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  1. stevehnz

    F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    I'm enjoying your build very much, I might never go to this detail but its good to know what is possible with this kit. I'm looking at mine with new regard. 🙂 Steve.
  2. stevehnz

    LF 1/72 Italeri A-26K

    We can't give likes on this forum but if I could you'd rate a great big fat LIKE for that act of generosity. 👍 Steve.
  3. stevehnz

    No Talk Of Solo?

    My young have seen it, total SW junkies' & quite approved, they concur with the sentiments re TLJ so they're not lacking in critical faculties. Steve.
  4. stevehnz

    Mirage quatre mille; update 17/06/2018

    I'll be going for the desert scheme for mine but that is a super looking job you've got going there. 🙂 Steve.
  5. stevehnz

    CD48124 - 1/48 F-7M "Next Gen Fishbeds"

    I'd sure like to think so, then the decals wouid be sure to follow. I have considered scratch building one, doable from what I've seen but it is not of any great urgency so I'll live in hope in the meantime. 🙂 Steve.
  6. stevehnz

    CD48124 - 1/48 F-7M "Next Gen Fishbeds"

    If someone will do one of these in 1/72 will you shrink that sheet down for it? Please. 🙏 🙂 Steve.
  7. stevehnz

    F-16A RNIAF

    I built the Hasegawa F-16D kit as a Nellis Airbase Aggressor a year or two back, , the fuselage is the same & I recall having an issue with the burner can but seem to remember it was sorted fairly easily as you seem to have done. your bird looks rather nice in that scheme, better than I'd have imagined it would. I'll look forward to seeing it done. 🙂 Steve.
  8. stevehnz

    KC-97 Decals

    What about a Joint Church Aid C-97 from the Biafra Airlift? Steve.
  9. stevehnz

    ME 109 g10 earla

    I think I might be confusing this mount of his with the K-4 as modelled by Fine Molds, I believe there is discussion among the cognescenti as to whether or not he ever flew that machine but I have seen photos of him in this one with the outline only gruppenkommader doppel-winkel. I've markings to do this in 1/72, I have bookmarked your build as reference. Steve.
  10. stevehnz

    Canadair Sabre 6 --- 1/72 Hobbycraft kit

    Now there is an understatement, its looking a bit super in fact, I'll be looking forward to further progress. 🙂 Steve.
  11. stevehnz

    Belgian Spitfire Mk. XIVc

    I missed the end of , I'm glad to have caught up now, that has come up a treat. Steve.
  12. stevehnz

    Frog Miles Master III 1/72

    Bit of a thread resurrection here, I haven't been as active over here as I was thanks to the PB shenanigans & the the upgrade hassles the site had, coupled with a hellishing hectic year or two & you get the picture, so I'm having a catch up & pleased I caught up with this, it came up pretty good. A hint that may help with your canopy is to use white glue on it, its good for gap filling & if some goes to far it will dry clear. I attach my canopies with white glue, a clean up with a damp q-tip & when dry, any filled gaps can be touched up with your top colour paints. Steve.
  13. stevehnz

    ME 109 g10 earla

    Impressive job on this, the paint work really jumps out with it's quality. Is this the one reputed to have been Hartman's last mount? Steve.
  14. stevehnz

    Mirage quatre mille; update 17/06/2018

    Thanks Sebastian for the quick reply, I'm watching with interest. 😊 I think you have heaps of time before I will get to that stage, several years perhaps.🙄 Steve.
  15. stevehnz

    Mirage quatre mille; update 17/06/2018

    I had one of these drop onto the front door step yesterday & my early look was all encouraging, but a quick look through the directions revealed nothing I could see about nose weight to prevent tail sitting, so, needed or not? Have you determined this yet Sebastian? I like the look of what you've done till now. Steve.