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  1. I too am confused at what exactly seems to be the issue. Has there ever been a case where Company X sued Company Y for exactly copying their model kit and won the case due to some form of copyright infringement?
  2. Using CA straight from the bottle can often be messy, so applying CA from a few drops onto wax paper using a rounded toothpick as an applicator to bond photo etch will keep the CA from drying while allowing it to be used sparingly.
  3. Wouldn't the thickness or difference in decal finish be apparent if foregoing a sealant? I've never used Alclad Airframe Aluminum and probably don't know the difference between that and other NMF's.
  4. Interesting, I'll have to try this procedure. I also totally forgot about accelerator which I'll have to go out and buy, but I think that was the major problem. Thanks, Rex!
  5. I'm attempting to use monofilament two pound fishing line to simulate antenna cabling, but bonding it to tips of plastic has proven to be a challenge. I'm trying to use medium CA in the process but it doesn't seem to stick. Is CA the right adhesive for this type of material? If not, what should be used? Thanks in advance.
  6. I too am considering options for a matte finish over a coat of future. Aside from using Tamiya Flat clear, has anyone tried using MM Flat Clear Acryl over Future to prevent yellowing?
  7. While it might not be something new, I've found the advice from one of the guys at my LHS to be useful. A few drops of CA on wax paper will keep it from curing, and one can then apply CA sparingly from it using a round point toothpick.
  8. As someone who also lost their mother to cancer, I can relate and offer my deepest sympathy and condolences.
  9. Burbank's House of Hobbies is pretty awesome. They specialize in die cast, plastic injection kits, n scale trains, and hobby supplies. No R/C, but I'm not complaining...
  10. Always good to see improvement on our work no matter how old it is. BTW, John I like your work on 1/144. There are others on this forum that do equally great work at this scale and it's always a pleasure to view them.
  11. Agreed. As creative and original this is, I haven't had a good chuckle with a what-if in quite a while.
  12. I'm not sure if this was previously discussed, so apologies in advance, but could the force of impact from an aircraft pancaking into the sea as hypothesized cause the devastation that was found on the wreckage? You would think that sections of aircraft would have remained much more intact than what was found and that the FDR would not have separated from its harness in such a scenario.
  13. I'll be trying the new IE9 when I get a chance, just to compare hardware acceleration with the rest of the browsers and eventually supplant IE8 on my win7 box if it goes well. Ever since hearing that Firefox was the most vulnerable browser to exploits in 2009, I've switched to using IE8 and Chrome.
  14. This totally worked for me. Additionally, I was using an HP-BH which has a 0.20 mm tip, and the psi was at 15-20, so my next test would probably be using a larger tip and playing with a higher or lower pressure to see where the thresholds are as far as pressure and tip usage are concerned. Tamiya acrylic thinner is great stuff, but may be difficult to acquire in the states.
  15. Hey Tomi, good to see that you started up the Flanker again. No pressure from me, but I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!.
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