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  1. Thanks for the kind remarks Holmes. I'll take what I learned here and build upon them for my next builds. Especially the pre-shading I did here as I am quite happy how it turned out. Since finishing I have added 6 tomcats of various scales to my stash and can't wait to start them. No display in the plans. i have never done one yet and am still debating on whether or not to do it. Although I have thought about putting a 1/72 Tomcat on one ready to launch off the carrier. Denis
  2. Agreed. Looking good so far. I have been eyeing the same kit at the local store, so I'll be following this build with interest. Denis
  3. Good start Dave. I'll be watching this closely to compare it to the 1/48 Fujimi and the 1/72 Hasegawa in my stash. One question: What are you planning to do with the kit decals? I am looking for 1/72 Jolly Rogers decals for my Hasegawa F-14A. Cheers, Denis
  4. Went to the flea market yesterday and found a 1/48 Monogram ME-262 Kit #5410 and a 1/32 Revell F-15E Strike Eagle it # 4719, and paid $25 total for both. I don't know if I came out on top in the deal but I have no regrets. If I ever get around to doing it the F-15E will be my first 1/32 scale jet. Here's some pics. Cheers, Denis
  5. Hi Everyone, Here is my first plane I'm posting here on the ARC forum. Second since getting back into the hobby. I got the kit at a flea market for a Toonie so I had lots of fun trying new things like pre-shading and using clear blue on the exhaust. Unfortunately I ran into a snag with the wash stage of the project which I explained here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=217749 Anyway, here are some pics. I hope you enjoy and any feedback is appreciated. Denis Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and was hoping to have my second plane model, since getting back into the hobby, done to post here but have run into a snag. hopefully someone here can help. Ok so I got to the weathering stage of my latest build, an F-4J Phantom II, and thought this would be a great time to try Terpenoid for the wash since I have heard so much about it. I go to the local art supply store and buy the smallest can of Terpenoid Natural. I get home, mix the stuff with some oil paints like I have done before with regular paint thinner and was shocked when the applied wash became sticky and hard to remove. After investigation I found out that there are 2 types of Terpenoid. Terpenoid Natural in a Green lable which is not made for washes, and regular Terpenoid in a Blue lable. Oh well. lesson learned. However, since it was too late for the Phantom, I decide to finish applying the wash and let the plane be dirtier than I planned. But here in lies the problem. After a week since I applied the wash some of the surfaces on the model are still tacky and don't seem to be drying at all. Can I go ahead and put a coat of flat clear to finish off the model or will I have to wait, who knows how long, for the wash to completely dry? Since that art supply store does not carry the blue lable Terpenoid I bought a small bottle of Odorless Taltine by Demco. The downside is that Taltine is still toxic and requires a well ventilated area. A problem since I have no windows in my new workshop, just an exhaust for my paint booth. Has anyone used Taltine before and does anyone know any other non-toxic thinners for washes? Thanks, Denis
  7. BC Shaver & Hobbies in Victoria. Has anyone checked out this store? I will be in Victoria for three weeks in October and plan to visit the store, but would like to know any info about the store before I go. I don`t know if I will be able to make it to Vancouver but I will check out the other shops lister here if I can. Cheers, Denis
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