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  1. I used PET-G sheets to replace the canopy of my A-7: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=222549 I used 0.5mm thick sheets for this plane, but for 1/72 you probably need thinner ones (0,25 or 0,3mm)
  2. Thanks a lot for the comments! Glad you like it!
  3. I just finished my Eduard 1/48 Hellcat. I built it straight out of the box. The pilot is from Tamiya and the other guy is from Monogram. Thanks for looking,
  4. Here are some photos of my recently finished Me-262: Hope you like it
  5. Here are some close pictures of a Royal Saudi Air Force Eurofighter on static display at the Airpower 11 in Austria:
  6. I finally finished my Hobby Boss 1/48 A-7A Corsair. You can find the WIP thread here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....222549&st=0 Thanks for looking,
  7. I airbrushed a light coat of thinned light gull grey over the decals and finally finished the painting with a clear coat. :) And here it is finished and glue on the display base: Thanks for looking!
  8. I paid yesterday 1,32€ (= 1,87USD) for one litre here in Austria! And it was a cheap gas station!
  9. Thanks! Decals are finally on my A-7 If you wonder why I printed more decals than I should need on my homemade sheet: I destroyed three(!) "305" decals, one "USS Oriskany" and one serial number decal! :)
  10. I recently also tried vacu-forming on my A-7 project: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=222549 The new canopy was a little too small (~0.3mm) but after I added the canopy framing it fitted almost perfect.
  11. Only a small update for today... I finished the salt weathering (sorry no photos yet) and finished the homemade decal sheet:
  12. Thanks guys! Here is a picture of some small parts (missiles, bomb and scratch built catapult sled). They are almost finished (the AIM-9 and bomb tip need some color and the decals on the Sidewinder are also missing)
  13. Easy! Burnout Paradise! I am still playing it after 2 years!
  14. Another Blue Tail of VF-153! Awesome! Your panther looks great!
  15. I almost finished painting of the corsair I need just another salt weathering layer and some final touches on the blue tail. thanks for looking,
  16. No, you just paid earlier (and without shipping costs for each order including the subscriber edition of the MIG-21). I remember they said the offer starts on february 1st and ends on 28th of february and eduard starts shipping the subscriber edition until 15th of march. I ordered mine mid- february knowing that it would leave eduard not before 15th of march, maybe some didn´t realize the later shipping of the kit? just a thought... Btw mine left Eduard on 14th march, and I really love this kit and the tiny helmet!
  17. Hi! After a clear gloss coat I use Micro Sol on the decals. In most cases (not too thick decal carrier fim) 1 or 2 layers of Micro sol and soft pressure with a brush should be enough to get the decals in the panel lines. One really important thing: don´t move the decals after the application of Micro Sol
  18. Thanks Yardbird78! I was quite busy the last weeks, not much time for modeling :) I painted the missiles and bombs and applied the first layer of gloss grey on the A-7. The white underside was also reworked with another layer of white: I am planning to use the salt weathering technique on this one (my 1st try :) ) And now back to work, adding decals on my shrikes...
  19. I want to place the A-7 on a display base showing the catapult of USS Oriskany. Here are two pictures: I used some magic sculp and the end of a paint brush to replicate the deck tie-downs.
  20. I use water thinnable oil colors. I mix it with water, add a little bit special thinner (same brand as the water-oil colors) and use a soft cloth with thinner to remove the excess from the panel lines. works great for me and does not smell like turpentine oder enamel thinner.
  21. After a lot of sanding the new canopy is in place and the intake and nose are also finished: I scratch build launcher rails for the Shrike missiles (these are not included in the hobby boss A-7 kit, I will instead using Monogram shrikes): Now my Corsair is almost ready for painting...
  22. I glued the new canopy in place, added the framing and I used Magic Sculp to fit it to the fuselage:
  23. Thanks guys! I am currently working on the canopy and intake, I will post some photos in two or three days
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