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  1. I WILL be in for this one. As a NAVAIR fan I have lots of Grumman subjects to choose from. The Fujimi E-2C I recently got would be on the top of my list. Followed possibly by one of the 6 Tomcats still not started. Denis
  2. Looking real good. I want to do one like this in the future so I'll be following your progress closely. Have you considered entering this into the "Yes, size DOES matter!" GB? Denis
  3. I had put the parts in a tupperware tub overnight then follow-up with a toothbrush to get at the corners and crevases. IIRC, the non-toxic oven cleaner had no odour to it. I had used Easy Off brand and it says fume free on the can. Comes in a blue can. Denis
  4. I know how frustrating a situation like this can be. Set backs with the painting process usually deters me from continuing. I hope this is not the case with you. As far as stripping the paint goes, I have used Non-toxic oven cleaner to strip chrome off plastic parts before with success, perhaps that will work. Denis
  5. Looking good so far. I build the 1/72 Hasegawa F-14D a couple of years ago and loved it. For the next time I tackle this kit I was going to try filling and sanding that inner intake seam before placing it into the intake itself. This way I could get in there with a file and some finer sandpaper. Denis
  6. Finally I am able to get started with the Revell F-14A. I will be building it in VF-84 Jolly Rogers in 1978ish with markings from the Tamiya Cat I have in the stash. This is my first 1/32 scale plane and I want to use this as a learning build before I tackle the Tamiya cat which I will convert to an F-14B. The kit came to me via another ARC member, can't remember who, and was previously started, but mostly brought back to point zero. First off here is the kit parts laid out with the box: Now here is the forward fuselage and cockpit as I received it. I will be painting over with Light Grey: And now the state of the cockpit parts after painting. That's all for now. I hope to get more done by tomorrow night. Happy Modelling, Denis
  7. Looks really nice. Sorry if i missed it but what kit is this? I wants one! Denis
  8. Hi Danny, I have a few pics of the 1996 Santa Cat I gathered while researching my future project to convert a 1/32 Tamiya F-14A to a -B and using the Eagle Strike Decals. I talked about it and posted pics previously here: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=246142 Brian, If you have any other references to this Tomcat I would also request you share with me. I plan to start building this one in the Fall. Cheers, Denis
  9. Man that sucks! Does'nt the USPS realize that a steep increase like that for international shipping can hurt exports and thus the economy? I guess I will wait until my upcoming move to Tacoma, WA to order stuff from the states to save on shipping. Your beautiful F-14 Intakes are on the top of my want list. Cheers, Denis
  10. wolfik, I am glad you asked the question as I was wondering the same thing. I love the pic provided above as I am in the middle of doing a VF-103 bird but since I have no LANTIRN pod to put on it I was going to load it out as a purely Air-to-Air platform. If I don't need the LANTIRN pod for dumb bombs I might change that plan. Does anyone know if Bombcats flew without the LANTIRN pod when carrying dumb bombs? Denis
  11. No luck on the website. Seems to be closed now. However I found several Cragar SS rims from the 1/25 Revell 1968 Firebird kit. There are two different types. One type has a larger set of rims for the rear wheels. I can PM you a picture of the sprues later if you like and let me know if that is what you were looking for. Denis
  12. Ha Ha! That's what happens after leaving my guitar in basement storage for the last 13 years. I only replaced the strings last year after pulling it out to relearn how to play. Denis
  13. I checked Leading Edge and there is nothing yet for the 2012 Demo Bird. I want to build it in 1/72 but only because I know the pilot and would give it to him afterwards. The guitar string looks great on that bang seat, BTW! Denis
  14. Hi Mike, Unfortunately I don't know him as I only got to Bagotville in 2010 well after 433 closed down. Denis
  15. LOL. I hear ya. I plan to build the Dual that I was in for my famil flight and even though the name on that jet was not that of the pilot I flew with I will put his name on it. Plus I am thinking of adding my name for the back seat! :D/> By the time I get the kit & decals in hand it probably won't be until next year before I can get to it though. Plus there is my move this summer. Here is my hero shot from that day. Ok now I am done distracting people from your build! Denis
  16. Oh ya! I'll be watching this one closely. :popcorn:/> I have no idea if 790 ever had it but will you be putting your name on the side or will this strictly be a brand new CF-188 with no specific marks? Denis
  17. I'll check at home but I remember bookmarking an online shop that specialized in aftermarked Muscle car and dragster items. If not I can also check my stash of rims at home. Denis
  18. Why didn't I think of that? I changed the strings on my acoutsic last year and kept the old strings for scratch building parts. I'll bring some with me when ALF and I meet up! Thanks for suggesting that Mike! Denis
  19. I am just chiming in now but have been following along since the first post. I hope you get well soon Shawn and (at least) are able to make it to the man cave for some bench time while off work. Although, that will cut like 90% of the competition from the Phantom GB, LOL! I myself will be getting scheduled jaw surgery in March followed by 6 weeks of sick leave from the Air Force. I am crossing my fingers that I will be feeling good enough to get some bench time! Being in pain is never fun so I seriously hope you have a fast recovery. Cheers, Denis
  20. I would love to come over and check this baby out! Maybe sometime this week? I'll PM you to set it up. Denis
  21. Awesome start so far. I will be watching with want for updates. I have some 1/24 scale braided hose for a muscle car project a couple of years ago, would that help for the oxygen hose? If so you are welcome to some. Denis
  22. I recently did a trade with DONG (Don Gerard) and all went well. This is the second time I have had dealings with Don and would definately deal with him again. Highly Recommended!!! Cheers, Denis
  23. Well, I took the 1/32 Revell F-14A Tomcat down off the shelf last night to look it over and decided to take the plunge and join in. I will build it in VF-84 scheme (from Final Countdown) with decals coming from an old Tamiya kit. I will most likely keep it OOB as I am on a limited budget, although the decals are old and kinda yellowing so I might be foreced to source new ones. I'll try to get a thread started this weekend. Denis Editeded for spelling errors.
  24. I recently bought a Badger 105 Patriot Airbrush from scapilot and he was great to deal with. He not only sold me this nice airbrush at a great price but was pleasant to communicate with. He even went so far to give it a complete cleaning before sending and included all spare parts that he had. Thanks again scapilot. Cheers, Denis
  25. A little late to the party but I was waiting for my gift to me, from me with love, which arrived in today's mail. A Badger 105 Patriot Airbrush: I also got this nice looking 1/350 CVN-65 USS Enterprise from the Wifey. The Mini-Hobby copy of the Tamiya kit. I plan to build her as she was for her final deployment. Will be starting after I move this summer to Tacoma. Happy Modelling, Denis
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