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  1. Spitfire PR XI

    Nice job. You don't see this color of Spitfire built up very often.
  2. Capt Wild Bill Kelso

    Thanks Stefan, The day was spent building up the P-40. Unfortunately it will not be used for this build. The kit did not come with a sharks mouth decal so I tried to hand paint it. The plane was so small that I could not get it to look right so I just decided to build it up and use the kit decals. This was a plane that was in the Aleutian islands in 1942 which is cool because that is where my Grandpa was. I will go ahead and post some pics of it here because I bought it for this build. I do not like building 144th kits because they are to small for my eyes but this was a nice little kit. There was a ton of carrier film on the decals and I trimmed it off all the decals except for the roundels. They looked ok until I hit it with the dull coat. Now you can see the rings around the decals where the carrier film is. Els
  3. MFP Dodge Challenger

    Yeah its something different, gotta keep the modelling mojo moving along.
  4. This was a very quick Shelf Queen to complete. I almost didn't post it because it is such a simple job. I built this kit because I wondered what an updated Main Force Patrol (MFP) car from the Mad Max universe would look like. This was the kit I started with. It was an in-progress (Hemi Interceptor) build here on the ARC but I could not find the MFP badges from my old Aoshima Mad Max kit to finish it. I tried printing some custom decals but they always came out to dark. This is where they are missing from. The next Shelf Queen that I am going to try and finish is a KC-10 and while I was looking for the decals for that I found these.. So I dug out the car and put them on. It probably wouldn't have made any difference if I just left them off but it always bugged me. And here is all of my Mad Max collection. Now if I could just get one of the original MFP car kits. Els
  5. Presenting the Shelf Queens!

    This will probably be the easiest Shelf queen to finish that is being posted in the Group Build. It is the 1:25 scale AMT 2010 Dodge Challenger Year/Month started: May 2016 When the project stalled and why: Project stalled in May of 2016 because I could not find the decals to finish it. What is left to do: Two decals
  6. 1/9 MV Agusta 500/4

    Great job on the build so far. I have built quite a few of the 1:12 Tamiya kits but I really like the 1:9th scale bikes. I wish they would make more of them. I look up some of the old Protar kits on Ebay once in a while but they are getting to expensive for me. Did the red tubing/wiring come with the kit? Els
  7. Capt Wild Bill Kelso

    After a good day at the bench some progress was made. I was watching one of the car builder shows on TV yesterday and they showed a technique were they paint the cars black. After that is dry they spray silver and quickly lay a piece of plastic on the wet paint and pull it up. This gave a very nice marble effect that you can then go over with a clear color of your choice. So I decided to try it. I wanted to try and get that brown color and texture of a flight jacket. The cube was pained black. Then I decided I wanted to add a piece that would look like a pocket flap. Then came the silver and some plastic bags. I big mess later and I had this. I left that to dry while I started working on the flight jacket patches that I wanted to use. I printed out some black and white images on cardstock. They don't have to be great, I just need them for a guide while I paint them. Then I started cutting out the individual images. And additional copies of the specific images so that once glued they would give a 3d effect. After putting a couple of thin brown layers of paint on the cube I made up the patches that I liked from his jacket and attached them to three sides. This will give you and idea of what I am going for. Els
  8. Capt Wild Bill Kelso

    Well since this is my day off from work, its raining, and the starter on my car cannot fulfill its one and only purpose, I dedicate my day to Shelf Queens. I will start the day with the AFV Club P-40 kit. There isn't much to it but it is a nice little kit. After about 10 minutes it was mostly assembled. I used just a little bit of putty on a couple of spots. This will be posed in flight but there is no pilot. I think I will replicate the scene where Wild Bill is flying in the canyon and all you can see in the cockpit is the map he was looking at. The next step I have been dreading. A hole needs to be made in the bottom of the bust. So I got all masked up and started drilling. A few minutes later and a ton of resin dust later... A test fit and he looks pretty good. The box looks a little bit big to me. I think it will be OK after I add the decorations though. I will wait to glue Bill on until after I work on it just incase I don't like it. Els
  9. Capt Wild Bill Kelso

    I already had a wood box that was stained but I didn't have a clear acrylic rod for the bust. I keep telling myself that I need to order a few of these to have on hand but I never seem to get around to it. While I was at the store I saw a spatula with a clear handle so I bought that. It looks a little weird but it will not matter once I grind a hole in the bottom of the bust and epoxy it in. Here it is with the bust and some paint to give an idea of the scale of the bust. I downloaded a bunch of images of his flight jacket and I am going to use those to decorate the edges of the box. I will transfer images of his patches, etc. to styrene for a raised effect. The next step will be building the P-40.
  10. The Showroom

    The 2004 Yamaha YZR M1 is done. A kit that probably would never have been completed without the motivation of this Group Build. Els
  11. 1:12 2004 Yamaha YZR-M1

    I have been working on this on and off all day. The decals in this kit worked very well but some of them were oversized. The helmet decals were oversized and did not fit over the curves of the helmet. All of the places where you cans see blue I had to cut away the yellow to get them to fit as best I could. After that I went over them with some of the yellow that I used on the leathers to try and clean it up some. Still pretty rough but I can live with it. It is lucky that I am building this for the Shelf Queens GB or I would have put it back in the box again. Valentino's face was also painted. And after some little touch ups here and there I am calling this one a shelf queen no longer. Like I said before it is no Tamiya, but for 20 something dollars its a bike and rider that look pretty good on the shelf. Next time I see them on sale I will probably pick up another one, there are plenty of after market decals out there. I will post a few completed pictures in the showroom. Thanks for following along. Els
  12. Presenting the Shelf Queens!

    Since the motorcycle is just about done I will get back to this. This is a resin shift knob bust from Jimmy Flintstone. Started sometime in 2015 What is left to do: Finish painting the bust, make a base. Why the project stalled: I couldn't think of anything to use as a base and I had to finish another bust for Silly Week.
  13. Since the motorcycle is just about done I will get back to this. This is a resin shift knob bust from Jimmy Flintstone. I bought this when I was building Driving Mrs. Rommell for silly week 2017. I need a bust to convert to Mrs. Rommell and I thought this looked cool as well. When it started getting to close to Silly week I did not have the time to work on this kit so in the box it went. The bust is mostly painted, only the eyes, teeth and small details need to be completed. At the time I could not think of anything for a base. I have a wood box that I am going to use and I ordered a 144th P-40 that I am going to mount to that so that it will be flying around behind him.
  14. 1:12 2004 Yamaha YZR-M1

    The rider is together, seems fixed etc. I always like trying to interpret flat drawings of riders into the 3d crouched riding position for masking and painting. I did not have any Lemon yellow so I just mixed up something that looked about right. Then I blasted it with some of the blue that I used on the bike. I think it will be a pretty good match after I shade it down a bit and hit it with a dull coat. The decals are going to be a pain because they printed them out as if the rider was standing straight like in the drawings. Trying it get some of them to bend around bent elbows and stuff should be fun... I will probably have to cut the individual letters apart and attach them one at a time.