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  1. Looking good so far. I have been following along since the beginning and I like what you have done. The only suggestion I would give is about the AIM-120s. I don't believe the edges of the fins should be silver like that. I think they should be all one colour. A quick Google search should get you some references. I use metallic grey myself. Can't wait to see more progress. Denis
  2. Believe me you don't want to try that. At least I didn't take a puck in the face! Denis
  3. Thanks Holmes, You can check out my new additions here: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=263302 Denis
  4. Well last week it was my Birthday and I was spoiled this year!! :woot.gif:/> Wife got me several references includeing the new Modern Hornet Guide. The 2 books from Reid Air Publications was did not arrive until yesterday, after my B-Day so my Wife also got me the F-18C to make up for it. However, she also offered to get me a gift card to the local hobby shop, a toy store here, if I did not like it. We ended up agreeing that I'll keep the F-18C to do with my oldest daughter and STILL get a gift card! Soooo with that and another gift card I got from friends I got myself the Super Hornet and EA-6A. Finally my daughters gave me the Bluray of BSG: Blood and Chrome. All in all I am very happy with this year's gifts. Now I gotta find time to build these up! Anyway, on to the eye candy! Happy Modelling, Denis
  5. If your doing an Op Mobile bird then the searchlight will be removed and the hole covered up. What I would do is scribe a circle where the searchlight is and paint the same colour as the rest of the jet, but check references to judge how you might want to tackle that. Denis
  6. Whoo-hoo!!!! A package arrived today with The Modern Hornet Guide AND The Modern Super Hornet Guide, both of which were birthday gifts from my Wife! I have only just scratched the surface of all the detail that is in these books. Well done Jake. I only have one small issue though. The front and back cover of the Super Hornet Guide has parts of the lamination lifting up. Don''t know the cause but I will just put some clear tape over there to prevent further lifting. Just thought Jake would like to know about it. Denis
  7. Those wheels have wicked detail. I just might have to get some for my Tamiya F-14B conversion waiting in the stash. I already have the cockpit and airframe conversion sets. Pics look good. Denis
  8. As a fellow Tomcat lover this looks like it will be fun to watch. :popcorn:/> Can't wait to follow your progress. Denis
  9. Brian, As a VF-84 fan that is great news to hear. I can't wait to see what you have in the works. WRT 48049 "Victory in the Storm" I would be up to buying a sheet or two if you reprint it. Cheers, Denis
  10. Crap! I'm moving to Tacoma this summer and I can see my wallet getting hurt at this place if this thread is any indication. LOL In a way though it will kinda make up for no LHS for the last 3 years! Just don't let my wife know about it!!! Denis
  11. My friend took a pic of it at last year's unavailing. Denis
  12. Ah yes, I forgot you were exclusive to 1/48 now, sorry! Usually Leading Edge is reliable for Demo Hornet schemes but I haven't heard about anything in the works. Maybe Riderfan can get going on some decals? He did a great job on the Voodoo retirement schemes. Denis
  13. Ahem... As I stated above Hasegawa is coming out with it. :whistle:/> Don't know about any AM though if that was what you meant. I would love to do the NAVY scheme as well. http://www.hlj.com/product/HSG02047/Air Denis
  14. ALF, Being on medical leave I missed the unveiling of this years demo so thanks for sharing. Happy to see that Flocho got the honours to be this year's demo pilot. As for the 433 logo the reason is the same as that of last year's zap on the 2012 demo bird. It has to do with the rumours that 433 will be stood back up when we get the new jet. Cough cough CF-35... As an ex Porcupine you must be excited about this. Oh and I think the translation would be better as "We will be back!" BTW, Hasegawa is releasing a 1/72 scale Hornet with the 2012 scheme this month. I plan to get a couple and do one for Paco, last year's demo pilot before we both leave this summer! Denis
  15. I'll still be here. I should be on my pre-move leave so I will be a spectator and not working the airshow this year. I am looking forward to seeing alll the airframes that are coming. BTW, I saw this year's demo Hornet practicing yestarday while I was at the base. Denis
  16. I just completed a smooth transation with gonzalo and was very pleased with how everything went. Highly recommended. Denis
  17. If your are doing the CF-188 from 2011 then it will be the updated version also known as a CF-18AM, with IFF antenna, newer radio antennas, GPS dome, NACES Ejection seat, etc.... Make sure you get either the Hasegawa A+ or A++ kit or you can get the CF-18 Op Mobile resin upgrade from Wolfpack Designs, whch has all these updates in it plus the Sniper pod with proper mount. I think the newer Hasegawa Blue Angels kits come with some of these upgrades. Cheers, Denis
  18. Just completed a transaction with Josh and all went well and I would buy from him again. Highly recommended! Denis
  19. Just completed a transaction with mgrandison. Mike was a pleasure to deal with, highly recommended! Denis
  20. Looks really nice to me. Maybe needs some weathering but other than that it looks great. Maybe we can say that it just got a wash. LOL Those Hasegawa Hornets are a gem to build. Can't wait to see your CAG bird. Denis
  21. As of the last briefing I attended right before I went on sick leave the Blue Angles are still going. The most of the flight line and the northern end of runway 36 are going to be packed with aircraft. I also know that a B-17 is going to be there! Denis
  22. Thanks a lot Grey Ghost. I think it is great that you do these Birthday posts! This year I asked SWMBO for some nice aircraft references, if I get them I will post up some pics! Denis
  23. I likey, looks quite realistic. Heavy weathering on Tomcats is something that I need to work on. The Tamiya Smoke overspray idea is a good one. Can't wait to read the article. Denis
  24. Great work Jerry! I love your Phantom II, and from my favourite squadron to boot! Denis
  25. Looks awesome Jesse! I followed your WIP with great interest. I have a RoG F-18F in the stash that I plan to do as a VFA-103 jet, whenever I can get to it. I will be using your WIP thread as inpiration and can only hope the end result is half of what you achieved! I look forward to following your next project! Denis
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