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  1. Hello all, This is the Hasegawa 1:72 kit. I have never watched an episode of the show but I have always liked the way these look. I know that these are supposed to be painted white but I wanted to build mine in grey, more like modern Naval aircraft. I bought this kit as a bundle with a photo etch set. I didn't use much of the photo etch though because it was for a different version of this vehicle. Since I wanted it in flight I bought a cheap wood plaque. The skull and crossbones is one of those stick on car accessories from Wallyworld. It was a nice little kit and I barely had to use any putty. 09 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr 01 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr 03 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr 04 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr 05 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr 06 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr 08 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr Thanks for looking, Els
  2. After reading Dana Bell's article I was very surprised to learn how much stuff is missing from the National Archives. Mr Bell was only looking at a very small section of items and how many of those were missing? Extend that average out to vast quantity of items in the archives and the total of missing items must be incredible. Very sad that those irreplaceable items may be just walking out the door and will probably be lost forever.
  3. This web site has a lot of cool pictures of aircraft that were tested out at Dryden, it goes all the way back to the 40's. Sorry if this has been posted before. Dryden Pics Els
  4. Els

    Grey Hybrid

    Yesterday I had some leftover putty from another project so I decided to start fairing in the eyes and roughing out the head size. 04 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr I gotta get working on this, September is right around the corner and I still have a few "Ain't real" projects I would like to work on. Els
  5. Els

    Grey Hybrid

    I was pretty excited to get started on this project but now that I am working on it, it's not really keeping my attention the way I thought it would. I chopped the top of the head off and put a couple of coats of epoxy in it to stop it from flexing every time I touched it. Some wooden half ovals were bought to use for the eyes. I put several coats of filler primer spray paint on them to smooth them out and hit them with some silver spray paint. Then I super glued them together in the shape I will use for the eyes. 03 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr Els
  6. Your additions are really making this project pop. Watch out, you are going to turn a plain Jane kit into something pretty darn cool.. Els
  7. That extended nose does look like it should be there. I really like the way that you used the dots to tie the two camo colors together. Els
  8. I am not sure if this really qualifies for this Group build. I guess it depends on your beliefs. Several years ago I picked up this doll kit when it was on sale at Hobby Lobby. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but back then I was really into figure kits so I thought I might use it at some point. Fast forward a few years and my daughter showed me this picture in a magazine and told me it was the creepiest thing she had ever seen. Well, I knew what the doll kit was going to be. I found this while I was looking for something else to build for this GB and haven't built a figure kit in a while so this should be fun. Here is the kit. It was missing some of its parts, that is why it was discounted. It has the head, two arms and two legs so it is fine for my purposes. 01 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr Here is the head with the picture I cut out of the magazine. 02 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr I am not a sculptor in any way, shape or form so I plan to leave the lower portion of the skull with the nose and mouth intact so that I do not have to do anything with that. I am hoping to cut it at the mid eye level and chop off the top portion of the head. One thing I am not sure about though is the material it is made off. I always thought it was vinyl but today when I took it out of the bag it has a sort of rubbery feel to it. I am going to try cutting the head and paint one of the feet to see how it reacts. If it is not good, this will be a very short project. Els
  9. This could be a little weird...I am going to attempt to make an alien human hybrid from one of those Authentic Reborn dolls.
  10. Sprue Brothers has it. I was surprised when I saw the scale. Kit link
  11. Its the A-10 version of the Airbus Beluga. You are nailing the "That ain't real" intent of the group build. As far as the paint you already have a head start if you wanted to make it a Coke bottle paint job like the F-104.
  12. That scheme will look good on the Crusader. I can't ever remember one of my pilots making it into the cockpit with feet. It doesn't seem to bother them, they still fly the heck out of the planes on my shelves.
  13. This is the old Revell 1:8 kit. There is a topic here on how I built it. Build thread 16 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr 17 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr 18 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr 19 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr Here is a comparison to a Tamiya 1:12 kit that I built a while ago to give an idea of the size/scale difference. 20 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr
  14. Els

    Honda Road Racer

    Well I finally finished this kit. I will post some pictures of some of the things I had to fix, maybe it will help someone else who is trying to build this kit. I added some bracing to the swing arm because the attachment is very weak and the plastic that this kit is made of is very hard and grainy. I found that the glued pieces were fairly easy to pop apart after assembly so this will add some strength. 09 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr In this picture you cans see the problem that I was having with the tires. The walls of the tires are not of an even thickness and this makes the tires pull/lean to one side or the other. 10 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr The first thing I tried was to flow some epoxy into the tires to strengthen them. This did not work, the epoxy did not stick to the tires. 11 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr So then I wrapped some styrene around the rim to fill up the empty space in the tire. 12 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr Then I cut a hole in the tire and put it on the rim. After that I filled it full of epoxy. After the epoxy cured I filled in the hole with Bondo and sanded it down. That worked pretty well 13 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr I also modified the rear shocks to make them a little more realistic. Here is a before and after. 14 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr Here is the finished kit. 15 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr Because of the size of the finished kit it looks pretty impressive and I am happy to have it on the shelf. Is it a replica of Dick Mann's Daytonal Winner? No. There are a lot of differences between the real bike and this kit. The tail piece is different, the front fender, front suspension, shocks, exhausts etc...It is a good starting point if you wanted to make all the changes and accurize it but I am going with the idea that someone wanted to build a tribute bike. I don't think I would build another one of these. I don't want to say it is a bad kit, it is just that this is a kit of the 60's or 70's and they are not up to the standards of today's kits. The engineering of the kit is a pain in the backside. One thing that they could have fixed though are the instructions. They are terrible. There are bad views, parts just show up later in the instructions that the builder was never told to install. There is no decal chart, there is tubing that you are told to install during the build that you are not told to attach to anything. It is nothing that someone who has built a few kits could not figure out but they should have fixed it before they reissued it. I will post more pictures in the display tab. Els
  15. You should build more Star Wars because you are very good at it. I like your choice of colors, they might not be technically right (What ever that is) but to me that looks just right. The standing figure on the base is a nice touch to give a sense of scale.
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