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  1. CD72071 - 1/72 F-100 Super Sabre in Vietnam

    That got my attention, I'll be watching out for these.
  2. Mosquito FB Mk.VI Tamiya 1/72

    A nice job there Rodney, the Tamiya kit is probably the best in 1/72, you've made it look even better. I've several in stock but want to improve my skills before I try them. Steve.
  3. Hi John, I've been missing in action over here for a bit now so its been good to have a catch up, you've made some great progress on this, the Coastal Molins gun is a real wee gem by the look of what you've done with it. I recall reading a book on D-boats, I think called Gunboat 685 or similar, the 6 pdrs were devastating in their effect, no wonder the S-boots didn't like them. Steve
  4. Kora Decals - Quality?

    That looks good John, I must say the white bits don't look too bad over the dark sea blue, better than I would have imagined. My earlier experiences with the Finnish Hurricane markings haven't stopped me buying others sets, mainly Finnish & Belgian, at the end of the day they are the only game in town for some subjects. Steve.
  5. Frog Miles Master III 1/72

    Yup. Steve.
  6. Kora Decals - Quality?

    I've used them only once on a Finnish Hurricane build. I would recommend to put a white backgound to areas where there're over dark camo etc, they seemed to be a bit translucent. I'm not sure if they're laser or ink jet printed, they tend to be a bit pixelly & they are printed on one sheet so need cutting out. Other than that they handled just like normal decals & went down fine. Steve.
  7. Brilliant john, it just gets better & better. Steve.
  8. Frog Miles Master III 1/72

    It could take a while but it is in the grand plan, there is a grand plan, I'm sure of it. Steve.
  9. Frog Miles Master III 1/72

    I'm enjoying this, I've got a couple in stock, one to do as you are & one to convert to a Mk II with a spare Blenheim engine. Its good to see how nicely it goes together. Steve.
  10. Nose Weight - What do you use?

    Another vote for lead shot, in my case #6 shot, also stuck in with PVA/white glue. Steve.
  11. Delete

    Ok, there is only one off the sheet I want, the II/KG.66 one, if I take out the bit specific to that are you interested in the rest for a modest amount of modelling tokens plus post, not near as bad from New Zealand to the USA as the other way around. That might leave you short some crosses but I'm sure you could sort that out. Steve.
  12. Delete

    Any particular aircraft on it you're after? Steve.
  13. F-16C Nellis Aggressor

    Brilliant job on that, I've just done similar though in 1/72 for a group build on Britmodeller. I've been after doing one of these for some years, its such a super scheme. I do wish I'd spotted your colour calls, they look spot on to me. I had to try & replicate them in Humbrol colours, nevertheless I was happy enough with the outcome, but I like yours better. Steve.
  14. That twin 20mm set up is as good as I've seen on a build like this, bar none I reckon. It really does look so convincing. Steve.