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  1. Hi! someone have tried to use the Aires wheels bay for hasegawa F-16I sufa in the kinetic kit ? can be fitted in the kinetic kit? thanks
  2. Hi, someone have a ESCI 1/48 aermacchi 326 canopy to sell? I only need the main section of the canopy , I only have the windshield many thanks !
  3. Hi, well, i'm searching for those two decals from "rising decals" in 1/72 72-049 Emperor´s Eagles V. 72-047 Curtiss P-40 C/E/N many thanks !
  4. hi Spectre, thanks for your response, yes the monogram propeller looks ok too, It should look better than the propeller kit :D I sent you a pm
  5. Hi All, firstly , thanks for your replies, I know is a old and basic kit, but my doubt is if the new molds are better o worse than the old release of this kit (i already have a box from ..the 80´s ? ) but according to the written by majortomski seems than the quality at least will be the same of old releases of this kit. :)
  6. many thanks to all for the prompt response! :)
  7. Hi All ! Well, the reissue of this kit is an improved kit or is the same old kit with a big decal sheet ?? (or ..maybe due the age of the molds is worse than the old kit?! ) thanks!
  8. Hi all, I need a Hasegawa Skyraider propeller, it's for a "Critical Mass" (or critical mess? from high planes) of course I will cover all shipping costs by Paypal. many thanks
  9. hi all just curious, someone know about the quality of this kit? I think than the amt A-4E must be the esci kit , but and this? the only "M" I know is fujimi and matchbox (and soon hobbyboss) , this is a matchbox rebox ? thanks
  10. that is the question, someone know if this company is still active??? the webpage http://www.tallyho.cz/ is down , they made very nice decals thanks !
  11. Hi, many thanks to all replies, I'm checking the others brands but there is no info about thickness , yes, radu´s saw is superb, but im interested in this one because maybe you have better control in very small task, and 0,10mm is very thiiiin
  12. Hi, someone know where in USA or Europe can order kotobukiya etching saws ? these are ultra thin saws 0.10 mm thickness (about 0.0039 inch) many thanks.
  13. "Mr. Leveling Thinner" is the best for your airbrushing pleasure, but also you can thinning the paint with acrylic lacquer thinner, but the paint dry too fast and this does not work well with mr color paints.
  14. Many thanks for the links shamael !
  15. I prefer a resin propeller, but there is a skyraider propeller in resin?? but also if someone have one propeller from the hasegawa skyraider and want to sell it , please tell me. many thanks.
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