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  1. Els

    Meng B-17

    Thanks everybody. It's a fun little kit. I wish they would make a B-24 in the same style. I see that Freedom Models is coming out with a super deformed C-130. I am pretty excited to build one of those. Els
  2. I actually started building this kit yesterday but I could not get Flickr to play along. I have had this kit for a long time, I bought it when it first came out. The problem was that every time I would think about building it I would look at the decals and then put it back in the box. It has a huge decal sheet but that is not the problem. The problem is that the decals are very pixilated. Hopefully this will show up in the pictures. They are not as bad when you look at them as they are in the pictures but they are not good either. They are also very thick but I am going to give them a try, If they don't look good I may try to touch them up with the airbrush or since I seem to have become a decal hoarder at some point I will just use some after market decals. Els
  3. I am going to start on the 1:48 kit of 31 Squadron F-16A from the 1998 Tiger Meet. Els
  4. Els

    Meng B-17

    After working on the two kits for the Revell group build I needed something quick and easy to restore some modelling Mojo. Usually an Egg Plane fits the bill in this circumstance but I had this little Meng kit on the shelf so I decided to give it a shot. It is a snap kit but I glued it because some of the seems would not stay closed up tight. It went together very well and I didn't use much putty. This is a great kit to give to a kid. The only downside to the kit is that it only comes with stickers and no water slide decals. I ordered some kits World 1:144 decals and used those. I had not planned on building Little Miss Mischief because I have seen several other builds of this aircraft, but that was the only nose art that would fit reasonably well on the kit. It just took a couple of days and it looks good on the shelf. Mojo returned. Thanks for having a look. Els
  5. This is finally finished. I had to buy an additional decal sheet for all the stencils. The Illiad Design decals only come with the 3000th Phantom specific decals and nothing else. I also masked and painted on the gray walkways. I could only find three pictures of the actual aircraft wearing the 3000th markings and none of them showed the top of the plane, so I just went with what other aircraft of that time seemed to have. It is a Revell Phantom, kind of a pain to build but they look like F-4's when they are done. For me this one turned out good enough to be in my 2 foot Air Force. Els
  6. Els

    Black Tiger

    I have always liked the designs of the fighters from Space Battleship Yamato/Starblazers. The details that you have added look great and if you didn't know that it was another scale you would never know it. The other two kits that you built look awesome and I can't wait to see how this one turns out. Els
  7. Els

    Moving and Models

    I second Bikerider's suggestion of using the plastic bags. The last time I moved I used some big Zip Lock bags. It protects the model from what ever you use to cushion the kits and it also makes it much easier to find any small parts that get knocked off during the move. It is no fun digging through a million packing peanuts to find a missing gear door.
  8. Els

    Expendables HU-16

    Thanks. Probably something I would never have done without this group build. Els
  9. Els

    Revell CF-101 Voodoo

    Its boring but its not boring. All the different shades you put into it really brings it to life.
  10. Els

    1:48 F35B 617Sqn

    Wow...very detailed. That last picture makes an excellent display.
  11. Els

    Expendables HU-16

    I bought a three pack of wood bases to use for this and the F-4 I will get back to working on at some point. I like to use Future for my wood plaques because I can put a little paint in it and make quick gloss colors. Then I cut a hole in it and epoxied the acrylic rod with the kit into it. Then some Bondo was spread over the top and textured to resemble water. Some various blue's, a little dry brushing and a few coats of Future and it is done. And with that I am calling this one done. I found two different pictures of the antenna's on the real aircraft used in this movie so I just did a bit of a combination of both. I did not scribe in the hatches on the top or the hatch on the nose that Christmas was shooting out of, I was ready to be done with this project. I tried painting a couple of different shades of gray on the windows to simulate a reflection and then glossed them up. The windows that I filled in turned out OK. I need to buy a template that has rectangles with rounded corners for projects like this. It is definitely not movie accurate but is close enough for me. It will be a great addition to my 4 foot air force. Thanks for following along. Els
  12. Els

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Just about anyone can glue additional parts onto a kit but you are very good at making the extra parts look like they functional, should be there, and enhance the look of the kit.
  13. The yellow and black really go good with the metal. Great idea with the tarp.
  14. Els

    Expendables HU-16

    Most of the color is blocked in. There is still more that needs to be painted and a little more scribing will have to be done. The lines on the aircraft don't match up to the real thing so the painting is fudged a little bit. I am not to worried about it though, as long as I am close I am OK, it will never see a show. I started with some of the decals but I quickly found that I had not really thought about the decals when I made them up. I did not reverse the images for left/right side of the aircraft. After I went back and did that I noticed that I had mirror imaged the bird decals with the GWC so those letters were backwards on the decals for the right side of the aircraft. So it was back to the drawing board. The decals for the windows do not look good so I am going to rescribe the windows and gloss them after the aircraft is matted down. This kit has surpassed my three week interest level so I need to try and get it done this week end. Els
  15. Els

    Yellowed decals

    A couple of the older kits I have purchased had yellowed decals. I put them in the back window of my car for a couple of days so they could get plenty of sun. Usually after about three days the yellow has gone away. The problem is that a couple of months after putting them on the kit, the yellow comes back.