other than some cockpit basic painting I havnt really done anything. My uncle passed away and my time has been taken up the past few weeks cleaning out his house. Maybe later this week or the weekend Ill start back up. I did find these in his safe though. He worked for Raytheon.
  8. Your right that there is only 2 rails in the kit. There are two different pylons but that doesn't help either. I'll have to see what I have in the spares box or do some surgery on the pylons to look like what I need. I'm going to have to fab the left one to hold 2 sidewinders and lop off a bunch on the right one. Not sure what the Hasegawa weapons kits have in them either.
  9. Yeah, it has 4-9s and 4-7s for on the wings. The kit also includes 2 drop tanks, 1 TARPS pod and 4 AIM-54s for under the fuselage. Not sure how they changed the spues over the years if they did at all. This boxing has a 2001 copyright on the instructions.
  10. A nice quick start as usual Shawn, I havnt even removed my parts from the box yet. It's looking good!
  11. I'll be watching this also cause I need something new and this could be it. Sucked when testors got rid of 36622 and these guys have 26622 and 36622. It's getting tough to find any of the paints I normally use.
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