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  1. It is looking good. That web site you posted is pretty cool. I just clicked over to see what it was and the next thing I knew almost an hour had gone by while I was looking at all the cars/brochures that are there. You have gotten me in the mood to build a car model, it has been a few years since I have done that.
  2. Revell/Monogram chopper
  3. Els

    RM Chopper

    Thanks everyone, I going to call this one done. I am really happy with how this kit turned out especially since I never meant to build this. More pictures will be in the completed section (this was a hard kit to photograph, the metallic parts kept washing out). This kit is supposed to be 1:12 but I think it is more like 1:10. It is bigger than my Tamiya 1:12 bikes and smaller than the 1:9 kits that I have built. Painters tape was wrapped around the exhaust for heat tape. I lost the gas cap and front light so I had to scratch those up. This was a fun kit, I will be keeping my eye out for any more of these that are on sale. Thanks for following along. ELs
  4. Els

    RM Chopper

    Yeah should be no problem getting it done. I am having a lot of fun with this kit. There is hardly any putty needed so it is just glue it, slap it together, and hit it with some paint. I will try to combine as much progress as possible in one picture to keep the count down on Flickr, I don't want to have to start paying. Frame and most of the engine is finished. For the tins I decided to go with unpainted metal like they are still working on those and haven't finished and painted them yet. Maybe the builder has to save up a bit more money to finish the project. I added a little red on the rims to give the kit a little color. Now I know why the kit was on clearance, it is missing some parts. The alternate tank is not there which doesn't bother me much but what is a pain is that the brake rotors are missing. No cables come with the kit and I don't think I am going to add any.
  5. I am glad that you went with the Miller Time decals. I wanted to see what it would look like in that scheme and it looks good. Sometimes those old decals go on rough but they settle down fine.
  6. Here is another kit that I would probably not build if it weren't for this GB. I bought this in the clearance isle of Hobby Lobby several years ago. I never planned to build it as a motorcycle, I bought the kit because it was cheap and because I planned to use the parts for a Sci Fi Whif. Well the Whif never got off the ground so I am just going to quickly build it up now as a motorcycle. Here is the kit It has a lot of parts for such a basic bike. The chrome parts were plated very thickly and had a waxy feeling to them so into my favorite chrome stripping product...Purple Power. And after about a half hour... Major parts of the engine, frame, and forks together. The way you have to put the rear fender and forks into the frame to glue it together is a bit of a pain. It makes painting more difficult than it should be. Now to start figuring out how I want to paint it. Els
  7. Since I am at a stand still on the Ed Force One while waiting for decals I thought I would break out another kit that I think I can build quickly enough to get it done before the end of the month. I am going to throw a motorcycle into the mix. It will be one of the Revell custom chopper kits. Els
  8. Els

    Ed Force One

    Thought that I would post something to show that I am still plugging away at this. After all the primer, putty and sanding I had to do my least favorite thing in modelling...Rescribing. You can see that I suck at it and have to make a lot of corrections. I use Dymo tape and a Tamiya scriber but I still don't seem to have the proper skills. I still haven't ordered the window decals, I need to get on that so that they will be here before the end of the GB.
  9. Els

    Is it necessary to seal decals?

    One night at our local club meet we decided that we all would bring in our oldest shelf queen. I brought an F-105 that I had last worked on in the early 2000's. It had the decals on it but they were not sealed. After the meeting I put it in the back seat of the car and drove home with the windows open. You probably guessed it, when I got home about half the decals were missing. They were pretty dry and brittle so it did not take much to lift them off. This is not the normal day to day thing a kit would be put through but it got me thinking about old decals in my stash and how they get brittle/cracked. I am sure the same thing would happen to them on a kit over time.
  10. One of the reasons that I never bought this kit was because when I was at my LHS the size of the box led me to believe that it was a large kit. When I look at it compared to the bottle of Tamiya paint you have there it doesn't seem that bad.
  11. Yesssss Time to let that imagination run free.
  12. Els

    Ed Force One

    Fuselage is together. Lots of epoxy on the inside to strengthen it up. I also put some wood dowels down the wings to make sure they don't sag. This kit will be hanging from the ceiling so there will be some added heat up there. Here you can see the fit of the front glass.... I will just putty around the whole thing and sand it flush. I am starting to think that I am going to have to buy an aftermarket set of decals for this kit. The epoxy that I put in the passenger windows did not completely fill all of them. Trying to fill and repaint those windows would be a pain. The cockpit window decals that are included with the kit are just clear with silver frames.
  13. Nice start with the cockpits. I have been wanting to build one of these so I will be very interested to see how your builds go.
  14. Els

    Ed Force One

    Trojan Thunder, thanks for letting me know about the gear. Did you have any problems with getting them all to touch the ground? I am glad to hear that the plastic around the wing mating surfaces is enough to hold the wings. I have already drilled mine and put a couple of pins that I plan to epoxy in from the inside. From what I can find FS16515 is basically Voodoo Gray. I haven't been able to find any of that so I may just mix up something to get it as close as I can. You must have a big house to display all those monsters, hopefully you will post some pictures when you are done with them. Spectre711, Bruce in the pilot seat and Eddie in the co seat would be awesome but the fit of the window is pretty bad. I think it will just get filled in so that I can use the kit decal. You never know though, I usually change my mind about what I am going to do about 37 times during my builds. Els
  15. Els

    Klingon Bop

    Charlie D, thank you. As far as the colors they were various greens from Tamiya that I mixed together and washed/dry brushed. The darker greens were cheap craft store acrylics. Sorry I can't be more specific than that. Els