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  1. David, I can confirm that Lark One is still there. It is sitting with a couple of other Voodoos and Hornets at the ATC Radar site. I have some friends at ATC and later this spring I was planning to get out there to take lots of photos with my wife's new SLR camera. I am happy to share any and all photos. Denis
  2. Hi, Are thesestill availiable? Fightertown Decals 32015 F-14A VF-84 Jolly Rogers "Victory In The Storm" $22 + Shipping If so I will send you a pm. Denis
  3. Looking good! I never knew that the RAAF had F-4s. Man this jet was more prolific than I thought! Denis
  4. Also, I thought Phantoms never flew with the forward Sparrows loaded if they had centre line tanks on. http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=261959 And the plane is so much more clear than the background of the photo. Shouldne the plane match the background quality? Looks like a model shopped to me. Good job on the model though! Denis
  5. So glad to see this back up on the workbench. Keep up the great work and inspiration. Denis
  6. I'm glad to see things are working out for you. Makes me tempted to try calling again to see if I can get any kind of resolution to my situation. Denis
  7. Phantom, Thanks for the tip. Too late on this build but I will remember that for the F-4B that is waiting on deck. Bashace, Thanks. Well not much to report except that the intakes are on after a light coat of Tamiya white primer. Today was my 2 week check-up after my jaw surgery with the surgeon. After I told him I had pain in my right leg he sent me to the Emergency room. Turns out I have a blood clot behind my right knee from laying in the hospital bed for 24 hours. Now I am taking it easy on the Lazy-Boy with some good drugs. Hopefully I can get back to the bench soon. My birthday is on Wednesday so maybe by then. :) Anyway, have a happy Easter everyone! Denis
  8. Man, I wish I had thought of that before closing up my intakes yesterday. Oh well, I'll remember it for the next one. Denis
  9. My vote is for the -A since that will be the most prolific variant. Plus, it's what Canada is getting. :) Denis
  10. I hear your pain man. Last October I bought the HB F-14A when it was on sale, first time placing an order with them and the order itself went fine with reasonable shipping price via USPS to Canada given to me by thier website, which would have been the dealbreaker it it was too high. One week later my package arrives with FedEx stamped on it and I was quite happy and impressed. That is untila month later when I got a bill from FedEx to pay another $42 in customs brokerage fees. Now I ended up paying retail or more for the kit that I thought was a great deal. I sent an email right away to Squadron, which I find quite annoying that theu do not have a seperate customer service email. I had no reply and tried calling them, twice, got put on hold and after 12 minutes the phone hangs up!? I don't have time to keep persuing this and will take my business elsewhere. It is obvious to me that since Squadron.com is a major supplier to LHSs they do not need to care orworry about customers who buy directly from thier website. Denis
  11. Tamiya is a great choice. They usually just fall together. I have never been dissapointed in a Tamiya tank. After that I would recommend Dragon, but they have fewer modern subjects. Denis
  12. Man, I wish I could take you up on this, but I don't have anything on your list. Would you consider other options if I pm you a list? Denis
  13. I hope you don't run out. I asked for this and the Super Hornet book for my birthday and if I don't get it I will order them right away. Denis
  14. Progress is slow but moving forward. I have been back from the hospital for a week now, after getting jaw surgery and have been slowly getting back into the swing of thing. I was able to get the cockpit painted and closed into the forward fuselage. Seams have been sanded on the fuel tanks. The reinforcement plate on the elevators has been removed with a micro chisel and panel lines restored. Now that everything is looking ready for a coat of Tamiya white primer I will get some weapons ready from this Hasegawa weapons set. I intend to do a full A-A loadout of 2/4/0+. I will put down the white tomorrow and in the meantime finish up the seats. Thanks for watching. Denis
  15. Looking good man. Nice job on the IPs. Maybe in a week or two when I have recovered enough, and can drink beer again, I can come see it and your other works of art. I'll bring along the Tomcat cockpit that I have been slowly getting back to since leaving the hospital. Pics soon on my build thread. Denis
  16. dkobayashi, You can have the diamondback decals if you want. I'll never use them as I am a JR fan. Mike, I'll send you a pm later with shipping details for final price and payment. Denis
  17. How much each for the following, and do you ship to canada? 1/48 TrueDetails F-14A Resin Cockpit, Factory Bag. 1/72 Hasegawa F-14B Tomcat, Factory Sprues (No Box), Kit Decals VF-102 Diamondbacks, Plus Dr Pepper Resin Engine Nozzles, Plus TwoBobs VF-103 Jolly Rogers Decals "Final Tomcat Cruise". 1/72 Italeri A-6E Intruder, Factory Sprues (No Box), Plus MicroScale USN Low Visibility Decals. Thanks, Denis
  18. Awesome job dude. I look forward to follow you on the Larger Hornets. I want to do at least one in the near future, 769 as she was for Op Mobile. Denis
  19. Love VF-84 Phantoms!!!! All that juicy AM is going to be fun to watch get built up. I wish I was able to get that Vagabond sheet before it sold out. Oh well, my lesson for draging my feet when Sprue Bros. had it. Denis
  20. Thanks for the feedback guys. Flyboy, I looked over at scalemates.com and it seemed like the plastic was the same. Does the Italeri kit have the same issue with the clear piece? Yves, Merci pour le lien. Je t'attend pour plus d'information. Koen L, Thanks for the infor on the kit decals. I knew that Wolfpak decals had a set for the AC-130H but they seem to be OOP and hard to find. Cheers, Denis Edit: cleaned up some french grammar!
  21. Hi everyone, I am starting with the 1/72 Hasegawa F-4B/J/N VF-84 Jolly Rogers Kit 2 for 1. I will do each aircraft in a seperate thread starting with the F-4N option. Next one will probably be the F-4B option as I have a line on a F-4J kit to use those decals on. The only problem with the F-4B option is that the tail flag has a clear background vice the white one I have seen in references. I will cross that bridge when I get to it during that kit's build log. I got the cockpit started and ready for some paint. As well as the main fuselage and wings. Also, started on the gas bags. Anyway, on to the pics: Hopefully more later this weekend. Denis
  22. Look forward to this one as I have the same decal set. Denis
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