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  1. Hi all, I am mostly a jet guy so my knowledge base is limited when it comes to the subject aircraft. I was just wondering what are to pros and cons when comparing the 1/72 ESCI AC-130H Spectre II with the Italeri kit #1310. I can get the ESCI one for almost half the price of the Italeri kit but like the decals from the Italeri kit better. Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated, thanks. Denis
  2. Good on you Bashace to track these kinds of stats. Really interesting info for the GB. A lot of nice Phantoms being built right now. Mine is startede, build log coming this weekend. Denis
  3. Darn, sweet prize there Phantom! I knew I should have started my cockpits early... Next draw is April 1st huh? Also happens to be the birthday of the RCAF. :-) Denis
  4. Edit: The F-4J kit from Gary is still availiable fo anyone looking to get it. Denis
  5. Here's my one Phantom I have in the display case. Built almost 3 years ago, this was my first seriously build jet since getting back into the hobby. 1/48 Revellogram F-4J "Showtime 100" I can't wait to add more! Denis
  6. Glad to see you're back at it buddy! I can't wait to see that big green rocket when it is finished. Denis
  7. Hi Everyone, I'll be joining in with the 1:72 Hasegawa F-4B/N/J Phantom II VF-84 Jolly Rogers kit #HAS01966. This is one of Hasegawa's 2 kit boxings and I will be building them OOB one at a time in seperate threads. First up will be: F-4N: U.S. Navy U.S.S. Roosevelt VF-84 "Jolly Rogers" CAG, Code: AE200, 1974 mostly because I have not decide yet what the second Phantom will be. If I am able to get an Academy F-4B while the GB is still active I will add that in as well. Denis
  8. Hope you recover fast, Holmes. I can sympathize as I am getting scheduled jaw surgery to correct my overbite in 2 1/2 weeks. Liquid diet for 6 weeks after that. At least it will be a good opportunity to loose weight. :) Denis
  9. Message resent to your email. If you don't get it again I'll try a pm. Denis
  10. Brian, I Sent you an email earlier with a question. Please let me know if you received it or not. Denis
  11. Good tip Mike. I had done the same red marker trick with my VMFA-122 build and the clear coat did not react, maybe I was just lucky. BTW, I have walked by 790 several times going to and from mission briefings at hangar 7 here in Bagotville. A bit more dirty and used than what ALF is buildeing her as. Denis
  12. Wow! Very nice setup. Since I am moving this summer you have given me some ideas. Denis
  13. Can the F-18C be built into a dual? For the tails you can try the ones from Wintervalley: http://www.wintervalley.com/ Cheers, Denis
  14. Thanks ALF, The displays were painted with Tamiya Clear Green, a trick I have been using on all my modern jets. Usually I paint some lines in white first but this time I tried painting a layer of gun metal first. I think next time I will try dark grey as an under coat and see how that looks to soften the green a bit. Denis
  15. Real nice thanks for sharing. From the lack of loadout and the 3 second refueling I guess that this was a training mission with AAR prof. Denis
  16. All right, I've been able to get some detail painting in and have the cockpit done and ready to install. The only delema I am facing now is that the forward fuselage can't be closed up until I have the nose gear bay done. However, the NGB is molded in one huge piece and will be difficult to spice up AND it is very boring for detail. Now I am thinking to either detail it as best I can as it is, cut it apart and detail it or follow the ALF principle and leave it alone and only allow pretty women with low cut tops to look underneath the model. :D/> Here are some pics. Hap
  17. Yah! an update. I've been experiencing some ALF CF-18 withdrawls. Glad to see you back at it. I can't wait for these temps warm up as well. Only one more week until my Caribbean cruise, can't wait. Denis
  18. JR never flew the F-18C, they transitioned from the F-14B to the F-18F. Denis
  19. Thanks everyone for all your comments. Small update tonight. I got the tub masked off and sprayed MM Acryl Flat Black on the instrument panels as well as sprayed the kit ejection seats. I also put one of the seats from the Tamiya Cat since I will be using AM ones for that to see which ones would be better. So far I am undecided. I also handpainted the pilot and RIO IPs and gave them a little dry brushing with white. That's it so far. I will drybrush the tub and pick out the some colours tomorrow after the black dries. Kit Seats! Tamiya Seat! Comparison shots: TTFN, Denis
  20. Very nice Tomcat from my favourite squadron. What kit is this, Hasegawa? Denis
  21. correct me if I am wrong but I thought Steel Beach was exclusive to Sprue Brothers.
  22. Hey everyone, Looking to buy a 1/72 scale AC-130U or AC-130H. Please let me know if you got one at a reasonable price. Thanks, Denis
  23. That's for the Boeing GB. The Yes, size DOES matter GB is different and for large scale subjects. I am in it with a 1/32 scale Revell Tomcat. BTW, I finally got a chance to use the Badger patriot I got from you. Love it! Soooo much easier to use and especially clean than my Master G23. Denis
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