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  1. Thats odd , mine worked perfectly .i would think they are printed by Cartograf ,A really great kit in my opinion . Andrew
  2. Ok thanks guys .Now I'll see if I can find the Italian red in Canada .Its looks like a good match
  3. Nice job .ive just got the kit and was wondering what red you used for this build Andrew
  4. Hope they end up doing it .So many colorful schemes , not to mention being such an iconoc airframe
  5. Now that the F4E is coming out , was there any talk of Zouke Mura releasing the B model in the future ? That would be awesome !
  6. My order from early March took 2 months .Placed a large order in early June , they shipped it Global Priority , expensive , but got to Victoria in 6 days
  7. Which after market exaust for the tamiya f14 alpha do you guys perfer .
  8. hey alvis , is the new shop open yet ?
  9. Do the prowler and intruder share the same wheels ? And a question about the Kinetic prowler 48 scale .Can you extend the flaps in the kit ? Tks
  10. ive got a few of their sets which are very nice but none came with instructions , unfortunatly
  11. Hannants now has the kit in stock
  12. hey Jake , what became of this sheet ?
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