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  1. It's surely not dirt, from what i see its spaced evenly and build up in a distinct structure. My best guess would have to be some kind of vortex generators.
  2. Old computers and related cables male great places to get small wire from. CAT-5 network cables also yield a fair amount of wire per foot. Try Hobby Lobby and/or Micheal's Art stores also , look in the beading or jewelry sections for small spools of wire.
  3. My 89 Suburban 4x4 with lift kit and mud tires is big , loud , and when you open the doors , its like looking into a C-5.
  4. one in progress...as what I have know clue might turn out to be certain phantoms modern day alter ego.
  5. As someone who builds for fun and relaxation, all my builds could be considered WIFFs, as in WHAT IF I could actually build an accurate model. I like to know details and such just because I'm interested in that kind of stuff and sometimes I put what I have learned to use.If I take the time to ask the question whether for a WIFF or reality, I would hope that the information gleened from said question wasnt a waste of time but more a teaching opportunity.
  6. this link has more photos of the phantom and some description of the markings http://www.amv83.fr/Asm/gallerygermanyphantomF4FJG71.htm
  7. Here in Northern Kentucky the damage from the storms is to say the least ,extensive. It was a rough few hours during the storms. All's well here with just some minor wind damage,tree limbs and such,but not far from here several communities were hit hard.The towns of Piner Ky ,Crittenden Ky ,Moscow OH are all within 20 miles of my house. My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by the storms.
  8. this is clyde the 2 year old terror, at his usual spot. hasnt knocked off anything yet so isnt banned from the bench.
  9. Going commando solves the drip scenario, and as an added benefit .......the money saved each year on underwear goes to buying a new kit
  10. sadchevy

    P-2 Neptune

    the -5 and -7 differ in the shape of the wingtip pods. the HAS and RoG kits are the same plastic so the biggest challenge would be the wingtip pods.
  11. with all of the time needed for organizing , when do you find time to model ?
  12. Price fixing could be a savior or killer for the hobby. As has been stated when a shop can't turnover product they go bust or change their lines. I for one had a LHS here that I shopped frequently because they carried a wide variety of plastic kits, then one day they went all RC to try and stay in business, now they are gone. Should I have "adapted" or "migrated" to RC to support them? My hobby is modeling, I migrated to the next business that sold what I wanted, and LHS are getting few and far in between. If price fixing meant we would be able to keep more LHS open and move more product at lo
  13. what happened to the bicentennial chicken ? my father was maintenance chief in vx-4 at pt. mugu during the mid seventies so I got to see this bird and vandy 1 all the time when I was a kid.
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