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  1. Bigasshammm, I am already in contact with Kevin from Impact. I used their yahoo email address on their website. I chose the Grey Ghosts Part 1 sheet. Now I need to get some Phamtoms. Denis
  2. Whoo-hoo! Super happy of the results, congrats everyone on thier winnings and such great builds. This was truley a fun and enjoyable group build. Shawn, I'm glad to see you were able to include yourself in the winnings. You did a such great job organizing this GB, with so many sponsors and prizes you definately deserved to get prizes yourself. A quick question for getting in contact with Hi Decals. Do I contact the local distributor or email the contact in Poland at the bottom of the list? Cheers, Denis
  3. I look forward to the release of this book. Will there be a combo deal with the Modern Super Hornet Guide? if so I will hold off on getting the SH guide as I am interested in having both. Denis
  4. Sweet! Now I'll have a decent F-4B to throw my VF-84 decals onto. Any idea what the cost will be? Denis
  5. Looks very nice! I have been thinking of getting one of these kits. How was it to build? Denis
  6. Andrew, Thanks. I am a subscriber to FSM for many years so I will check my issues for the article. Denis
  7. Andrew, What magazine did you find that in? As another huge JR fan I plan to do a couple of Demons. If I cannot find that magazine would you mind emailing me scans if the Demon article you mention? Your Demon looks great BTW! Cheers, Denis
  8. Man, I wish I could take advantage of these prices. But alas I am deploying overseas soon and cannot purchase any more kits until I get back in January. Don, if you still have some kits when I get back, especially Hornets and Tomcats, I'll take them off your hands. Buy with confidence folks. Don is a great guy to deal with. Denis
  9. That's great news. Although, now I have two decal sheets that I like. Both featuring Phantoms...imagine that! I guess my Tomcat fetish is going to turn into a Phantom fetish. Denis
  10. All finished!!!! F/A-18C from VMFA-122 Werewolves with RCAF exchange pilot Capt (now Maj) Jared "Skitzo" Penney. Used the 1/48 Hasegawa kit and really enjoyed the build. Hmmm....wonder if I can get that Tomcat done in a week? Thanks for watching, Denis
  11. A few more... The seat form the revell tomcat was too high so I ended up using the kit seat and added lead foil seat belts to "represent" a NACES. The nice tail art is probably some of the most bad *** I have ever seen: Close up of the port side of the cockpit with Skitzo's name. I'll be giving this jet to him next week at his mug out. I'll be placing a few pics in the finished builds thread. Hmmm....wonder if I can get that Tomcat done in a week? Thanks for watching. Denis
  12. Done!!!!! I finished the build with a sludge wash of golden brown to take in account that the squadron was based out of Al Asad, Iraq. Now onto the pics. A couple more next post...... Denis
  13. All the sponsor's have great decals. I am really impressed with the Grey Ghosts Pt 1 sheet from Impact Hobby Decals. I could actually see myself using all the options. Denis
  14. Darren, Just looked it up at Sprue Bros and they are for the Revell kits. Will the covered exhaust nozzles fit on the RoG Super Hornets? I have this one which is my next planned build: (With VFA-103 decals of course ;) ) Also, how does it compare to the Revelogram super hornets? So far the RoG version looks awesome. I'll be able to comment more once I build it. Cheers, Denis
  15. I have recently tried some Italeri paint using the Italeri thinner and cannot seem to get it to flow good, if at all, out of the airbrush. Did the retardant help you? I even tried a 2:1 thinner to paint ratio without success. From the online description of the airbrush medium, it looks a lot like tamiya thinner. Here is a link: http://www.deserres.ca/en-ca/search/airbrush-medium/68031/ Not taking the cheap way out, I have always been using Tamiya Thinner with my Tamiya paints and in fact never really encountered issues with them. However, since I travel a lot I have been looking for alternative acrylic paints such as Italeri, Vallejo model air, and Life Color but have never seemed to get them to go through the airbrush. I thought about trying one of these Liquitex products to get better results. I have a couple of Gunze Aqueous paints so will keep that in mind. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Since the ultimate goal is to prevent the acrylic paint to "flow" better, not dry too fast and clog the airbrush I will go ahead and try the retarder. Denis
  16. Decals are on!!!! Just finished putting on the decals. Phew, there are a lot of data decals, I was in "No Step" hell for a while. I got the tails put on and put some Tamiya Smoke to represent the codite dust on the nose from the gun. I had a small crisis when I removed a piece of tape I used to keep the tails aligned while the glue was setting. I didn't notice that one side was over top of the "3" on the right tail. Since the decals are not sealed yet almost all of the "3" was removed with the tape. No worries right, just use another "3" from the sheet. But there are none! Seems that VMFA-122 did not have a number 3 jet. So I used part of a 2 and part of a 5 to fix the 3. Looks good to me. What do you think? Before: After: (There is micro sol on the 3 so that is why it looks wrinkled.) Now to seal it all in and finish up. Happy Modelling! Denis
  17. I've read several threads that mention each subject product but I don't fully understand what the difference is between them. If I use the flow aid will acrylic paints still dry fast? Conversely if I use the retarder will the paint not dry fast but have less of a flow for the airbrush? I am just a little confused as I went to the local paint sulply store and saw both products on the shelf. When I looked at the lables it seems that they both have the same ingredient. If so then what is the differnce? I mostly use Tamiya Acrylics but since I travel abroad so much recently I have been looking for a water base paint substitute. I recently got some Italeri Acrylic paints and want to try this stuff with it since I have used Valejo Model Air in the past with mixed feelings. I also saw on the liquitex website an Airbrush Medium. Does anybody have experience with it? Is it just a thinner or an all-in-one? Thanks, Denis
  18. Nice job. I have a 1/35 Italeri Elephant that I started and shelved. Mostly because I bought AM indy tracks for it and got lazy....Maybe I'll bring it back down soon. Corret me if I am wrong but I thought there were 2 Elephants left. One at the Aberdeen Proving grounds and one in Russia. Maybe the Russian one was a Ferdinand? Happy Modelling, Denis
  19. I'm really curious why RCAF roundels in both hi and low-vis are provided since Canada is purchasing the "A" model. Thinking ahead maybe? Denis
  20. Whew! You're a braver man than I. Good luck with the build. I will be watching with interest since I have a couple of 1/72 Hasegawa Intruders planned in the near future. Denis
  21. Only 2 weeks left, should be able to get this done on time. Fortunately, I have the next 2 weeks off before I deploy to the Middle East. Might even be able to get the Tomcat done too! :D I got the pitot tubes and antennas on. Notice the blade antennas and GPS dome. Thanks to Graves_09 for the "M" Sprue which also had the IFF antenna. Then able to get paint done and a coat of future to prep for decals. Got started with decals. Since the tails, elevators, and other bits were ready first I got started with them. Weapons and ordnance is also done. Probably going to put a darker coat of grey on the Lightning pod though. Now to wait for the future to dry on the main fuselage and I can start putting on those decals. Meanwhile I will finish up the ejection seat. Happy Modelling. Denis
  22. I might be able to help you out. Let me check when I get home and I'll PM you. Denis
  23. Agreed. Very well done. Can't wait to see the Rattler. Maybe after that do a Dragonfly? Lots of possibilities!
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