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  1. The Aires one is more correct. Please see this https://www.super-hobby.com/products/S-III-S.html
  2. Great build! and I see your attemp on adding the missing detail of that kit! Well done.
  3. Some updates... -Sandings are done -Surface paint are done -The main color , Chrome silver is done on the Sabre Dog Best Regards,
  4. As a part of my project "Six Appeal" , I planned to build the plane which its number designation ended with "6" including the F-106A (completed) , F-86D and F-86F continuously (and perhaps including F-16) All are in 1/48th scale. The F-86D kit is of Revell which is very good model!!! (it was granted "Best Model Kit" in 2001) while the F-86F kit is of Hasegawa (Good kit too). I build the "D" in OOB style while the "F" has an Eduard Cockpit PE set (got at discounted price from online website , yippee ^^) I hope I can finish this project by the end of this year! Thank you f
  5. Thank you Murad! Thank you :) Thank you :) You're welcome. Here we go! (all are in 1/48th scale)
  6. Superb! especially nicely detailed cockpit and shading of exhaust pipes area!!!
  7. A rare subject! Nicely detailed at the Cockpit , the Gun turret and the LDG bays !!!
  8. Nice Build. Amazing if that is 1/72nd scale.
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