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  1. venom

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Which shop ?
  2. venom

    CD48142 - 1/48 EF-111A Raven

    will the sheet include noseart ?
  3. venom

    Another product suggestion or two

    How about a 1/32 Atars unit for the Academy Hornet
  4. venom

    S-3 Viking 1/48

    Tracy , did your Blackdog set come with instructions ? i bought the set with radar and bomb bay but it didnt have instuctions .Tried contacting Blackdog , no reply
  5. Freaking Awesome Dave , thank you ! Andrew
  6. venom

    Zoukeimura F-4J

    never mind , paypal cancelled it for me
  7. venom

    Zoukeimura F-4J

    i bought one too thru paypal .how do you go about canceling the order ?
  8. venom

    tip for cutting 2 piece bombs

    thanks for the reply , I think I will only buy 1 piece bombs from now on ,not sure why Aires almost always cast them in 2 pieces anyway .
  9. for the life of me i can never cut 2 piece resin bombs for a nice straight butt joint . theres always an uneven end that leaves a gap , even when i sand both ends .i wonder if there is a small mitre out there for model use .ant tips how you guys do it .im talking about aires gbu bullpups etc Andrew
  10. venom

    CD48108 - RCAF & RAAF BAe Hawk

    im at timmys now .ill buy one .whats the best kit Andrew
  11. venom

    Did anyone make a seamless 1/48 F-8 intake

    Rhino Models makes one and its nice .Check ebay
  12. venom

    Navy/Marine F-4 Phantoms!

    Any eta Jake ?
  13. venom

    f16f blk 60

    which kit of the 2 seat blk 60 viper with the large dorsal fin is the better kit .ive seen one from kinetic and one from hasegawa .which do you guys prefer . Andrew
  14. venom

    Rhino Models 1/48 Super Hornet Intakes

    they are nice and fit well , but masking the grey inside is a real pain .I think Two Mikes has some that only has the tunnels , they should be easy to mask .Anyone used Two Mikes ? Andy