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  1. I never knew this GB was coming up! Hmmm...I'm very tempted to enter with one of the 1/32 Tomcats I have on the shelf, a Revell one to be exact. I have never built a 1/32 plane before so that would be my first. Denis
  2. góður dagur Grétar, Takk for posting the pictures and the story. I was in Iceland with the RCAF in 2011 for just over a month at Keflavik. Wish I knew about these wrecks back then. I would have tried to go see them. I did get to the Commonwealth War Cemetary in Reykjavik for a small ceremony that the RCAF did with the Canadian Ambassador. I also stopped by the model shop in Reykjavik and picked up a couple of things. Anyway, good luck with the projects. Cheers, Denis
  3. I admit I guessed a number, even though I am in Canada. However, I only did so as the other Canuck's statement of covering shipping was not answered and I was hoping I could still qualify. Maybe next year after Imove to Tacoma this summer!? I do not think though that the give away was rigged and I think it is great that you were able to get into the holiday spirit and do what you did. I think you shoulld not listen to the sore losers and carry on. My 2 cents CDN. Cheers, Denis
  4. On top of finishing what I have already started, I plan to build (and finish) one of the models my Dad gave me as a gift. Either the Revell 1/48 B-25J or the 1/35 Dragon PzV Panther. Happy New Year, Denis
  5. Awesome! Avaliable Mid-March you say? Hmmmmm....looks like this will be the perfect birthday request. (Mine is on April 3rd ;) ) Denis
  6. Yes, I saw the phone number but I usually don't have time to make a call, hence why I was after an email adress. I will try to give thme a call this week while I am still on holiday. Denis
  7. Hi everyone, I recently bought some models from Squadron.com during thier Mystery Deals and had a problem about the shipping. I tried contacting them before the holidays at the only email address listed "mailorder@squadron.com" but have not heard back from them at all. Does anyone know of another email contact that would be able to help me? Thanks, Denis
  8. Wow! At first the price did not really get me interested in the DVD but after seeing this I might ask for it for my Birthday. Would really help cut down on the clutter and allow me to have access to a lot of back issues. Thanks for sharing. Denis
  9. Nice pics! Thanks for sharing. I have a Trumpy 1/700 Ike in the stash and I see that VFA-103 is aboard. That might tip my hand to build her in current configuration and might have to get a copy of Model Aircraft for refs. Denis
  10. I have printed custom decals in the past on Laser Printer Decal Paper and used them without any sealer with no problems. The one time I tried bubble jet printed decals I used the Testors Decals set like this one: http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/decals/tes/decal_tes_decal.shtml. However I found the decals to bee very thick when I used it, but maybe I was just not experienced enough. I have since bought the Micro Liquid Decal Film from Microscale, but have not had a chance to try it yet. http://www.microscale.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=MI-12& I have also re
  11. Super awesome, thanks for sharing Holmes! Happy Holidays! Denis
  12. Darn if only the numbers were flipped. I guessed 95 for the Rafale! Good for you to do this Pete! Happy Holidays Everyone! Denis
  13. Were you able to include anything from the Libya Campaign? Canada dropped JDAMS for the first time during that conflict. I am very glad to see that you would delay the publication to give the export variants what they deserve. This one is for sure on my list of future purchases along with your Super Hornet book. Cheers, Denis
  14. Nice! I really like that there is a Canadian Hornet on the cover! Denis
  15. Tell me about it. This is what I have asked for several times. This year however, I asked for a 1/350 CVN-65 USS Enterprise...and I think I am getting it! I too will be getting myself the new Academy F-4B! Merry Christmas everyone! Denis
  16. If you will allow me to cover shipping to Canada then I will make a guess for the Lexington. Number...95. Denis
  17. What a great idea Pete. PM sent with my choice and number guess! Merry Christmas! Denis
  18. To paraphrase Star Trek, "There will always be an Enterprise!" I am pretty sure the USN will name another one. Rumours are that CVN-81 will be another Enterprise. What I am hoping is that CVN-65 does not follow the same fate as CV-6 and is made a museum ship. Being the first nuclear carrier and her long operational history deserves it to say the least. Denis
  19. +1 for Juan as a good trader. Great communications and fast shipping. Thans again Juan, Denis
  20. Daaaaammm!!!!! Super jealous! Wish I could come across a deal like that. Good on ya! Denis
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