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  1. its paint.boxed it back up and put back in the stash..i cant be bothered with it for now.have plenty of others to build and enjoy in the meantime . thanks for all the suggestions,links and advice gang. /thread.
  2. no.not yet..i put on hold for now..not sure how im going to go about it.
  3. it was Mr muscle oven cleaner i used,left over night in a sealed container...did nothing.
  4. im in Australia , have read about brake fluid,was under the impression it weakens the plastic ?
  5. Gents, i was given an airfix 1/48 hawk kit which i am very keen to turn into a RAAF LIF bird. Now the kit has not been started,but was sprayed with something while still on sprues.i am not sure how long ago this was done but a good soaking over night with Mr Muscle in a sealed container and scrubbing next day with toothbrush did nothing to remove any paint.. The rough surface and slight bubbling the kit had before i attempted to remove is still present..any suggestions,ideas,words of wisdom or guidance to help with this problem ? i can only think to drown a second time in oven cleaner or
  6. zinc chromate green it is. thanks all.
  7. Gang,any of my aussie pig fans or ex fraimes or anyone in the know tell me if it is zinc chromate yellow or green or if another color? I am asking about the area that the tail skid retracts up into.im doing an 80s SEA scheme . any help pics much appreciated.
  8. Hi all, as description says. is there a way i can fade/dull the model? i did a Chinook but had to use automotive clear from spray can.its just too shiny for my taste. i would say its too late to do anything about it now as its been done for months but it really bugs me every time i look at it. any advise is welcomed .
  9. job done.really happy with how it turned out.looks like shes been in the northern territory dust.
  10. on guard duty.getting close to finishing this up.
  11. thank you. my first tank/Armor build ever ,i now have an abrams.lav and apc in the stash,all to be done as ADF. im using Tamiya nato green XF-67,Tamiya flat black XF-1 and Humbrol matt84 mid stone.not accurate but close and once weathered should look ok.
  12. i am a guitar player,many many sets kept for my builds :thumbsup:/> not much done but it is coming along
  13. left over guitar strings.come in handy for a lot of modeling subjects.
  14. it was humbrol matt 86,not using it now,went with tamiy xf67,nato green. i should add that i had the same issues with humbrol matt 84 on the primed part.had to do 4/5 coats and its still not that good.on the un primed surface there are no issues so i wont be priming the main body .
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