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  1. First time on ARC in a couple of months---surprised no one replied but it would have been to tell you that you posted in the Ships Modeling section. You might want to shift over to the airplane, jets department.
  2. 2017 Thunder Over Michigan

    Steve---put B-47, which went to Edwards, in for comparison of assembly time. Some questioned whether it would be assembled in time. Ended up taking about the same time.
  3. 1:350 Modern Aircraft Carrier Hangar Decals

    Nice job! But don't have hi-res printer or a 350th modern CV. Hope folk find out about this---adds greatly to the finished model.
  4. Revell 400 something Arizona WIP

    Always good to see interesting Revell AZ work. Looks great! Nice job on the PE.
  5. 2017 Thunder Over Michigan

    Add WV-2 (EC-121K) static. It's the one from Chanute. Plan is for it to be assembled and open in time. Many components already there and fuselage is on the trailer. WAR Facebook page shows that they got the B-47 back together in a bit over 2 weeks so there's plenty of time.
  6. 2017 Goshen Freedom Fest

    glad I didn't know of it in advance. Have seen each plane so a 1.5 hour normal drive would have been ruined. the F-22 and P-51 flew out of Battle Creek--watched from yard and neighbor open areas. Great shots by your buddy and you!
  7. 1/350 CVA-63 Kitty Hawk

    any closeups of the hanger sides?
  8. 1:72 KP MiG-19S Farmer C East Germany

    wondered what their MiG kits would look like completed. Good job!!!!
  9. Markings for 1/72 mid-seventies USAF airmen?

    Agree that chart is too modern--number of stripes/position, and middle star are significant. One small aside---marshaller has cap on: okay since wearing ear protectors. At that time there was variation about caps on the flight line. Some NCOs/officers mandated wearing them while others wouldn't allow it. Some of the difference was based somewhat objectively whether working props or jets.
  10. Hellcat wing folding

    Been off ARC for a while so apologies for late reply. One important thing about cutting wings in general is to be sure how the top and bottom surfaces vary. They may not line up on the real plane (like upper surface break is closer to fuselage than bottom. Another point, and pertinent to F6F, is non-straight lines. Just cutting with a large saw can result in a noticeably inaccurate model. Close check of photos very important.
  11. Revell 1/48 Rafale M-CZ (Aero 169 Rafan) Czech Navy

    True story (look it up): Czechoslovakia had a seagoing merchant marine. Slovakia still does. In the 70s one of the big tuna "boats" in San Diego was registered with home port of Las Vegas. You can bet on this all being true!
  12. 1 48 Douglas B-66 conversion kit?

    Cockpit is different (totally different layout), IFR boom different, fin different, MLG doors different, NLG different. I think you could use the stabilizers and tail gun but if you wanted an EB the tail cones are completely different. In short, there is almost nothing visible that you could use on a B-66 based on how conversions are done now (complete wings and fuselages). A Trumpeter A3 fuselage can be cut at seam lines and you could use the rear fuselage with reasonable accuracy but still need to fill/sand/scribe NEW (not rescribe) the fin/rudder. Price of an A3 for 2-5 parts?
  13. Revellogram C-47

    C-47s are C-47s. C-53s are C-53s. So Dorice should be built from a C-47 kit. Like Cubs2Jets says, C-53s had what looked like a DC-3 passenger door (modified for removal/opening for troop jumps. There were other significant differences but what is visible are small details.
  14. 1st submission - Roden DC-3 1/144 Foiled

    What was your "oiling" technique?
  15. Darn it I lost my poppy yet again!!

    I have 3 and got in such a hurry I forgot to wear one. Fortunately didn't get around much today. Need to wear it over the weekend I think. Hardly ever see one any more in the US.