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  1. Wow. What a grouch. Not everyone is going to search for a happiness thread. There are other sites for that. P.S.- I ordered almost $200 worth of stuff because of this thread. So get over it.
  2. I got mine a week or so ago. I have to say topnotch work as always by Chris. A must buy if you have the kit(s). P.S.- Still waiting on the SU-27 UB canopy! Whats it been 10 years now?
  3. This comment wins the thread!
  4. I really appreciate you trying hopefully it works later.
  5. Ok. Well maybe I’ll give up this idea. To much work.
  6. I have a dozen or so Daco 737s so that shouldn't be an issue. Thanks Tom
  7. Everything I have read about the Minicraft kit it isn't worth dragging home. And the Airfix kit has issues with the cockpit forward. And with either one I would still have to buy another kit and sacrifice one Revell kit. And for what I paid for the Revell kits its still cheaper to cut two up to make one than buy either a Airfix or Minicraft kit too.
  8. I want to do a Fedex 727-200. I have 2 727-100 Revell kits how much do I need to put behind the wings and how much in front of the wings to get this correct? I could hunt an Airfix kit if need be and use the Revell nose if that makes more sense. Thanks
  9. I have been waiting on the 2 seat canopy for years now (around 10 I think). So don't feel bad.
  10. Alcohol will turn resin to jelly if prolonged soaking is done. Found out the hard way.
  11. Totally understand. I would have liked to meet you and buy stuff from you. But I will just have to buy stuff from you via the site. Thanks
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