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    This guy on YouTube did a pretty good review and build of the kit. Looks like a fun, low pressure build. Pelican review/build Els
  2. Beechcraft C-12J USAF help needed

    I found these two pictures that say they are the interior of the C-12J, I don't know how accurate the info is. http://aviadejavu.ru/Images6/AN/AN16-3/67-1.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/96/BeechInterior.jpg/440px-BeechInterior.jpg Els
  3. Shelf Queens Pt. II GB

    I have 5 nearly finished kits that I need some forced motivation to finish. One of them has been nearly finished for about 15 years so I would definitely be up for this GB.
  4. Modelpalooza

    I am planning to go. That is always a good show.
  5. A nude Dragonfly

    I agree with Jackman, you are doing some awesome work on this kit. I always thought this was a cool looking kit when I saw it on the Industria Mechanika web site but couldn't think of a good way to display it. You have definitely solved that problem. I can't wait to see it finished.
  6. 1/72 TIE Striker

    Nice job. I really like the way you broke up all the black in panels. I am still on the fence whether I like this version of the Tie or not.
  7. Paolo, I have one from a Revell F-105D kit that you can have if that will work. Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing, it is in the top left of this picture. F-105 parts Els
  8. The Helipad

    This is my Revell 1:48 H-19 Rescue Helicopter. It is OOB and painted with Tamiya paints. Els
  9. H-19 Rescue Helicopter

    Le Boz, thank you. dnl42, I like those pictures. Once Kursad comes out with some decals for this kit I think I might build a couple more. This kit has very basic decals but they worked great. It is done and if I can get Photobucket to work for 5 minutes I will post a picture. I will post a couple of more pics in the completed section. This was a fun little kit. I didn't use any putty and it looks good on the shelf. I really like helicopters but I don't build them very often because the rotors take up to much space. If it weren't for this Group build I would not have built this one. I had so much fun with this quick build that I am already pretty far into a pair of old Revell F-15C's. Els
  10. H-19 Rescue Helicopter

    Phantom, at least there is a little bit of movement to the figures, they are not just the usual sitting at attention lumps that were in a lot of these old kits. I got a little time to work on it today. The nose was installed. I have been very surprised at how well all the parts fit on this kit. I have not used any putty. There are some cracks in the front glass. I am going to put a couple of coats of Future over them and I hope that will make them disappear. Then just when I thought it was ready for some paint I found this little gem molded on the boom. After removing that a coat of black. Then some Tamiya steel. A couple of coats of Future and then decals. Its moving along. I did not look at any photo's of the real helicopters until I got to the decal stage. I did not want to start picking at the kit and trying to accurize/change anything. One thing that I did find that was either wrong with the kit or wrong with my build is that the front gear should be farther apart. I used the kit piece that has the holes very close together but after looking at some pics they should be farther apart. I am not changing it now but just be advised. I should be able to finish it up tomorrow. Els
  11. I picked this kit up at Hobby Town yesterday. The last couple of kits that I have been working on have been old kits that were reissued. I told myself that I would not work on another for a while (The Fairy Rotodyne nearly killed off all my modeling mojo). Well since I was in a Rescue squadron and I liked the old style of art work on the box, the kit came home with me. It is the latest release of the I don't know how many times reissued H-19 kit. Since I do not know anything about this helicopter and I am tired of all the extra work with these old kits I have decided to build this kit OOB. If you want to see a nice build of this kit check out I-16's build, he is going all out. As for me the box says this is a level 4 kit and the back of the box says... Age 12-14, mentally I am right there, Glue and paint, Check, and build time 5+ hours. I am going to see how close to the 5 hours I can get. Should be no pressure and nothing but fun. So I started at 0640 and by around 1000 the rotor and the cockpit were done. These pilots are horrible. They are human shape lumps. One of them seems to be a WWII pilot that has been reused. I was going to stop there but I kept playing around with it until it was at this point It was 1045 so I called it quits for a while. I am enjoying the build so I will probably work on it some more tonight. Els
  12. The Hangar

    Yesterday at my local Hobby Town I found the new release of the old H-19 kit so I am going to build it real quick OOB. Els
  13. X-Wing Game Dio

    Madhatter, I am not really trying to do any perspective with this. I just want to create something to hang the spacecraft from so I can get them off my desk. Why are all the photo hosting sites such a pain in the A..???? I finished the tree's. and added foliage and the tree's to the background to give it some 3d effect. Then I worked on the Tie that was shot down. It was chopped up and wire was added to the other Tie and X-Wing. After installing the LED, some stuffing is inserted where I want the explosion. Then I sprayed it with orange and black. I also shot a little orange on the Tie for a reflection from the explosion. Then I added the ships and hooked up the battery. Sorry for the bad pictures but it is hard for my point and shoot to take low light pictures. It's not bad for a couple of game pieces. Now back to the motorcycle I was supposed to be working on. Els
  14. I don't think I could live without an airbrush but I know that there are a lot of people who can't afford or just plain don't like using airbrushes. I recently watched this video and was surprised at the result that this guy got painting a bare plastic aircraft kit with oils. It is a good tutorial and it makes me want to give it a try. Painting kits with oils
  15. X-Wing Game Dio

    Hello all, A while back I stopped in my local Goodwill to see if there were any kits. There were no kits but I found this for sale for $1.99. It had a sticker on the box stating that it was missing the dice but everything else was there. I figured that even though I didn't know what to do with them the figures were had to be worth the asking price. Here are the kits, they are pretty nice for the size. Last weekend I finally got tired of moving them around on my work desk every time that I wanted to work on a kit. I decided I would make a quick weekend project with them. A trip to my local dollar store scored me this 7x5 acrylic picture frame. I am going to try and build a small, flat dio on the picture frame and have the X-Wing shooting down one of the Tie's and chasing after the other. The first thing was to reinforce the picture frame with some epoxy and old sprue. In the movie the X-Wing v Tie fighter fight was over some ruins. I am not trying to recreate the exact scene from the movie but I wanted something close because that doesn't require a lot of imagination. So in the scene there was some ruins that the characters were running around in. At this small scale I just used some styrene pieces to build up general shapes. Then put a thin skin of Bondo over that and added some parts from the spare parts bin that I will make some more modern building elements in the dio. Here they are beside the X-Wing to show the size. After the Bondo dried I chucked a sewing needle in a pin vise and scratched in some brick detail. I then cast up some rocks with model railroad molds to represent part of a cliff face that will be sticking out of the vegetation. Next up was making some tree's. Several pieces of thin wire were twisted together into tree shapes. Usually I put a coat of Durhams Water putty over them but I was out of that so I just thinned some Bondo with Acetone and used that to cover the wires. That is where my weekend project ran out of weekend. I am off work for the next couple of days so I hope to finish the trees, destroy a Tie fighter, add an LED and fill in the rest of the back ground. Or I might get interested in another project.... Els