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  1. Congrats Chuck. I hope that this issue is waiting for me when I get home. I have been anxiously waiting to read part 2. Denis
  2. Good to know, I have been thinking about ordering stuff from them for some time as they have great prices. Thanks for the feedback. Denis
  3. Looking good so far. Might be too late but I have spare nose gear parts left over from my Voodoo since I did a wheels up version. If you need anything let me know. Denis
  4. I ordered the Hobbyboss F-14A last night along with a few boxes of 1:700 aircraft for my growing fleet of Carriers which were also on sale for $2.99 each. Used the iHobby coupon code and almost giving me free shipping! Thanks Bigassham! Denis
  5. Oh ya I remember coming across carrierbuilders.net a long time ago and forgot all about it. Thanks for both links, they are going to help a lot. Does anyone know which of the above books I linked are best? I will probably order one soon but would like to start with the best. Cheers, Denis
  6. Wow! Looks awesome! I wish I had the money and space to do something like that. Denis
  7. These pics are pushing me over the edge to pre-order one...or two! Denis
  8. Netz, I'd be interested in a couple of sets if you are able to ship to Canada. PM me please if able. Thanks, Denis
  9. Hey everyone, I recently got by mail the 1/700 Trumpeter USS Dwight D. Eisenhower to add to my 1/720 RoG USS Carl Vinson that I had in my stash. I plan to start building the Vinson really soon and follow up with the Eisenhower, capitalizing on what I learned from the former. My question is what are good references to use? I found these books but the Osprey one is most recent. Which one is this the better reference to have and are there others? http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ospv174.htm http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/squb05606.htm Thanks, Denis
  10. I recently bought a Trumpy 1/700 CVN-69 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower kit from Nicholas. Great guy to deal with and highly recommended. Denis
  11. Eagerly waiting to see what else you might have up for grabs. Denis
  12. Thanks for the comments guys, and thanks for the pics Josh. Really helped. With work and family keeping my busy I have been plugging away whenever I can find an hour or two to spare. Here is a quick update. I have most of the major parts together. Putty and sanding session done. I have the bang seats painted up and cockpit installed. I ran into a small issue here where I initially reversed the placement of the pilot and B/N seats. Josh's pics helped me see my error and I quickly fixed it. Just have to wait for the glue to dry before I glue on the canopy and start painting. Anyway, on to the pics... Seats: My Goof: My Fix: Full view of current state with canopy dry fitted: I'll be going away for the long weekend so I hope to get the canopy glued down and start painting when I get back. Thanks for looking, Denis
  13. I know right?! Now I have a hankering to build one of each scheme displayed in the lithograph. Would have to be 1/72 scale though as I am running out of space and money! Hi Neo, Dan told me you were coming up here soon. Unfortunately, I will be in Quebec City that weekend, otherwise I would have loved to have met you. Maybe some other time. BTW, my father lives in the Montreal area and I visit regularly. He has recently gotten back into models and took me to Udisco. Awesome place that has the potential of taking a lot of my money. Great looking lithograph you have there as well! Denis
  14. Correct, with STRONG rumors that 433 Sqn will be stood back up! Denis
  15. Hey everyone, I just want to put a shout out to my good friend ALF18, aka Dan. He came by the other day with a gift for me that was totally unexpected. Apparently, in a recent GB he won a deployment productions lithograph and since they did not have anything that was to his liking he went ahead and ordered one of an F-14D VF-31 Lithograph to give to me. Looks totally awesome and is already hanging in the man cave, aka basement. Thanks a bunch Dan. Here is a quick pic of the lithograph I took with my phone:
  16. +1 to Mawz's comments. I also hope they do not simply repop the upper fuselage since the F-35A & C have a skinnier spine than the B. I plan to make a couple including one to present to the figter squadron here before I leave. As far as markings go, since we don't have te jet yet I will probably use current CF-18 scheme for now to represent an operational bird. Denis
  17. Well at least a March start time will allow me to acquire more Phantoms plus accessories. Especially the Academy F-4B which I have several marking options for. AND I will be on sick leave for two months starting in March, following jaw surgery, so I will have time on my hands. Denis
  18. Looks awesome. I'm building the same kit right now, backdating it to a -B and it is kicking my butt. I have a hard time keeping motivated to finish it, but I will. Denis
  19. Hey ALF, Mont Apica is the old site of 12 Radar. We have a book on the history of Mont Apica from its creation until it was stood down in 1990. I'll check it out tomorrow and see if I can find your dad in there. Also, thanks for posting pics. Since this year is the unit's 70th anniversary I have been digging into the history of the unit. I will be watching this build closely. If you need any extra decals I have lots left over from the Belcher Bits set that I used in 2009. Cheers, Denis ("Mister" in the AWC world)
  20. James, Thanks for the link, that does look simple! Do you know if they will work with 1/700 scale kits too? Can't wait to see more of your awesome Nimitz. Denis
  21. Looking really nice, especially the hanger deck. Is it hard to do the lighting? I hope one day to tackle a 1/350 supercarrier and would love to try, but I have no experience with wiring and ligting a model. Keep up the good work. I look forward to updates. Denis
  22. So is there any update on when the 1/700 Enterprise is coming out? Also, can it be built with a modern configuration? I would love to do a final cruise version of Big "E". Denis
  23. Man, this GB is looking more and more awesome as time goes by. I just shelved my Hasegawa F-4 double pack, which was next to build, in anticipation of the GB. While I wait for the start date I hope to get more. :) Hey Bashace, If you are where I think you are, I will be there too very soon. PM me for more details. Denis
  24. Hey Josh, I sent you a PM a few days ago. Did you get it? Cheers, Denis
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