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  1. Another vote for lead shot, in my case #6 shot, also stuck in with PVA/white glue. Steve.
  2. Ok, there is only one off the sheet I want, the II/KG.66 one, if I take out the bit specific to that are you interested in the rest for a modest amount of modelling tokens plus post, not near as bad from New Zealand to the USA as the other way around. That might leave you short some crosses but I'm sure you could sort that out. Steve.
  3. Any particular aircraft on it you're after? Steve.
  4. Brilliant job on that, I've just done similar though in 1/72 for a group build on Britmodeller. I've been after doing one of these for some years, its such a super scheme. I do wish I'd spotted your colour calls, they look spot on to me. I had to try & replicate them in Humbrol colours, nevertheless I was happy enough with the outcome, but I like yours better. Steve.
  5. That twin 20mm set up is as good as I've seen on a build like this, bar none I reckon. It really does look so convincing. Steve.
  6. Yes, good that isn't it, don't 'spose we could get our pollies into a lease deal & cross training with the USAF or something/anything like that. Steve.
  7. Another group of photos making me brassed off I couldn't make it. It looks like it was a great show, I woud've loved to have seen the F-16 display. Steve.
  8. Thanks David, I'd enjoy that but after what've seen on google now with the YB-49 in formation with chase planes, YB-47 etc, I now have a mental picture of just how big they are so don't be going to any hassles on my account please. Much as I'd love to have a crack at something like this, it would be far too big for my cabinet, this must have been a real labour of love on your part. Steve.
  9. Ok, misunderstanding. No probs I hope & apologies to David for encroaching on his thread. Steve.
  10. I guess that depends on the extent of your ape factor. You seem determined to spike any attempt on my part to have this illustrated & as it has now flown Davids grasp, at least temporarily, I'm not too concerned about it, by the time he goes to the museum I'll have probably forgot about it, being older than you, though hopefully not bitter. I'm pleased I managed to google it myself without having to be told to. Damn, where are those smile & wink emoticons when you need them. Steve.
  11. You've more patience than I've got I reckon. If they're too small to see from a metre or hidden where they'll seldom be seen then they run the risk of being "forgotten". Steve.
  12. I read that but being very much a visual person a picture is worth a thousand words to me so I wondered, if it wasn't too onerous for David, to see a picture of it alongside a type that was more familiar too us, would be instructive & illustrative. Of course, if thats a hassle to David, then no problem. I'll do the math. Steve.
  13. That looks like a most impressive model & very nicely done. Any chance of a photo with something else in to give an idea of size, I'm guessing its not small. Steve
  14. That looks really very nice. It is confidence inspiring to read your comments about the fit. I've one of these to do one of these days. Steve.