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  1. I'd use Pacer Formula 560 aka canopy cement from them. Way better adhesion than PVA and totally water soluable.
  2. Ok now I'm mad! Why is they can get this exquisite detail in a 1/48 scale kit and all we got was basics from Trumpeter in 1/32. It's not fair!!! I need to set something on fire.....
  3. He's probably to busy working on the SU27 UB canopies to get on the forums.
  4. Wow. What a grouch. Not everyone is going to search for a happiness thread. There are other sites for that. P.S.- I ordered almost $200 worth of stuff because of this thread. So get over it.
  5. I got mine a week or so ago. I have to say topnotch work as always by Chris. A must buy if you have the kit(s). P.S.- Still waiting on the SU-27 UB canopy! Whats it been 10 years now?
  6. This comment wins the thread!
  7. I really appreciate you trying hopefully it works later.
  8. Ok. Well maybe I’ll give up this idea. To much work.
  9. I have a dozen or so Daco 737s so that shouldn't be an issue. Thanks Tom
  10. Everything I have read about the Minicraft kit it isn't worth dragging home. And the Airfix kit has issues with the cockpit forward. And with either one I would still have to buy another kit and sacrifice one Revell kit. And for what I paid for the Revell kits its still cheaper to cut two up to make one than buy either a Airfix or Minicraft kit too.
  11. I want to do a Fedex 727-200. I have 2 727-100 Revell kits how much do I need to put behind the wings and how much in front of the wings to get this correct? I could hunt an Airfix kit if need be and use the Revell nose if that makes more sense. Thanks
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