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  1. What sort of level of accuracy you after? The MA sheet has plenty of inaccuracies in terms of markings (e.g. roundels not mirrored) and versions depicted (e.g. serial provided for Canberra T4 instead of B2 illustrated). I can give you more details if you are as pedantic as me about Rhodie aircraft :wacko: . Better bet is to source MAV Decal or 1982 SAM roundels and make up the serial from Modeldecal post-war numbers and letters sheets... To my mind the whole point of aftermarket is to depict a specific aircraft accurately
  2. She didn't have time to do any writing... :D
  3. Good work, please keep us updated...
  4. Good job, decent looking model of a beautiful aircraft
  5. No, I mean a squared-off AP screen and canopy for the Zvezda, to upgrade it to a late bis. Btw, the Part set doesn't include RSBN antennae. As far as I know only the Lift Here photo-etch provides genuine Fishbed-N bits and bobs. But as you say, Eduard will probably eventually consign all these to the scrapheap and take over the MiG world in 72nd .
  6. Continuing off-topic, I can't understand why AZ produced multiple boxings of the same kit; only the decals vary. The Lim-5 version is notional, because they didn't bother to provide any MARS-2 pods
  7. Well you have squared-off windscreen side glasses in the Fujimi kit... yet the whole windscreen isn't a MiG-21 windscreen Exactly ! :P Pity no-one can do a vac alternative for the Zvezda kit of such an iconic machine...
  8. Thanks chaps. I am after the Soviet/manufacturer, rather than local, designation for the bis versions, which Gabor has kindly addressed. I was wondering from which year was the later (i.e. 75AP) version manufactured and exported outside the Warsaw pact. Most Middle Eastern and African bis versions seem to be the AP; I'm assuming (as Gabor says) the early versions were primarily for the PVO. Regarding the wheel hubs, I therefore assume the Zvezda bis is in fact accurate for an early 75 bis...? There doesn't seem to be a kit for the 75AP in 72nd (i.e. with squared-off windscreens and RSBM att
  9. What are the major visual differences between the Fishbed-L and Fishbed-N, and in what year were these changes made? Do these types correspond to the “early†and “late†bis versions? I am thinking of when the rounded canopy windscreen side panels became squared off, and when the RSBN antennae were introduced. I've seen photos of supposed -Ns with rounded windscreen panels and the usual antennae (Hungary), -Ls with squared-off windscreens (Poland)...
  10. Are the Master pitots better than the Susemi Models versions?
  11. Hawker Hunter, Spitfire, Mirage F1. I'm a designer so I should know :P :D
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2142300/Crashed-plane-Second-World-War-pilot-Dennis-Copping-discovered-Sahara-desert.html
  13. Personally I think that all white plastic is underrated for thread pics :D
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