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  1. Els

    Eurocopter EC-135 SOF in 1:72

    I like the colors/pattern that you chose for the camo, looks right on that helo.
  2. Els

    Flory models sponge sanding sticks

    Here is his webstore. Flory Models Store
  3. Go check out Wallyworld, they have spatulas with clear acrylic handles for a little over a buck. I use them for aircraft in flight stands sometimes.
  4. Els

    Royal Guard TIE Interceptor

    Nice job on the build. Those Tie Interceptors look good in red.
  5. Els

    USS Reliant, lit up.

    Its looking good with the lights and you are making great progress. I have had this kit in my stash for a long time but it is so big that every time I pull it off the shelf to build it I see the size and put it back on the shelf.
  6. The top was chopped and most of the deck has been roughly glued on. I need to go to the store later today and buy some more epoxy. I want to run some of it down the inside join of the deck before I cut it to the proper shape. This should give it a good amount of strength. 03 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr On the magazine cover the hanger is back by the horizontal and vertical stabilizers, this kit is not deep enough for that so I had to move it forward. There is a 1:700 -53 on the deck to give a sense of scale. How in the heck do you paint 700 scale aircraft??? Els
  7. Hello all, I bought this 1:520 scale Hindenburg kit at a show a while ago because it was to cheap to pass up. 01 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr Not really wanting to build the Hindenburg I kept it on the back burner for a whif. The old Modern Mechanix covers had some great looking machines on them and this one caught my eye. 02 Inspiration by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr Link to site the picture came from I know that there are many reasons that this would not work in real life but I don't care, I like it. The scale of the project is going to be changed to 1:700 so that I can use readily available aircraft kits/accessories and I think at this scale it will look reasonable. 1:350 aircraft look a little big compared to the size of the dirigible. The cover shows a biplane taking off but even though this is already a stretch of the imagination I don't want to stretch it to far because I can't imagine any pilots wanting to land in the direction of the hanger. So I will upgrade it a bit and make it a platform for helicopters and CV-22's. Els
  8. I am going to jump in with a aerial landing platform dirigible. Els
  9. Here is a video of some of the aerial footage that I recently watched. USMC EA-6B Prowlers Deactivating • VMAQ-2 Aerial Footage
  10. I have a few ideas rattling around. This will be fun.
  11. Els

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    1:48 MH-53J/M 1:144 MC-130E 1:144 MC-130H 1:48 Seated pilots (Varity of era's/equipment) I don't need a 5th, I would be happy to get these.
  12. Els

    Ed Force One

    Thanks guys, Trojan Thunder, do you know who makes the decals for the 757. I have been wanting to make one of these Link to original pic to go with my Phil the Phabulous Phantom Phlyer Weird-Oh that I made a few years ago Phil the Phabulous Phantom Phlyer Silly Week
  13. Els

    Honda Road Racer

    Wow you guys have been digging back. Unfortunately this kit is still sitting at this same unbuilt stage. I ran into a problem with the rubber/vinyl tires. The side walls of the tires that came with the kit are to thin and they sag to one side or the other once you put the rims in them. I got a new set of tires but they have the same problem. I am not sure if this is a problem with all the kits or I just got lucky twice. I tried putting pipe cleaners in the tires to fill them up and that kind of worked but it still looked like crap. I gave one set of the tires away to someone who was going to try and fill them with resin. Last time I checked he had not done anything with them either. Since there is some interest in this I may just try to run some epoxy around the edges to see it if helps. I want to see the kit finished, these old reissues can be frustrating. Els
  14. Els

    GEMINI 9A - 1/24

    As good as it looks finished it is almost a shame to cover up all those details you put into it. It is funny to me that I have seen a million pictures/documentaries of this capsule but I never really looked at it until I was following along with your build. Those were some brave/crazy men to squeeze into that little thing and get launched into space.
  15. Wow you build fast, it turned out great.