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  1. Excellent news! :) That'll be #5 for my Seahawks collection (once I get to the point of building models again...).
  2. Hello Dave, Any chance of making this sheet in 1/72?
  3. You may want to consider the Brooklands Museum with a lot of racecars and motorcycles, plus aircraft and the London Bus Museum as well.
  4. Does anyone know if someone has done decals for VMAQ-4 Prowlers in 1/72 with the Seahawks logo? This photo shows one of the renditions. I recently found a Hasewaga boxing for the E-2C Hawkeye with Seahawks markings and would like to further expand my collection of aircraft with the Seahawks logo. So far I have: AMT/ERTL KC-135 Monogram B-52, which I intend to modify into a 92BW B-52H and work off the old Almark decal sheet KMC Boeing 727 / Heller B707 to become Seahawk 1 of Alaska Airlines .
  5. For a low pass, I don't think anything can surpass this performance by an FMA IA 63 Pampa pilot...
  6. If you use Mozilla Firefox, you may want to consider the AdBlock Plus add-on. Makes for a much more enjoyable viewing.
  7. Two shops that are worth mentioning KUIVALAINEN Pienoismalleja Aleksis Kiven Katu 58 00510 Helsinki +358-400-564645 Aircraft and armor kits, lots of photoetch and resin parts available TIETO-NIKKARI Oy Ruoholahdenkatu 20 00180 Helsinki +358-9-6943144 "Traditional" model store with lots of automotive kits To get there, take a look at Helsinki Regional Transit's Journey Planner Also, if you have time, go to the Finnish Aviation Museum near the airport Tietotie 3 Vantaa
  8. Moi Vesku! Sä et ooo kovin aktiivinen tässä. Miksi?

  9. Another vote for Falklands Commando by Hugh McManners from me. You might also want to consider: 3 Commando Brigade in the Falklands: No Picnic by Julian Thopmson Red and Green Life Machine: Diary of the Falklands Field Hospital by Rick Jolly For a lighter side: Don't Cry For Me, Sergeant Major by Robert McGowan and Jeremy Hands (and for squaddie life in BAOR by same authors, Try Not To Laugh Sergeant Major)
  10. Not applicable to your situation, but here in Finland we have a rule that states: "Models entered in a previous contest may be entered only as part of a collection or diorama, but in a collection they must not make more than one third of it."
  11. The spotlight has been in every FinnAF Hornet since they were built - both C's and D's. We are adding A2G capability to them with a mid-life update, and the ordnance tests are being carried out. GP bombs, JDAM and JSOW are already in the inventory and JASSM purchase is in the process. The reason to leave out the A2G capability in the beginning was not particularly for treaty reasons but more to do with FinnAF doctrine at the time. The doctrine was, admittedly, largely based on the treaty limitations. HN-419 is one plane that you may build with A2G ordnance, since it is one of the test planes for the MLU. Edit: Here's a couple of photos of the HN-419. Here are a couple of pictures of the FinnAF Frankenplane. In 2001, HN-430 and HN-413 were involved in a mid-air collision (no fatalities) during a nighttime training flight. HN-430 was lost while the pilot of HN-413 managed to nurse the damaged plane back to base. A decision was made to convert the plane into a two-seater and, with a forward fuselage purchased from Canada the work began in 2006. The cost was 15 million euros and 100000 work hours were needed to complete the job at Patria Aviation in Finland. In 2009 the work was nearly finished, and the plane - now called HN-468 - got this "zap" in its tail on the assembly line. Sadly, HN-468 was lost on a pre-delivery test flight in 2010.
  12. Here's our english bulldog Teppo at the Kauhava Midnight Sun Airshow 2008 complete with a Midnight Hawks t-shirt and his own pair of Mutt Muffs. He didn't like them one bit at first, but when I took them off during the F-18 takeoff, he was more than happy to keep them on. We had an IPMS Finland display stand at the show, and Teppo was the crowd favorite - much more so than our models.
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