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  1. So, will this one come off the back burner?
  2. Great! I have a pair of Experts-Choice sheets for the F-94B, but there are none for the F-94A.
  3. I got mine yesterday. Looks great. My compliments to the packaging maven.
  4. In addition to the fact it's easier to leave open on the desk or workbench, this one generally seems more approachable. This struck (no pun intended) me immediately upon opening the package. When I opened it, instead of being blasted with pictures and info, it drew me in. Your books are just packed with stuff. This seems to make it more easily digestible.
  5. Got mine today. A very pleasant surprise. The landscape format works well.
  6. Thanks, unfortunately, only the 1/72 decals have been reprinted. I've missed the reprint of 1/48. I have an attempt at the 1/48 pin-ups from the artist who created them, http://www.victorygirl.com/, (so no copyright violation). The Ronin 1/48 would be nice for the other markings and comparison.
  7. Your PayPal receipt is all you'll get until you get the shipping notice. At least that's my experience, and I've done it too many times.
  8. Is there a kit? It will be at NASM Udvar-Hazy. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/burning-ships-a-rescue-and-a-place-in-the-smithsonian-for-a-coast-guard-aircraft/2016/03/04/3edf7b84-d9ad-11e5-925f-1d10062cc82d_story.html?hpid=hp_local-news_helicopter-710pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory
  9. http://www.reidairpublishing.com/product-p/shg48013.htm
  10. MBAs get unhappy when you're not maximizing profits.
  11. Just curious. In this pic the HMM-163 has the insignia under the window, not behind it. Of course it is the other side. http://www.usmcpress.com/heritage/1960svietnam/past07.htm
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