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  1. This comment wins the thread!
  2. I really appreciate you trying hopefully it works later.
  3. Ok. Well maybe I’ll give up this idea. To much work.
  4. I have a dozen or so Daco 737s so that shouldn't be an issue. Thanks Tom
  5. Everything I have read about the Minicraft kit it isn't worth dragging home. And the Airfix kit has issues with the cockpit forward. And with either one I would still have to buy another kit and sacrifice one Revell kit. And for what I paid for the Revell kits its still cheaper to cut two up to make one than buy either a Airfix or Minicraft kit too.
  6. I want to do a Fedex 727-200. I have 2 727-100 Revell kits how much do I need to put behind the wings and how much in front of the wings to get this correct? I could hunt an Airfix kit if need be and use the Revell nose if that makes more sense. Thanks
  7. I have been waiting on the 2 seat canopy for years now (around 10 I think). So don't feel bad.
  8. Alcohol will turn resin to jelly if prolonged soaking is done. Found out the hard way.
  9. Totally understand. I would have liked to meet you and buy stuff from you. But I will just have to buy stuff from you via the site. Thanks
  10. Is Zactoman Going To be at IPMS Nationals? If so I may have an order. Thanks
  11. Why only the former proprietor of the company called Amtech models. Consulted for Ertl for years.
  12. Well Big Al Griffith of course. Silly you would even have to ask.
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