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  1. I have a dozen or so Daco 737s so that shouldn't be an issue. Thanks Tom
  2. Everything I have read about the Minicraft kit it isn't worth dragging home. And the Airfix kit has issues with the cockpit forward. And with either one I would still have to buy another kit and sacrifice one Revell kit. And for what I paid for the Revell kits its still cheaper to cut two up to make one than buy either a Airfix or Minicraft kit too.
  3. I want to do a Fedex 727-200. I have 2 727-100 Revell kits how much do I need to put behind the wings and how much in front of the wings to get this correct? I could hunt an Airfix kit if need be and use the Revell nose if that makes more sense. Thanks
  4. I have been waiting on the 2 seat canopy for years now (around 10 I think). So don't feel bad.
  5. Alcohol will turn resin to jelly if prolonged soaking is done. Found out the hard way.
  6. Totally understand. I would have liked to meet you and buy stuff from you. But I will just have to buy stuff from you via the site. Thanks
  7. Is Zactoman Going To be at IPMS Nationals? If so I may have an order. Thanks
  8. Why only the former proprietor of the company called Amtech models. Consulted for Ertl for years.
  9. Well Big Al Griffith of course. Silly you would even have to ask.
  10. How is that possible? One of the finest researchers ever in the course of modeling helped AMT/Ertl in the development of that kit. That's just a ludicrous statement.
  11. You can critique, and I am OK with that(why we're here) but know that it was not "fine" for these decals. The microset was used first. Wrinkles. Then I got new Microset thinking maybe my batch was old. Wrinkles. Then I used Microsol. Wrinkles. Then I put Microsol over the microset. More Wrinkles some slight "cratering" where the Microsol pooled. Then I used Solvaset to see if the wrinkles would bend to the will of that decal setting solution. See above. I also tried diluting the solvaset to make it less volatile in one attempt. I have also tried just straight Solvaset. The Solvaset was successful in making the wrinkles considerably smaller. Not my first rodeo. I have been decaling for 40+ years this is the first time I have had a set of decals I couldn't get to settle down due to anything beyond my control. I certainly wouldn't have come here to ask for help if I hadn't experimented first. The Future as a decaling fluid is a very good technique I have used with great success on much smaller decals, as it starts to work fairly quickly I have reservations about it on such a large decal. Armor guys have been using it for years to eliminate the silvering caused by less than perfect gloss surfaces. The Microset also let the decals silver without much adhesion I flexed the wing and the decal popped loose. So that's how I know the results so far, and why I am here. Tom
  12. This is what I am talking about. The decals are a year old at max. The first picture is where I stopped applying the setting solution. This was a Microset then Micrsol and finally Sovaset application. Adhesion isn't problem after the Solvaset but the wrinkle spots are craters. I had a bunch of wrinkles on the Hawaiian 767 decals from them too but they were more manageable. Maybe it's the silk screening processor he uses. Maybe the inks are to thick and the solvent attack them to much. I think I am going to try putting them on with Future,as that seemed to solve the elevator issues I had. Anyone have any tips for doing such large decals with future? Maybe thin it with water so its not so strong? Just grasping.
  13. I have been having trouble getting my set of Flying color decals Corogard to go on without wrinkling. I have gone through most of one set so far with no good results. I have used the usual suspects Solvaset, micro set & micro sol, Combinations of all. I finally got the elevator ones on to look good using Future. But I am afraid that the wings being so large that that may cause me issues. Not my first rodeo with decals or even large decals but this has me stumped, I have a good gloss coat down but they wrinkle really bad and adhesion has been an issue as well. Anyone have suggestions or seen this before? Also te solvents seem to leave craters in the decal as well if you leave them alone. Thanks Tom
  14. I am looking to trade the wonderful Aero Detail books listed in the title. I would like to trade for #32 KI-100 and for #6 FW190 A/F or #3 BF109G or #1 BF109E. Books are near new condition, and would expect the same. The FW book has the dust jacket, the P51 book does not, but I not sure it came with one, as I wouldn't have taken it off. I bought them new in the 90's The german books are not really a must, but I do want the KI100 book. Ideally 1 for 1. Or possibly would be interested in other Japanese fighter books, I have most so might be hard to interest me there. Thanks Tom
  15. If you made it that glossy at a contest you'd get the judges wrath!
  16. If Italeri was to tool up parts of any of them I can only imagine the cost. I was shocked to see the KC-135R come back out at $90. I remember paying $25 for it when it was out originally. And if you went to the outlet store you could pick them up for under $10 each.
  17. I would like to apologize for my part in taking it south. And for the record I have no ill will towards anyone. And I will stop poking the bear. Doesn't change my opinion however.
  18. Oh his snide remarks are endless. On every forum you can't get away from them. I read a lot about How awesome and wonderful He is,of course it's written by his own hand. So I guess that makes it true. I think maybe if a person blows his own horn long enough he believes it eventually. Is it written somewhere that if you get a high enough post count they knight you? Or perhaps make you a god among men? I am sure it's written on the internet somewhere and if it's on the internet it has to be true, says so on the internet.
  19. Check post count, you are clearly better at it.
  20. Lets say I don't know half the story. Lets say I know the whole story. I also know where he is and what happened to the remaining stock of Amtech kits. I don't know why you are so arrogant that you think you know everything about everything. So don't assume I don't know anything. You are always taking jabs at people assuming they aren't as smart as the great Heilig Jennings, Oh wait you are just like big Al, my apologies. You have know idea what I know or don't know about the plastic business or any other business for that matter. And perhaps you don't know the lies that were put forth to cover up the real reasons why Amtech was failing. I do, so maybe I know more than the great Heilig Jennings does on a subject, wait how can that be? Perhaps I spent a great deal of time at Amtech world headquarters, perhaps I know all the people that did the box art, that built the kits in the photos, did the illustrations for the directions, did the boxing, the ties with Three Guys Replicas, maybe I can name all the people involved. Don't tell me I don't know half the story.
  21. Amtech was a joke from day 1. The owner was a look at me look at me,I am important please notice guy. Big plans not much follow through. The only in they (he) had was they knew what hadn't been released by AMT and leased the molds and had a few minor parts tooled up. The exception was the huckbien which was a new tool. But was tooled from inexpensive aluminum and had a limited life span.
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