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  1. If you cant find these I just saw that Victory Models has some by Fundekal. Doesn't say if they are blue or not but it might be worth an email since they have F102 and F106 decals. Fundecals site doesn't list these. https://www.victorymodels.com/collections/model-aircraft-decals?page=2
  2. Still looking for a 1/48 scale 3 blade propeller for a Mk.V Spitfire.
  3. I use the 3M poster tac and I find if you leave it too long it will be hard to pick all of it till you use a blob of it to pick the little pieces up. As far as soft edges go it comes down to how small of a roll you use and what angle you spray at with your airbrush. Generally the smaller the roll the more sharp the edges get.
  4. If you have a color printer you can just scale a photo down and print this on paper. When dried you can just white glue the paper in the cockpit.
  5. Got this one done a while back
  6. Wrapped this one up the other day after sitting for a long time.
  7. Thanks for the information KursadA. The Testors/Italeri instruction just say post WWII so I assumed it was late 40s. I really dont know how correct the decals are since I've never seen a photo of the aircraft looking like this.
  8. Do you think that was used in the later 40s? My kit decals look like 45s but that doesn't mean they are correct either.
  9. Has anyone found a thin 45 degree font like US NAVY and Marine aircraft used? I have AmarilloUSAF but it looks a little thick.
  10. Postimage fixed the problem. Not sure what it was other than it was at their end. They were pretty quick to respond and correct the issue.
  11. Must be a glitch of some type cause they're back. Bunch of older stuff wasn't showing in my albums but they were still showing on my builds here. Now a bunch of newer uploads are doing the same thing.
  12. Anyone using POSTIMAGE notice photos are missing?
  13. I have 4 spare rolls in the house so I hope the silliness slows down a bit. I cant even do just regular shopping now.
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