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    Playing video games and making models. But now since SWOMBO has given to couple lbs of PAIN....sigh, the joys in these hobbies has gone slightly sour....or to put it in another words. WHERE HAS MY SPARE TIME GONE!
  1. Sigh, Already saving my money for that one! One bottle....Probably only good enough to cover 2 square inch, if at that!
  2. Ummm yeah.... This is the thing I'm talking about: Trumpeter's 1/200 scale USS Missouri. I didn't know what I was thinking when I preorder it from Megahobby.com for $340. Perhaps it's the fact I get an extra $10 for preorder and I pay no shipping handling charge.......Got this last Sat. and have been looking at the piece since.....Man what I was thinking?!?!?!? This thing is HUUUUUGGGEEEEE! Just the box was 47 inches long and weighted 15 lbs and I had a bissnatchie of a time sneaking it past SWMBO and into the study room closet. Once the "headpiece" is attached, it's 53 inches in length. Y
  3. The ZotZ one is out of print (out of production?) Sigh, the Cutting Edge one is Pussey I though, I'm not in the business of cutting and slicing the F-105D late into the early NMF version.....And at 40 bucks...sigh, guess I'll wait and see....
  4. I know Model Master make a series of Russian Aircraft colors like Flanker Grey. Can't recall the FS numbers right now. Compare carefully though...Some of the colors does NOT match what the real aircraft is wearing sorry to say! It comes in both Enamel and Acrylics.
  5. So, yeah, anyone got a pointer where I can make a purchase on this decal sheet by Cutting Edge for Trumpy's 1/32 F-105D? If its out of production, then umm yeah, anyone can point me where i can scam it off someone? hehe! I want ***** Galore II option...And it seems only Cutting Edge makes it.
  6. Well, the one in Yu Yuan gardens are two shops facing each other. The one on the right is a special wholesaler dealing specificly in Trumpeter and Hobbyboss and is at least 20% cheaper than many other shops in Shanghai. Of course, I'm a little biased since I shop there all the time during the past five years I'm in Shanghai and has a great relationship with the owners of the shop. Since I shop there so much, I enjoy sometimes as much as 65% off the sticker price, hence, I was able to carry the Hobbyboss new F-111D home at only $30 bucks! I also bought the SA-2 on Transport Trailer at only arou
  7. First of all, although I lived in the States most of my life and is a U.S. citizen, I was born in China and came to the states when I was nine. So, I still have a lot Asian influences in me. Second, understand a little of the Chinese and Japanese history, especially WW II, and stuff like **** of Nanking (Chinese: The Nanjing Massacre), in which over 200,000 Chinese civilians were raped, killed, or buried alive over a three week period. Start with the two Japanese officers, who had a macabre contest in which they went out, and see who can cut off 100 people heads first, at that time, it was a
  8. Hi guys, yes, I know, this is OLD stuff, but I HAVE to answer back since I've been living and working in Shanghai all these years (will be going back to the U.S. sometime next year, finally. As much as I love China, I want to go back now). It doesn't help that I'm a Chinese-American who've been living in the States since age nine! ;) LOL, reading Spooky's report, it's a case of many de javus....Beijing sites and sounds, been there, done that. Ohh yes, the Chinese Air Force Museum, worth a trip, if you don't mind locking your "seriousness" away and let your "*** imagination runs wild". It's
  9. Just also want to give the heads up to anyone traveling or working in Shanghai, there is also a perfect (actually) two shops facing each other at Yu Yuan gardens. Recently a newly built subway line, line 10, makes a stop there (guess what the station is called? Yue Yuan Station). If you are heading out from People Square (line 2), then just take the line to East Nanjing Rd station, transfer to line 10, hope 1 station to Yu Yuan station. Get out at exist 1, take a left upon getting out, walk like a minute to the left, and then you can't miss it (it's on your right). The store is a wholesaler de
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