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  1. Dear all, please be shared my updated work to build up 1/48 French AF Mirage 2000D Tigermeet 2010. The kits is from Kinetic, decals from DXM, and pilots are from Hasegawa parts. To enhance performance on nozzle, just drilled by 0.3mm drill. Thanks for watching CN
  2. Thanks. The decal is not kti decal. I bought it from DXM Decals CN
  3. Hi Jake Thanks. Sorry that I just followed up menu to assemble so I didn't take photo during process. BR CN
  4. WOW! Can we see more pictures?
  5. Hi there This set of decal included panel number on fuselage, more applying work but it is deserved... Thanks for watching, Cheers CN Su
  6. Thank you. Frankly, need patient to handle those markings but no way to escape from JASDF aircraft... CN
  7. Kit: 1/48 Hasegawa F-4EJ Kai(PT7) Thanks for watching. CN
  8. It is GSI Mr. Color C80,Cobalt blue, which to be mentioned in decal manual. I just followed up, thank you. CN Su
  9. Hi everybody, Happy New Year! I would like to share my artwork here. Thank you.
  10. Sorry for late reply, my exhaust paint procedure 1.Spray gloss black firstly. 2. Then I spray Mr. Color super stainless(SM04) 3.Weathering with enamel paint, matt black + metallic grey Thank you all. CN
  11. Dear all, just share work with you, please enjoy. Thank you.
  12. Yes, the decals cover all camo scheme, sorry for late reply, regards
  13. Hi, actually I hesitated to use Mr. Color #307 or #308, finally I picked #308(FS36375) and looks not bad.
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