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  1. Man, that looks like it was a great show. I was just in Tacoma last week looking for a house. Flew out early Saturday Morning so I wouldn't be able to make it. Oh well, I'll be living there for the next 3 years so I have time!!!! Denis
  2. I know it is a little bit of a drive but maybe order thru Maritime Hobbies & Crafts Ltd. In Halifax and see if they can either ship to you or go there from time to time and stock up. Denis
  3. That will work good for me with the GBs I am already with and my move this summer I will be able to be properly prepared. Denis
  4. Thanks Mike. I can almost eat normally again! I hadn't thought about applying a wash to the pit. I might after I paint the IP covers to bring out the detail there. But it won't be too dirty as this is going to be a 1978-79 VF-84 Bird. Still having the fresh new plane smell. Denis
  5. Interesting proposal. Would give me a chance to do "NAVY 1!" Just gotta find the decals... Denis
  6. Thanks for the offer but I will be painting this gunship in the current grey colours. But thanks for mentioning DACO, I never knew that they produced data stencils. A nice alternative. Denis
  7. I have total stash envy now! I'm moving soon so I will try to post a pic of my stash before it gets packed up, then an after shot from after the move. Hasegawa Phantoms, Tomcat & Hornets, Oh My!!! How are some of you able to afford so many? Did you find some bulk deals or was it all collected slowly over time? That's a very expensive pile now! Denis
  8. Or as an alternative you could correct the Avionix set by removing the Sensor Slave Panel and fixing the Pilot's IP since that one has the Sparrowhawk HUD of later F-14Bs. Maybe use kit parts for the Pilot's IP but keep the Resin shroud? Good reference pics here: http://www.arcair.com/awa02/1001-1100/walk1054-F-14-Hall/00.shtm Denis
  9. I agree that this was not a waste of your time. Tomcat lovers like myself, who have not yet ventured into the resin cockpit arena really appreciate the effort. I really hope that this is simply a miostake in mixed up parts and that Avionix didn't simply swap ejection seats with an F-14D Bombcat set and call it a B. Also, as noted above the box on the RIO's IP cover is called a Sensor Slaving Panel. The Aries pit look good for an F-14A & F-14B Pre-Bombcat since there is no PTID and Sparrowhawk HUD. I think this could be a good thread for people to add in other "Bombcat" resin cockpits in order to help the modeller find the pit they need. Denis
  10. Nice to see this comparison but I believe that the Avionix set was either mis-labeled or something as it looks more like an F-14D cockpit. The glaring indicators being the box on top of the RIO Shroud, which only appears on the D and the Multi Function Display screen set-up for the pilot's IP. Check the DACO book, or the walkarounds here on ARC and you'll see what I mean. Denis
  11. Very nice. I like the mud work you were able to achieve in the running gears. Something that I have been to fearful to try on my armour builds. You totally rocked it though! The Diorama is superb too and loos extra real with the forest background! Denis
  12. Go to the Forum FAQ. There is a "how to" pinned there for posting pics on ARC. Denis
  13. Depending on timeframe I could be in with a Revell B-25J with AM decals.
  14. Thanks ALF. I'm just glad to be back at the bench and at this build. I'll probably start some other sub-assemblies tomorrow before thinking about the main fuselage. Denis
  15. Been a while but I now have some progess to report. Now that I am feeling better since my surgery I am able to get back to the workbench and press forward with this project. The main sticking point for me was the cockpit. I was not happy with the stock IP shrouds and since I don't need the ones from my Tamiya Cat I decided try and graft them onto the Revell. Here is what the Revell looked like before I cut it up. Test fit of the Tamiya parts: Then I put some plastic card to support the new shrouds: Finally I glued on the Tamiya parts. Here is what they looked like before I glued them. I painted the insides black then glued them on. I am happy with the results and am now waiting for putty to dry on the seams. Tomorrow I will look at what next to tackle. TTFN, Denis
  16. Oh man, that is crappy! (Pun intended) LOL I hope your stash was not too big and that you can recover from your loss without too much difficulty to your wallet. Denis
  17. Congrats Holmes on your achievment. Having been back to school to complete a history degree when I was 29 I know how proud you must be! Hmmm....with a diploma in Criminology and eventually Psychology you could be on your way to becoming Batman!!! Denis
  18. Yup, I got spoiled rotten this year for sure!
  19. Do you have a link? I suspect this picture you are talking about is from when the jets of 425 Sqn arrived at Trapani. It is possible that the first sortie or two had the light since the jets from 425 that originally went over for Op Mobile were slated for the Iceland NATO Air Policing Op and might have still had the lights in place since that was a NORAD-like mission. I remember the rapidity of when the jets left here for Trapani, the next week I went to Iceland to control jets from 409 Sqn. Denis
  20. This is dissapointing. The Blue Angels were to be a major part of this year's Bagotville Airshow. Denis
  21. Hi, I'm looking for the following decals for an AC-130H project: Wolfpack Decals 1/72 Working the Sands decal sheet product # 72-018 (only need the AC-130H Option); Kit Decals from Italeri #1310 1/72 AC-130H SPECTRE (Need the data markings from the kit as the Wolpack decals do not include that). I can trade some ordnance/weapons or buy via paypal. If you can help plese send me a PM. Cheers, Denis
  22. Can't wait to see how your AIM-9s turned out. I might try what you described for my Tomcat build. Denis
  23. Darren, I like the patchwork effect you were able to achieve here. Something I have been meaning to try. Do you have any pics of the Academy Nose Correction from before you installed or painted it? I have been thinking of getting it for my next Academy Cat but would like to the detail of the resin itself first. Denis
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