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  1. My username probably gives away my interest but I'm in for at least 4 of these kits.
  2. The P-39 looks good! Is that 1/32 XF5U still in the cards at all? :wub:
  3. Lol just heard a reporter ask if the plane had a black box. I'd say the damage to the aircraft doesn't look too bad. I bet it can be repaired.
  4. Can't wait to see what the whole Hog looks like now. Also since you'll be moving onto the P-38 next have you seen this Japanese builders current Lightning build? It's 1/48 but he goes into good detail you may find interesting. Just passing it along in case you haven't seen it yet: http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/p38/p38-1.html
  5. I have a 3doodler that is similar to this. I think it was the first of this kind actually. It's much larger, uses 3mm filament, needs to be plugged into the wall and the worst part is it's very noisy. The 3doodler has a fan built in to cool the plastic and this fan makes the thing sound like it's dying. Plus for me anyway the plastic just does not come out smoothly. It continually jams too. I've had a hard time getting anything decent out of it. This definitely looks better! The smaller 1.75mm filament looks like it creates a much finer line than the 3doodler which is much better for modeling purposes I feel. The smaller size also looks much easier to handle than the monstrous 3doodler. Sadly they have music playing over the whole video so you can't hear it in action. Too small for a fan so I'm wondering how they are cooling the plastic.
  6. Gunze (GSI Creos) has a new line of paints out called Acrysion. These paints are much better for brushing and still airbrush well I hear. Don't know when they will be available for foreign markets though.
  7. Me too. I always look at it as the ultimate evolution of the B-29 (well Tu-4).
  8. Edit: you are looking at the at the wrong Mobius. It's gotta be him. Check the posts on his page and the printing decals thread. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showuser=25455
  9. I'm curious, what is every ones method for polishing the plastic before priming?
  10. It maybe hearsay but I've heard that Mr Tamiya is not a fan of the P-38 due to the roll it played in Yamamoto's death. Of course I'd be pleasantly surprised if one showed up someday! Maybe have better luck hoping for Zoukei Mura to do one though since Tamiya only releases a new 32 kit every other year.
  11. Mr Cement S is my go to. Tamiya Extra thin as well. Mr Cement Deluxe/Tamiya Cement have their uses as well. Mr Cement S is the only one that never leaves my desktop though.
  12. Huh. In Japan I've never seen Tamiya in the really large bottles except for the polycarbon paints.
  13. Mr Color is a synthetic lacquer so anything you could get at a hardware store is going to be too aggressive. You need a proper synthetic lacquer thinner like the above mentioned Mr leveling thinner or Tamiya lacquer thinner.
  14. Great job! Can't wait to see the IAR 81 build.
  15. Thanks for the top 20 list! I always love posts like these. Also reminds me I need to order those lead wires and sanding sticks from UMM.
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