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  1. USN Legacy Squadrons Group Build

    Are VMFA squadrons going to be included or are we strictly going with Navy?
  2. Do they have much plastic and/or building supplies there? I'm heading down there next week with the family and see they have a lot of RC stuff.
  3. Been having this problem for a while with Firefox and Explorer. Chrome is working fine for me.
  4. Hasegawa T-33A's in 1/72

    It was just a matter of time before that wheel came off again. I'm going to leave it off till everything is done.
  5. Canidair Mk.6 - Hartmann JG-71

    The way Testors is moving it might be just a matter of time before I have to find something else anyway. I also can't buy it locally so I should be exploring other avenues.
  6. Canidair Mk.6 - Hartmann JG-71

    Thanks, I just randomly went with gunship gray and black on the gray plastic. Used Testors MM Non-buffing aluminum. The panels with the gun barrel openings might get some darker metallic sprayed on it but I like most of it for now. I'm going to try Alcad next since this jar is almost empty.
  7. Canidair Mk.6 - Hartmann JG-71

    I'm probably not going to complete this next week before vacation but I'm making progress again.
  8. Hasegawa T-33A's in 1/72

    I was staring and the 33 today so I decided to mask and sprayed the wing tanks.
  9. Nice, cant wait to see it completed.
  10. Canidair Mk.6 - Hartmann JG-71

    I think this looks a little better. I might get some silver on tomorrow.
  11. Canidair Mk.6 - Hartmann JG-71

    Looks like I have some rescribing to do
  12. I haven't built any in 1/72 but here the Fujimi and the newer mold Airfix are supposed to be nice.