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  1. Spectre711

    Jagdgeschwader Identification Band Colors

    Cool, thanks!
  2. Spectre711

    Jagdgeschwader Identification Band Colors

    Would I be safe to use a color similar to the red used for red staffel numbers?
  3. By looking at the review of their Yak-28P Firebar at Hyperscale I think the 26K might be a homerun. http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/reviews/kits/bobcat48001reviewjh_1.htm
  4. Spectre711

    Jagdgeschwader Identification Band Colors

    Thanks, I'll have to check them out and see what I like. I dont know if this color plate is fictional or not but I like it.
  5. Spectre711

    Jagdgeschwader Identification Band Colors

    I'm building a RLM76 109 G-10 from late 1944. Is it supposed to be a bright red? I picked up some Model Master RLM 23 and it looks a bit pinkish orangey.
  6. Can anyone tell me if the Jagdgeschwader identification bands were certain RLM colors? I'm particularly interested to know what to use for the red that JG.1 used.
  7. Spectre711

    RM Chopper

    That looks real cool so far
  8. The colored fuselage identification band for JG1 aircraft is red but is this RLM23 or something else?
  9. Spectre711

    Revell Bf 109G-10

    Thanks, It's actually MM acrylic thined with Tamiya lacquer thinner and shot at about 18 psi through a old Badger 200. I didnt have any RLM76 so I used aircraft gray since it looks close. The acrylic works much better than their gloss enamel that tends to stay tacky for a while.
  10. Spectre711

    Revell Bf 109G-10

    So, do you think the red unit band on the fuselage is RLM 23?
  11. Spectre711

    Revell Bf 109G-10

    I got back to the 109 yesterday with some painting. Been doing a lot of home improvement projects lately so my time has been limited.
  12. Spectre711

    Monogram 1/48 "Miller SNJ"

    Great job handling those decals.
  13. Spectre711

    Group builds lacking participants?

    I've noticed a decline of many forums over the years. I belong to automotive, model, fishing and a few others so its just not limited to here.
  14. Spectre711

    Monogram F-5E Tiger II

    Nice job! I have a few of these also and was wondering if nose weight is needed?
  15. Spectre711

    Sweet Stash Shots!

    Love it but my wife and kids would kill me if I tried this.