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  1. Els

    Klingon Bop

    Thanks everybody. This was a fun kit.
  2. picknpluck, I will have to remember that the next time I build one of these. There is a shelf inside the aircraft body that you are supposed to sit the completed cockpit tub on. I glued the cockpit to that but now I see that I should have disregarded that. Since posting those pics I filled it with some card stock and am waiting for it to dry. I was hoping to start putting some paint on it later today. Els
  3. Els

    Expendables HU-16

    Still plugging away at this kit. After much more sanding and priming I am starting to see the very dim light at the end of the tunnel. The fit of the windows is not good (suprise), so I am going to putty over them and replace them with decals. I guess I am going for more of a desk top model at this point. I also worked on my decal sheet, It is not the greatest but it will be good enough for this kit. I went with dark grey for the door and top hatch decals so that they would show up on the black. I am also going to try the blue for the windows, reflection of the blue water it will be flying over. I need something to stand out against the black paint. I will see what it looks like when the time comes. I might have to try something else.
  4. Well since my build has fallen to the bottom of the list I guess I better do an update. Phantom, I hope no one ever see's the bottom of this ugly baby. This is what it looks like with the gear doors closed up. And with some putty I am going to have to go out and buy more sanding sticks. I know that the fit of the canopy on these old kits isn't great but what is the deal with this big hole behind the rear canopy? Els
  5. Els

    Revell T-6 Texan

    Nice job. This is one of the good things about Group Builds, until I saw your build I was never interested in this kit. Now that I have seen how nice yours turned out I am going to have to try and find one. Els
  6. Els

    Expendables HU-16

    Aarrrrgggghhhhhh... Double Aarrrgggghhhhh... 2nd round of putty, dust everywhere, modelling mojo plummeting. While working the seams I lost a lot of rivets so I decided to sand them all off. Since the plastic is so soft most of the panel lines disappeared while doing this. I started scribing in the major panel lines (Hate rescribing, Not good at it!!!), but have decided to get rid of what is left of all the little round and oval access panels, to lazy to rescribe all that. I am not worried about accuracy, I just want to get to the fun part, painting. Once all the dust settles in the modelling room and I can see again I will sand it down some more and hit it with some primer to see what I got. Els
  7. Els

    Expendables HU-16

    You will not be any smarter after watching these movies but they are fun to watch. Definitely worth $11.22, I might have to go over and get the third one. I haven't seen that one since it first came out.
  8. Els

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    This is going to be good.
  9. Nice job. I have always liked the yellow/red combination, it really shows off the lines of the Huey.
  10. Els

    Expendables HU-16

    Rkic, painting those two figures was pretty much a waste of time. Even without the front glass on I can't see anything but the white hat and the faces. Extra sprue and epoxy was used to strengthen the kit. I also epoxied in a spatula handle for the inflight stand. Then the halves were glued up. After the wings were on I printed out some test images that I am going to use for the decals. It took a few times to get the size close enough for me. I found the closest font for the side that I could find to match the movie. It doesn't fit quite the same as in the movie but it is good enough for this out of the box build. On to the putty, sand, repeat stage that I dread. Els
  11. That handle has already been used to fly the F-4 all around the modelling room with lots of made up jet noises. But first I had to get it together. Since the handle wasn't round It made assembly a bit difficult. The body halves have to come together then the bottom needs to be added. Note to self, use only round stock for future Revell/Monogram F-4 builds. It was up and flying. Since the handle flared out on the ends it left me with this ugly baby on the bottom. And of course the raised panel lines always make sanding the spine fun. Els
  12. I finished up the cockpit and crew today. Since the kit comes with one sitting pilot and one standing pilot I had to use my last sitting pilot to fill out the crew. I really wish Hasegawa would make a boxed set of just pilots. Since this will be an in-flight build I started adding some sprue to strengthen kit. It should be good and strong after I add some epoxy. I picked up one of these spatula's for the clear rod. I like the shape of these and once you pull the silicon part off it gives you a good attachment point if you want to use it straight. I will try to install that tomorrow. It will give me a good handle for painting. Els
  13. Oh yeah, I like it. Great concept and execution. The Star Wars universe is a big place and I always like seeing new things that people come up with that could be there. Does the air drying clay get brittle when it cures?
  14. Els

    Expendables HU-16

    Modelmax, I can't believe that I missed your build thread. The interior you built for your kit is really nice. Are you going to build the AN-126 as well? I am not sure when this kit came out but it was part of their SSP (Selected Subjects Program) program where they took old kits and re-released them. I will be watching the rest of your build with great interest. Els
  15. Els

    Expendables HU-16

    Kurt, thanks, Phantom, I haven't had any problems with warped parts so far, probably because the plastic is so soft that it will just flop into any position needed. I am bracing everything because I am afraid that when I add the stand, the thing will warp over time. Airmechaja, even though it is soft, it has pretty good detail. Els