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  1. Link to this story: https://www.thisdayinaviation.com/2022/02/20/
  2. Kursad, I know your plate is pretty full, but any chance of a 1/144 B-52F that Jimmy Stewart flew on his last combat mission 20 February 1966? Saw a post today from 'This Day in Aviation' profiling the actor's military career. The B-52F-65-BW was assigned to the 736 Bomb Squadron of the 454 BW. We have the 36 and 47 markings from the movie, this would be a great addition! Thanks for looking!!
  3. Gotta find shelf space for some B-36s and the C-17. Along with a few B-52s!! Thanks KursadA!!
  4. Can't wait for this one! Options for 20, how many can be built per set?
  5. wbs52


    Understood, Thanks! Keep up the great work!!
  6. wbs52


    Kursad, with the Roden B-36 out now, (and for the HobbyCraft kits I already have), any update on when you will be able to get around to finishing them? Thanks!!
  7. Thanks for the reply, and the hard work! Watched the movie again last week, really great aerial film work!
  8. Any update on the release of this sheet?
  9. I second the PA Guard decals. Maybe we can persuade Jennings to do a sheet of generic markings, like SAC bands, SAC, AMC and wing insignia, etc so we can build our own.
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