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  1. stevehnz

    RAF Mildenhall photo thread

    Always a pleasure to catch up with these, thanks for sharing them Gary, some impressive metal there. Steve.
  2. stevehnz

    Monino 2018

    Wow, brilliant photos & what a variety, you.'d never get me out of the place. 🙂 Thanks for sharing them. Steve
  3. stevehnz

    1/72 Hasegawa Grumman A-6A Intruder

    I obviously need to pay more attention John, I've been missing this till now, I do like what you're doing with this, the USN LGG/White schemes look great when done as nicely as you are. Some good tips too for the one I have in stock. Steve.
  4. stevehnz

    Seagull from HMAS Australia 1/72

    Nicely done Thommo, I've a couple of these in stock, I'd thought of scanning the feet of a Revell boxing's decal sheet & printing my own but what you've done does the job pretty well too. Steve.
  5. stevehnz

    Ebbro 1/20 Scale Lotus 72E

    Hi Joel, yes indeed, I'll keep an eye on this. I well remember the introduction of the 72, it was SOOOO different & so exciting. I still love the look of them. Steve.
  6. stevehnz

    Shawn's F-4C in NYANG markings

    Don't worry, I used to suffer from the same stupidity. To my mind, if its worth drawing attention to, & most of them are, its worth putting a link in to them, the best way to really show them off. Thanks @phantom for the link. Steve.
  7. Early days my modelling was begun with 1/72, Revell, Frog & Airfix, I did do some 1/48 for a bit, there was a local brand, RSL Classic which sold various others 1/48 kits as 1/50, Phantom, F-86D, P-38, Spitfire IX, hellcat, Hell Diver & Bf 109E Badly made & painted with the set of prime colours which was all I could get50-55 years ago. Basically I seem to have decided they took up too much room & too much paint & when Humbrol Authentics came along it was back to Frog, Airfix & Revell in that order. I'm still a devoted 1/72nd modeller. Steve.
  8. stevehnz

    Fujimi 1/24 scale Martini Porsche 917 K

    A lovely job on that indeed Joel, pleased I got back in time for the show, I got tied up seeing my MiL into the hereafter, nothing sinister I hasten to add, just a nasty disease & a slow lingering demise, very trying & upsetting for all. seeing this beautiful job is a great encouragement. Steve.
  9. stevehnz

    Fujimi 1/24 scale Martini Porsche 917 K

    That is looking great Joel, really looking forward to the final reveal on this. Steve.
  10. stevehnz

    Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18C VMFA 212

    That is really tidy in a beautifully scruffy sort of way. 🙂 Steve.
  11. stevehnz

    Siege of Jadotville diorama

    Nice to see this Thommo, I've got decals for the 1/72 version, no super detailing for me. I'm happy to leave that to talented types like you 🙂 Steve
  12. stevehnz

    Fujimi 1/24 scale Martini Porsche 917 K

    Coming along beautifully Joel, the decals look stunning. Steve.
  13. stevehnz

    1/72 Canadair Mk 6 Golden Hawks

    Lovely tidy job on this John. I'm liking. 🙂 Steve.
  14. stevehnz

    Spruebrothers and supply chains?

    I;ve just ordered a decal set off Spruebrothers, that I'd been watching for a bit, I was happy to see it showing a mid summer discount of -40% 🙂 I know that some of the Minicraft 1/144 kits I'd like are out of stock but it seems to be like that most at other places other than places I can't afford the postage from. Steve.
  15. stevehnz

    Westland Lysander Question

    Hi Steven, pretty sure it was an inspection panel of some sort. Some kits show it as a panel, some will give you a clear piece to put in their. Afaik, not all Lizzies had the clear piece so if you can find a photo of your subject then go with what you see. This diagram may help. It looks to me like the starter handle hatch. Steve.